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Havildar, Shaik Golam Hussain-strongly recom

mended for great gallantry during the charge. Naick, Bucktawer Sing-behaved most gallantly

during the whole day. Troopers, Birma Deen, Golam Russool—these

two men were equally engaged with the Subadar in taking the standard which was so nobly defended. Trooper, Sewdial Sing-singly rushed into a walled enclosure and killed one of the enemy, who had several times fired from it with effect. Trooper, Mootee Sing-saved the life of his

officer, Captain Garrett. Trooper, Gungah Sing-killed after a long and

severe personal conflict with one of the enemy, when no assistance was at hand. Trooper, Beharee Sing—after being severely wounded in the wrist, and his horse also in two

places, cut down his adversary. Trooper, Fyzoolla Khan-behaved gallantly

throughout, and cut down his enemy after a se· vere personal conflict. Trooper, Hussain Ally-strongly recommended

for great gallantry during the charge. Trooper, Nasser Ally-behaved with great gallantry during the charge, and was severely wounded.

P. F. STORY, Major,

Commanding 9th Light Cavalry.

Major J. H. Poole, Commanding H. M. 22d Regiment, to the Assistant-Adjutant-General, Sinde Field Force.

Camp, Hyderabad, February 24, 1843. SIR, IN reference to No. 2, Division Orders of the 22d instant, I called upon the captains: 1843.

B b

and officers commanding companies, to furnish me with the names and acts of individuals of the regiment under my command, who had especially distinguished themselves in the action of the 17th instant. The officers generally assert that they feel difficulty in making selections, where the conduct of every man of their companies was so satisfactory. In so general a field of action and persevering exertion, I equally feel at a loss where to draw a distinction ; but it may be proper to mention the names of private James O'Neill, of the light company, who took a standard whilst we were actively engaged with the enemy, and drummer Martin Delaney, who shot, bayoneted, and captured the arms of Meer Whullee Mahomed Khan, who was mounted, and directing the enemy in the hottest part of the engagement, when all the regiment behaved with enduring coolness and intrepidity. I hope the particular circumstances of these two cases will exonerate me from the imputation of doing injustice to all the brave soldiers of the regiment, by particularizing them.

I have, &c.
J. H. POOLE, Major,

Commanding 22d Regiment.

Major T. Clibborn, Commanding 1st Grenadier

Regiment, N. I., to Lieutenant Pelly, Acting-
Assistant-Adjutant-General, Hyderabad.

Camp, near Hyderabad,

February 24th, 1843. AGREEABLY to Division Orders of the 22d instant, I beg to bring to the especial notice of Major-General Sir C. Napier, K.C.B., the names of the following officers and men of the 1st grenadiers, who distinguished themselves by zeal and gallantry in the action of the 17th February.

Lieutenant Johnstone, who cut down a Beloochee, and saved the life of a sepoy, who had bayoneted this Belooch, but was overpowered in the life struggle.

Subadar Major Cooshall Sing, and Subadar Esseree Pursaud, likewise privates Sunker Misser and Kadaree Powar, who were conspicuous throughout the day for their zeal and gallantry.

I have, &c.

T. CLIBBORN, Major, Commanding 1st Grenadier Regiment N. I.

Major A. T. Reid, Commanding 12th Regiment,

to the Acting Assistant-Adjutant-General, Sinde and Beloochistan.

Hyderabad Fort, February 25, 1843. SIR, WITH reference to No. 3 of the Division Orders, dated the 22d instant, I have the honour to transmit, for the purpose of being laid before the Major-General, a nominal roll of non-commissioned officers, naicks, and privates, in the 12th regiment N. I., who have been reported to me by the officers in command, and in charge of the companies to which they belong, as having particularly distinguished themselves in the action of the 17th instant.

I take this opportunity of recording the gallant conduct of the late Captain and Brevet Major Jackson, who fell at the head of the grenadier company, in a personal conflict with several of the enemy. The other officers, Lieutenant and Brevet Captain Meade, and Lieutenant Wood, who were killed, were also most conspicuous when they fell, in cheering on their men at one of the most critical periods of the action. To the other European officers I am also much indebted for their gallant conduct and example throughout the day; but to Lieutenant and Brevet Captain Brown, the only mounted officer with me in the battle, in a particular degree I beg to place on record, the deep gratitude I must ever feel for the assistance he afforded me, as well as my admiration at the gallantry he displayed in cheering the men, throughout the conflict, at every part of the line, where the resistance was most hot and determined.

I have, &c.

A. T. REID, Major, Commanding 12th Regiment N. I.

Nominal Roll of those Men in the 12th Regiment

N. I. who distinguished themselves in the Action of the 17th February 1843.

Fort, Hyderabad, February 25, 1843. Havildar, Dutram Tewaree ; Naicks, Bhowanee

Sing, Allum Sing ; Private, Shaik Adjumwounded in gallantly defending Capt. and Brevet Major Jackson.

V. B. D. CARTER, Ensign,

In charge of Grenadier Company. Havildar, Oomrow Sing ; Naick, Lall Khan ;

Privates, Mathadeen (1st), Boree Aheer, Seetul Lohar-I heard these men cheering on their comrades after a slight check, and saw them most forward in the action.

G. FISHER, Captain, Commanding 4th Company. Havildar, Bhugwan Sing-behaved gallantly,

urging the men on, and foremost in the action. Havildar, Thackoor Ram-behaved gallantly, always foremost in the action.

W. F. HOLBROW, Ensign,

In charge 8th Company.

Captain J. Jackson, commanding 25th Regiment

N. I., to the Assistant-Adjutant-General, in Sinde and Beloochistan.

Camp, Hyderabad, February 25, 1843. SIR, AGREEABLY to Division Orders of the 22d instant, I beg to bring to the especial notice of Major-General Sir C. J. Napier, K. C.B. the following officers of the 25th regiment N. I., who particularly distinguished themselves, by zeal and gallantry, in the action of the 17th of February 1843.

The whole of the sepoys behaved so well, that I consider it would be invidious to make any distinction.

Lieutenant Marston, grenadier company, who cut down two of the enemy single-handed in front of the line.

Subadar Major Nund Ram, who, though wounded, remained with his company throughout the action.

Subadar Russall Sing, grenadier company, who shot three men and cut down one, and showed great zeal in encouraging and leading on his men.

Jemadar Bappoo Sawunt, light company, who cut down one man.

I have, &c.

Captain, Commanding 25th Regt. N. I.

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