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tenant-Governor of Her Majesty's settlements on the
Gambia, 24; Sir Charles Theophilus Metcalfe, Captain-
General and Governor of Canada, New Brunswick, Nova
Scotia, Prince Edward's Island, and of all Her Majesty's
provinces on the continent of North America and Prince
Edward's Island, 34; G. P. F. Gregory, Esq. Prothonotary
and Registrar of the Supreme Court of New South Wales,
69; Lieutenant-General Lord Seaton, K.G.C.B. Lord
High Commissioner for the United States of the Ionian
Islands, 73; Henry Worsley Hill, Esq. R. N. Lieutenant-
Governor of Her Majesty's forts and settlements on the
Gold Coast, 104; William Furlonge, Esq. Her Majesty's
Attorney-General, and William Dauney, Esq. Her Ma-
jesty's Solicitor-General in British Guiana, 117; William
Henry Rawstorne, Esq. Assistant Surveyor-General and
Civil Engineer in the island of Mauritius, 117; Sir John
Eardley Eardley Wilmot, Bart. Lieutenant-Governor of
Van Diemen's Land, 118; Captain Robert FitzRoy, R.N.
Governor and Commander in Chief of the colony of New
Zealand, 125; Major-General Sir Henry Pottinger,
K.G.C.B. Governor and Commander in Chief of the
colony of Hong Kong, 128; Reverend Vincent John
Stanton, Chaplain of the colony of Hong Kong, 155;
Brevet Major Childs, Royal Marines, Superintendent of
Norfolk Island, 196; Lieutenant-General the Honourable
Patrick Stuart, Governor and Commander in Chief of
Malta and its dependencies; Francis Burgess, Esq. Chief
Police Magistrate of Van Diemen's Land; Reverend
George Giles, Chaplain of the Female Penitentiary in
Van Diemen's Land; and William Walter Raleigh Kerr,
Esq. Assistant Auditor-General to the Government in the
island of Mauritius, 221; Henry Frowd Seagram, Esq.
Governor and Commander in Chief of Her Majesty's
settlements in the Gambia; Richard Clement Moody, Esq.
Governor and Commander in Chief of the Falkland
Islands; Henry Morgan, Esq. Coroner for the city and
territory of Gibraltar; and Matthew Forster, Esq. Comp-
troller-General of Convicts in the island of Van Diemen's
Land, 312; William Musgrave, Esq. Puisne Judge of the
Supreme Court of the colony of the Cape of Good Hope,
352; Richard Graves MacDonnell, Esq. Judge of Her
Majesty's settlements in the Gambia; and Henry Joseph
Hamblin, Esq. Surgeon of Her Majesty's settlements in
the Falkland Islands, 371; Charles Le Blanc, Esq. Magis-
trate of Her Majesty's settlements in the Falkland Islands;
and William Brade Lockhart, Esq. Provost Marshal in
the island of Dominica, 439; the Right Reverend Father
in God Aubrey George Spencer, Bishop of the See of
Jamaica; the Reverend John M*Cameron Trew, Arch-
deacon of the Archdeaconry of Bahamas; Edmund Nor-
cott, Esq. Governor and Commander in Chief of Her
Majesty's settlements in the Gambia; Thornas Cooper
Sherwin, Esq. Emigration Agent General for the colony
of British Guiana ; and William Henry Butt, Esq. Rector
of the University in the island of Malta, 568; Reverend
Francis John Harrison Rankin, Chaplain of Her Majesty's
settlements in the Gambia, 570; Thomas Frederick Elliot,
John George Shaw Lefevre, and Charles Alexander
Wood, Esquires, Commissioners for superintending the
sale and settlement of the Waste Lands of the Crown in
the British Colonies, 575; Lieutenant-General Sir Pere-
grine Maitland, Governor and Commander in Chief in
and over the settlement of the Cape of Good Hope, 586 ;
Paul Ivy Sterling, Esy. Attorney-General for Hong Kong,
606; Colonel Edmund Morris, Civil Commissioner and
Magistrate for the district of George, Cape of Good Hope,

Colquhoun, Lodovick, Secretary to the General Board of

Directors of Prisons in Scotland, 125.
Colville, Admiral Lord, Lord of the Bedchamber to Prince

Albert, 612.
Commissioners in Lunacy, appointment of, during the space of

one year, for licencing and visiting all houses within the

jurisdiction of the, 394.
Common Pleas, sitting apppointed after Hilary Term, to give
judgment in certain case in the Court of, 35.

