The English Review, Or, An Abstract of English and Foreign Literature, Nide 21

J. Murray, 1793

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Sivu 219 - And so, without more circumstance at all, I hold it fit, that we shake hands, and part: You, as your business, and...
Sivu 496 - And finally, to shorten the duration of parliaments, and by removing the causes of that confusion, litigation, and expense, with which they are at this day conducted, to render frequent and new elections what our ancestors at the revolution asserted them to be, the means of a happy union and good agreement between...
Sivu 493 - House, not by the collective voice of those whom they appear to represent, but by the recommendation of seventy powerful individuals, added to the eighty-four before mentioned, and making the total number of patrons altogether only one hundred and fifty-four, who return a decided majority of your ho; nourable House.
Sivu 21 - ... voracious trout; and he, in turn, as often by the subtle, greedy alligator. Behold him rushing forth from the flags and reeds. His enormous body swells. His plaited tail, brandished high, floats upon the lake.
Sivu 20 - ... with a gradual taper, forty or fifty feet to the limbs; but below five or six feet, these trunks would measure a third more in circumference, on account of the projecting jambs, or supports...
Sivu 487 - House of Commons does not fully and fairly represent the people of England, which, consistently with what your Petitioners conceive to be the principles of the constitution...
Sivu 289 - Field, being the last that was fought between the Houses of York and Lancaster ; with many other true Historical Passages.
Sivu 494 - That it is a high infringement upon the liberties and privileges of the commons of Great Britain, for any lord of parliament, or any lord lieutenant of any county, to concern themselves in the elections of members to serve for the commons in parliament.
Sivu 489 - ... burgesses, and council-men ! And what confusion has arisen from the complicated operation of clashing charters, from freemen resident and non-resident, and from the different modes of obtaining the freedom of corporations by birth, by servitude, by marriage, by redemption, by election, and by purchase...
Sivu 321 - Defcription of the Plain of Troy ; with a Map of that Region delineated from an actual Survey, read in French before the Royal Society of Edinburgh, by the Author, M.

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