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every respect have behaved better, and I feel myself to be deeply indebted to Brigadier Monteath, C. B. and to Lieutenant-Colonel Bolton, of II. M.'s 31st, and to Lieutenant-Colonel Richmond, 33d N. I. for the able and gallant manner in which they have been led. I enclose a return of killed and wounded.

I have, &c.


Return of Killed, Wounded, and Missing of the

third Infantry Brigade, and the Troops attached to it, on the March from Lundee Khana to Ali Musjid, on the 3d instant.

Camp, near Peshaivur, November 5, 1842. 4th Company 6th Batt. Artillery-1 lieutenant,

1 naick, 1 sepoy, killed; 1 havildar, 2 sepoys,

2 ordnance drivers, wounded. 1st Squadron 5th Light Cavalry—l sepoy, 2

horses, killed; 1 havildar, 1 sepoy, 3 horses,

wounded, 30th Regt. N. I.-1 ensign, 2 naicks, 3 sepoys,

killed; 1 havildar, 1 naick, 5 sepoys, wounded. 53d Regt. N. I.—2 havildars, 2 naicks, 8 sepoys,

wounded; 1 subadar, 2 havildars, 3 sepoys,


64th Regt. N. 1.—1 sepoy killed; 1 subadar


Detach. 3d Irregular Cavalry—2 sepoys, 4 horses, killed; 1 subadar, 1 havildar, 1 sepoy, 10 horses,

wounded; 2 horses missing. Detach. Anderson's Horse—1 sepoy, 4 horses, wounded. Total-1 lieutenant, 1 ensign, 3 naicks, 8

sepoys, 6 horses, killed; 2 subadars, 6 havildars, 3 naicks, 18 sepoys, 2 ordnance drivers, 17 horses, wounded; 1 subadar, 2 havildars, 3 sepoys, 2 horses, missing. Total Killed, Wounded, and Missing

13 killed, 31 wounded, 6 missing; 6 horses killed, 17 horses wounded, 2 horses missing.

Officers killed. Lieutenant A. Christie, Artillery. Ensign A. J. Nicholson, 30th N. I.

Remarks. Those reported missing of the 530 N. I. supposed to have been killed; the subadar and one havildar were seen badly wounded.

Four horses wounded, of Anderson's Horse, have since died.

C. F. WILD, Brigadier, commanding

3d Brigade. Exd. M. E. LOFTIE, Major of

Brigade, 3d Brigade.

NOTIFICATION, By the Right Honourable the Governor-General

of India.

Camp, Mulwul, January 5, 1843.
THE Governor-General directs the publication
of the following despatch from the Adjutant-
General of the Army, for general information.
By order of the Right Honourable the Governor-
General of India,

Assistant-Secretary to the Government

of India, with the Governor-General.

The Adjutant-General of the Army to the Secre

tary to the Government of India, Military Department, with the Right Honourable the Governor-General.

SIR, Camp, Ferozepore, Dec. 27, 1842. I HAVE the honour, by direction of His Excellency the Commander in Chief, to forward to you a copy of a despatch from Major-General Nott, dated the 20th of October last, the original of which is believed to have miscarried, reporting the defeat of a body of the enemy on the previous day, by the rear guard of his force, under the command of Major Simmons.

I have, &c.
J. R. LUMLEY, Major-General,

Adjutant-General of the Army.

Major-General W. Nott, Commanding Field

Force, to Captain Ponsonby, Assistant-AdjutantGeneral.

SIR, Camp, Gundamuck, Oct. 20, 1842. I HAVE the honour to acquaint you, for the information of Major-General Pollock, C.B. that a large body of the enemy attacked my rear guard yesterday, which was under the command of Major Simmons, of Her Majesty's 41st regiment: the enemy was defeated with considerable loss. I have every reason to be satisfied with the arrangements made by Major Simmons, and of the conduct of the men under his command.

I return a list of killed and wounded.

Return of Killed and Wounded during the Attack

on the Rear Guard of Major-General Nott's

Force, on the 19th. October 1842. H. M. 40th Foot-1 private killed; 1 ensign,

1 corporal, 1 private, wounded. H. M. 41st Foot-l private killed; 2 privates

wounded. 38th Bengal N. I.—2 sepoys, 2 dooley bearers,

wounded. 42d Bengal N. 1.-1 captain, 1 sepoy, wounded. 43d Bengal N. I.--1 captain, 3 sepoys, wounded. Total—2 privates killed; 2 captains, 1 ensign,

1 corporal, 3 privates, 6 sepoys, 2 dooley
bearers, wounded.
Total of Killed and Wounded-2 killed;
15 wounded.

Officers wounded.
Captain Dalyell, 42d Bengal N. I.
Lieutenant and Brevet Captain H. W. Matthews,

430 N. I. Ensign M‘Gowan, H. M. 40th Foot.

W. NOTT, Major-General,

Commanding the Force. Exd. THOS. POLWHELE, Captain,

Depy. Asst. Adjt. Gen.

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Lord Chamberlain's-Office, March 21, 1843.

NOTICE is hereby given, that His Royal Highness Prince Albert will, by the desire of Her Majesty, hold Levees, at St. James's Palace, on behalf of Her Majesty, on Wednesday the 29th instant, and on Wednesday the 26th of April next, both days at two o'clock..

It is Her Majesty's pleasure, that presentations to His Royal Highness at these Levees shall be considered equivalent to presentations to the Queen.

Addresses to the Queen may either be forwarded to Her Majesty through the Secretary of State for the Home Department, or may be reserved until Her Majesty shall hold a Levee.


AT ST. JAMES'S-PALACE. The Noblemen and Gentlemen, who propose to attend the Levees at Saint James's Palace, are requested to bring with them two cards, with their names thereon written, one to be left with the Queen's Page in Attendance in the Presence-chamber, and the other to be delivered to the Lord in Waiting, who will announce the name.

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