-, sitting appointed after Trinity Term, to give
judgment in such cases as stand over for the judgment of
the Court of, 303.

-, sitting after Michaelmas Term, to give judg.
ment, &c. appointed by the Court of, 570.
Cornwall, duchy of, appointment of Sheriffs for the, 75.
Council, Orders in, and Acts of,—ratifying a scheme for

the augmentation of the several archdeaconries of
Richmond, in the diocese of Ripon ; of Nottingham, in the
diocese of Lincoln; of Sudbury, in the diocese of Ely; of
Sarum, in the diocese of Salisbury; and of Salop, in the
diocese of Lichfield, 1 ; declaring that the Court of Admi-
• ralty jurisdiction, established by an Order in Council of
the 9th December 1833, at Canton, in China, shall hence-
forth be holden at the island of Hong Kong, 7; directing
that the assizes for the city of Coventry, and for the
Atherstone and Coleshill divisions of the hundred of
Hemlingford, and the Risby and Rugby divisions of the
- hundred of Knighton, shall be henceforth held at Coven-
try, 26 ; modifying the provisions of an Order of Council

of the 7th September 1838, regulating within the colonies
o of British Guiana, Trinidad, Saint Lucia, and Mauritius,

4 P 2

respectively, the relative rights and duties of masters and
servants, so far as respects persons emigrating from the
continent of North America, &c. 31; Sheriffs appointed
by Her Majesty for the year 1843, 36; the Right Honour-
able Sir Charles Theophilus Metcalffe, Bart. and G.C.B.
took the oaths as a Governor of Her Majesty's Plantations,
on his appointment to be Governor in Chief of Canada,
44; dividing the county of Warwick into two divisions, to
be called the Warwick Division and the Coventry Divi-
sion, and directing the assizes to be held at Warwick for
the Warwick division of the said county, and at Coventry
for the Coventry division of the said county, and substi-
tuting such Order in lieu of the Order of the 4th January
last, 44; in substitution of part of the Order of the
1st February, as to the assizes for the county of Warwick,
and containing directions as to the commitment for trial
and recognizances, and for the return of examinations for
the two divisions of the county, 76.; prohibiting British
subjects from resorting, for the purposes of trade and
commerce, to any other ports in the dominions of the
Emperor of China, than those of Canton, Amoy, Foo-
ehow-foo, Ningpo, and Shanghae, or than may be in pos-
session of Her Majesty's forces, under a penalty of £100,
or imprisonment, 84 ; ratifying a scheme, bearing date the
11th February, for severing the rectory of Elingham from
the Mastership of Saint Mary Magdalene College, in the
University of Cambridge, and authorising the sale of the
advowson of the said rectory, 86 ; declaring that a treaty,
pursuant to certain Acts, passed in the 59th of George the
Third and 1st and 2d of Her present Majesty, is now sub-
sisting between Her Majesty and the Emperor of all the
Russias, 90; declaring that Russian vessels, arriving from
the ports or mouths of the Vistula, the Niemen, or from
any other river which forms the outlet of a navigable
stream, having its source in the dominions of the Emperor
of Russia, shall be admitted with their cargoes into the
ports of Great Britain and Ireland, and of all the posses-
sions of Her Majesty, exactly in the same manner as if
they arrived direetly from Russian ports, or from ports in
the Grand Duchy of Finland ; and, in like manner,
vessels proceeding from any part of the United Kingdom,
or of the British possessions, to the above-described ports
or mouths of rivers, shall be treated as if they were
returning to a port in the empire of Russia, or of the
Grand Duchy of Finland, 94; transferring the patronage
and presentation to the perpetual curacy of Christ Church,
Chalford, in the parish of Bisley, in the county of Glou-
cester, to the Archdeacons of Gloucester for ever; and
transferring the patronage and presentation of the churcb

