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authorize the assumption of any style, appellation, rank, precedence, or privilege appertaining unto a Knight Bachelor of these realms :

And also to command, that Her Majesty's said concession and especial mark of Her royal favour be registered, together with the relative documents, in Her Majesty's College of Arms.


17th day of June 1843. This Court will, on Thursday the 29th day of June instant, hold a Sitting, and will proceed in disposing of the business in the New Trial Paper, and giving Judgments in Cases that may then be pending.

By the Court.




Board of Green Cloth, St. James's-Palace,

June 23, 1843.

NOTICE is hereby given, that the carriages coming to Her Majesty's Drawing-Room, on Thursday the 29th of June, are to fall into the line at the top of St. James's-street, come down the left hand side, and enter at the iron gate nearest to the Palace, set down at the Arcade, return by the iron gate nearest to Marlboroughhouse, and pass through Pall-mall into St. James'ssquare, by George-street. When called, they are to pass from St. James's-square, by Charles-street, into Regent-street, Jermyn-street, come down St. James's-street as before, take up, and go away through Pall-mall.

No hackney carriages will be permitted to come within the gates.

For all persons having the privilege of the entrée, tickets will be delivered at the Board of Green Cloth, on TUESDAY next, between the hours of eleven and three o'clock ; their carriages are to enter the gate at Constitution-hill, proceed down St. James's-park, through Stable-yard, into the Ambassadors’-court, set down, and go out into Cleveland-row. The carriages of the Ambassadors, Foreign Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, and

Great Officers of State may afterwards wait in the Ambassadors’-court, and those of all other persons having the entrée may wait in Stable-yard or St. James's-park till called ; they are then to take up in the same order as they had set down, and pass away up the left hand side of St. James'sstreet.

No carriage will be admitted with company a second time with the same ticket, to prevent which, it must be produced at Constitution-hillgate, and Stable-yard-gate also, where a corner of it will be torn off by the Marshalmen in attendance; and no person can be allowed the privilege of the entrée by any other approach to the Palace than the gates last mentioned.

LIVERPOOL, Lord Steward.

Downing-Street, June 23, 1843. · The Queen' has been pleased to appoint Henry Frowd Seagram, Esq. Commander in the Royal Navy, Lieutenant Governor of Her Majesty's settlements in the Gambia, to be Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the said settlements.

Her Majesty has been pleased to appoint Richard Clement Moody, Esq. Lieutenant in the Corps of Royal Engineers, Lieutenant Governor of the Falkland Islands, to be Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the said islands.

Her Majesty has been pleased to appoint Henry Morgan, Esq. to be Coroner for the city and territory of Gibraltar.

Her Majesty has further been pleased to appoint Matthew Forster, Esq. to be Comptroller General of Convicts in the island of Van Diemen's Land.




COURT OF EXCHEQUER. Trinity Term.- In the Sixth Year of the Reign of

Queen Victoria.

Friday the 23d June 1843. THIS Court will, on Monday the 10th day of July next, hold a Sitting, and will proceed in giving Judgment in the several Cases undisposed of in the New Trial and Special Papers.

By the Court. Read in open Court,

Sami. Dare, Master.

Crown-Office, June 27, 1843. Days and Places appointed for holding the Summer

Assizes, 1843, viz.

NORFOLK CIRCUIT. The Right Honourable Thomas Lord. Denman,

Lord Chief Justice.

Mr. Baron Alderson. Buckinghamshire, Monday, July 17, at Buck

ingham. Bedfordshire, Thursday, July 20, at Bedford.

Huntingdonshire, Monday, July 24, at Hunt

ingdon. Cambridgeshire, Wednesday, July 26, at the

County Courts. Norfolk, Monday, July 31, at the Castle of

Norwich. City of Norwich, the same day, at the Guildhall

of the said City. Suffolk, Saturday, August 5, at Ipswich.

HOME CIRCUIT. The Right Honourable Sir Nicolas Conyngham

Tindal, Lord Chief Justice.

The Right Honourable Baron Parke. Hertfordshire, Thursday, July 13, at Hertford. Essex, Monday, July 17, at Chelmsford. Kent, Monday, July 24, at Maidstone. Sussex, Monday, July 31, at Lewes. Surrey, Monday, August 7, at Croydon.

MIDLAND CIRCUIT. The Right Honourable James Lord Abinger,

Lord Chief Baron.

Mr. Justice Patteson. Northamptonshire, Wednesday, July 12, at North

ampton. Lincolnshire, Saturday, July 15, at the Castle of

Lincoln. City of Lincoln, the same day, at the City of

Lincoln. Nottinghamshire, Thursday, July 20, at Not

tingham. Town of Nottingham, the same day, at the Town

of Nottingham. Derbyshire, Monday, July 24, at Derby. .

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