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presented accordingly by the Marques of Exeter; which Address His Royal Highness was pleased to receive very graciously.

Whitehall, April 3, 1843. The Queen has been pleased to direct letters patent to be passed under the Great Seal, for granting the dignity of a Knight of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland unto Captain Thomas Maitland, of the Royal Navy, C.B.

Downing-Street, April 3, 1843. The Queen has been pleased to appoint Robert FitzRoy, Esq. Captain in the Royal Navy, to be Governor and Commander in Chief of the colony of New Zealand.

Whitehall, March 31, 1843.
The Queen has been pleased to appoint Ludovick
Colquhoun, Esq. Advocate, to be Secretary to
the General Board of Directors of Prisons in
Scotland, in the room of Andrew Murray, junior,
Esq. resigned.


Foreign-Office, April 4, 1843.
The Queen has been pleased to approve of
Mr. Charles H. Delavan, as Consul at Sydney,
in Nova Scotia, for the United States of America.

The Queen has also been pleased to approve of · Mr. Edward Ryan, as Consul at Quebec, for the Free Hanseatic city of Hamburgh.




Westminster, April 3, 1843. THIS day, the Lords being met, a message was sent to the Honourable House of Commons by the Gentlemen Usher of the Black Rod, acquainting them, that The Lords, authorized by virtue of a Commission under the Great Seal, signed by Her Majesty, for delaring Her Royal Assent to several Acts agreed upon by both Houses, do desire the immediate attendance of the Honourable House in the House of Peers to hear the Commission read ; and the Commons being come thither, the said Commission, empowering the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, and several other Lords therein named, to declare and notify the Royal Assent to the said Acts, was read accordingly, and the Royal Assent given to

An Act to apply the sum of eight millions, out of the Consolidated Fund, to the service of the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-three.

An Act to alter the hours within which certain oaths and declarations are to be made and subscribed in the House of Peers.

An Act for punishing mutiny and desertion, and for the better payment of the army and their quarters.

An Act for the regulation of Her Majesty's royal marine forces while on shore.

An Act to indemnify such persons in the United Kingdom as have omitted to qualify themselves for offices and employments, and to extend the time limited for those purposes, respectively, until the twenty-fifth day of March one thousand eight hundred and forty-four; and for the relief of clerks to attorneys and solicitors in certain cases.

An Act to amend the law affecting transported convicts, with respect to pardons and tickets of leave.

An Act to empower justices of the peace in Ireland to act in certain cases relating to rates to which they are chargeable.

An Act to authorise certain alterations in the works of the Warwick and Leamington Union Railway, and to confirm the purchase thereof by the London and Birmingham Railway Company; and to enable that company to raise a further sum of money, and to convert their shares into stock.

An Act to amend the Acts relating to the Lancaster and Preston Junction Railway.

An Act to enable the Company of Proprietors of the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal Navigation to lend certain sums of money to the Commissioners for the Improvement of the Navigation of the river Severn; and to guarantee the repayment of the amount of any loans which any other persons or bodies shall make to such Commissioners; and to guarantee the performance of contracts into which such Commissioners shall enter; and to borrow money for such purposes.

An Act for lighting the streets and public roads within the town and county of the town of Nottingham.


An Act for regulating legal proceedings by or against the Cambrian Iron and Spelter Company, and for granting certain powers thereto.

And three private Acts.

Downing-Street, April 5, 1843. The Queen has been pleased to appoint Major-General Sir Henry Pottinger, Bart. K.Ğ.C.B. to be Governor and Commander in Chief of the colony of Hong Kong.

Lord Chamberlain's-Office, April 6, 1843.

The Lord Chamberlain of Her Majesty's Household has appointed William Wordsworth, Esq. to be Poet Laureat to Her Majesty, in the room of Robert Southey, Esq. deceased.




India Board, April 7, 1843. THE Notification, of which the following is a copy, has been this day received at the East India House, from the Governor in Council at Bombay:


Bombay Castle, February 27, 1843. 1. THE Honourable the Governor in Council has the highest gratification in announcing, for

general information, that Major: James Outram, Commissioner in Sinde, has this day arrived in Bombay, with dispatches from Major-General Sir Charles Napier, K.C.B., commanding the forces in Sinde and Beloochistan, dated Hyderabad the 20th instant, announcing a most complete and signal victory which was gained, on the 17th instant, by the European and native troops, as detailed in the margin,* under the command of that distinguished and gallant Officer, over the combined armies of the Ameers of Upper and Lower Sinde.

2. On the morning of the 15th instant, a body of 8000 men, with six guns, under the command of Meer Shadad Khan, one of the principal Ameers, his cousin, Meer Mahomed Khan, and many of the principal Chiefs, took up a position on three sides of the British residency at Hyderabad, and attempted to force an entrance into the enclosure, which was surrounded by a low wall of from four to five feet in height, and defended by Major Outram's escort, composed of 100 men, the light company of Her Majesty's 22d regiment, under the command of Captain Conway, of that regiment, assisted by the Officers mentioned in the margin.† After effectually keeping the enemy at bay for nearly four hours, and after almost the

* 9th regiment Bengal light cavalry; Sinde irregular horse ; detail Poona irregular horse; 2d company 2d battalion camel battery; 3d ditto 3d battalion Golundauze horse and mule battery; C. company Madras sappers and miners; Her Majesty's 22d regiment ; lst grenadier regiment, 12th regiment, 25th regiment, Bombay native infantry.

† Lieutenant Harding, Ensign Pennefather, Her Majesty's 22d regiment; Captain Green, 21st regiment Bombay N. I; Captain Wells, 15th regiment Bombay N. I. ; Captain Brown, Bengal engineers,

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