of the Holy Trinity, Trowbridge, in the county of Wilts,
to the Rector of Trowbridge for ever ; and transferring
the patronage and presentation of Gildersome, in the
parish of Batley, in the county of York, to the Vicar of
Batley for ever, 97; appointment of Sheriff of the county
of Carmarthen, 120; ratifying a scheme for regulating
the average annual incomes of the Dean and Canons of
the collegiate church of Westminster, appointed or to be
appointed after the passing of the Act of the 3d and 4th
of the Queen, 120; directing the Archbishop of Canter-
bury to prepare a form of prayer and thanksgiving for
Her Majesty's safe delivery of a Princess, 159; directing
every minister and preacher in Scotland to put up their
prayers and thanksgivings on the occasion of Her
Majesty's safe delivery of a Princess, 160; the Right
Honourable James Earl of Dalhousie, the Right Honour-
able Sir Edward Ryan, Knight, and the Right Honourable
Thomas Pemberton Leigh, sworn of the Council ; and the
Right Honourable Ewart Gladstone, and, in his absence,
the Right Honourable James Earl of Dalhousie, to be Pre-
sident of the Board of Trade and Plantations, 267 ; ratify-
ing a scheme for the purchase of certain lands, tenements,
and hereditaments on the south bank of the river Wye,
and for unnexing the same to the episcopal house of the
see of Hereford, 267; regulating the duty upon all manu-
factures of the island of Heligoland, made of materials of
foreign origin or produce, or of materials liable to any
duty of customs upon importation into the United King-
dom, 276; extending the provisions of the Act of the
third and fourth of William the Fourth, for regulating the
trade of the British possessions, abroad, to the port of
Dalhousie, on the Restigenche, in the province of New
Brunswick, 278; referring the petition of the inhabitant
householders of the borough of Salford, in the county of
Lancaster, for a charter of incorporation, to the Committee
of the Privy Council, and directing petitions and docu-
ments to be lodged, 280; ratifying a scheme for the aug-
mentation of the several archdeaconries of York, in the
diocese of York; of London and Saint Albans, in the dio-
cese of London; of Wilts, in the diocese of Salisbury; and
of Salop, in the diocese of Hereford, 282; ratifying a
scheme for making additional provision for the cure of
souls in certain parishes where such provision is most re-
quired; and varying the limitations of a scheme, ratified
by Orders of Council of 27th April and 16th August 1842;
and for payment of certain sums to the incumbent of each
of the benefices and churches in the four schedules to such
scheme, 288; for the removal of the Kensington Police
Court to Brook-green, in the hamlet of Hammersmith,

and that it be there holden, under the name of the Ham-
mersmith Police Court, for the same division as assigned
to the Kensington Police Court, 299; ratifying a scheme
approving of the sale of the rectory of Elingham, in the
county of Norfolk, to the Rev. John Brewster Wilkinson,
Thomas Clark Brettingham, and William Elliott Le
Blanc, and authorizing the conveyance thereof, with the
perpetual right of presentation thereto, by the Master,
Fellows, and Scholars of Saint Mary Magdalene, Cam-
bridge, under their common seal, 304; ratifying a scheme
for improving the demesne lands of the see of Bangor,
and for exchanging certain lands therein mentioned, 356;
declaring that French ships, and ships of or belonging to
any state within the limits of the East India Company's
charter, shall have the like privileges of trading to other
colonies, under the Order in Council of 16th July 1827,
413; declaring that specimens, illustrative of natural his-
tory, shall be added to the list of exemptions from duty,
under the Act of the fifth and sixth of Her present
Majesty, intituled “ An Act to amend the laws for the re-
gulation of the trade of the British possessions abroad,"
416 ; declaring it to be lawful for vessels to import, from
the territories of the Republic of Hayti, into any of the
British possessions abroad, goods, the produce of the said
territories of Hayti; and to export goods from such pos-
sessions, to be carried into any foreign country whatever,
418; ratifying a scheme for fixing the number and emolu-
ments of the minor canons in the collegiate church of
Saint Peter, Westminster, 429 ; ratifying a scheme for de-
termining the portion of the improved value to be made
payable to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, in a mining
lease about to be granted by the Bishop of Saint David's,
of a mine in the parish of Llandewi Brefi, in the county of
Cardigan, 433; a rule, in pursuance of the Act of second
and third of Her present Majesty, intituled “ An Act to
carry into effect a convention between Her Majesty and
the King of the French, concerning the fisheries in the
sea, between the British islands and France, for suspend-
ing the operation of the said Act, and articles of fishery
regulation, with respect to the fisheries on the coast of
Ireland, 436; ratifying a scheme for founding an arch-
deaconry of Manchester, in the diocese of Chester, 447;
ratifying a scheme for making better provisions for the
cure of souls, in the several parishes of Bradford, in the
county of York, and diocese of Ripon ; of Great Bud-
worth, Nantwich, and Saint Oswald, Chester, in the
county and diocese of Chester; of Solihull, in the county
of Warwick, and diooese of Worcester ; and of Whalley,
in the county of Lancaster and diocese of Chester, 451 ;

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