The art of letter-writing, illustrated by examples from the best authors

London, 1858 - 192 sivua

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Sivu 117 - Hope deferred maketh the heart sick : but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.
Sivu 150 - But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.
Sivu 42 - All the bees in the neighbourhood resort to a bed of mignonette, opposite to the window, and pay me for the honey they get out of it by a hum, which, though rather monotonous, is as agreeable to my ear as the whistling of my linnets.
Sivu 15 - ... that I have had a narrow escape. Let me give you a piece of good counsel, my cousin : follow my laudable example, — write when you can ; take Time's forelock in one hand, and a pen in the other, and so make sure of your opportunity.
Sivu 43 - ... instance of providential kindness to man, that such an exact accord has been contrived between his ear and the sounds with which, at least in a rural situation, it is almost every moment visited. All the world is sensible of the uncomfortable effect that certain, sounds have upon the nerves, and consequently upon the spirits. And if a sinful world had been filled with such as would have curdled the blood, and have made the sense of hearing a perpetual inconvenience, I do not know that we should...
Sivu 104 - On the left hand, at the farther end of this superb vestibule, you will find the door of the parlour, into which I will conduct you, and where I will introduce you to Mrs. Unwin, unless we should meet her before, and where we will be as happy as the day is long. Order yourself, my Cousin, to the Swan, at Newport, and there you shall find me ready to conduct you to Olney.
Sivu 157 - Talk of my various travels — German princes — Voltaire and Rousseau. Talk of my father; my strong desire to have my own house. Observe her well. See how amiable. Judge if she would be happy with your friend. Think of me as the great man at Adamtown — quite classical too! Study the mother. Remember well what passes. Stay tea.
Sivu 52 - All's well ; which words I place as conspicuously as possible, and prefix them to my letter, to save you the pain, my friend and brother, of a moment's anxious speculation. Poor Mary proceeds in her amendment still, and improves, I think, even at a swifter rate than when yon left her.
Sivu 102 - And now, my dear, let me tell you once more, that your kindness in promising us a visit has charmed us both. I shall see you again. I shall hear your voice. We shall take walks together. I will show you my prospects, the hovel, the alcove, the Ouse and its banks,— everything that I have described.
Sivu 76 - Could you now come to us for a few days ? I would not ask you to stay long. Write and tell me if you could come next week, and by what train. I would try to send a gig for you to Keighley. You will, I trust, find us tranquil. Try to come. I never so much needed the consolation of a friend's presence.

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