Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Surrogates' Courts of the State of New York: With Annotations, Nide 3


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Sivu 553 - Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legislative powers of government reach actions only, and not opinions...
Sivu 67 - If such legacy or property be not in money, he shall collect the tax thereon upon the appraised value, thereof from the person entitled thereto.
Sivu 31 - ... 3. When the transfer is of property made by a resident or by a nonresident when such nonresident's property is within this state, by deed, grant, bargain, sale or gift made in contemplation of the death of the grantor, vendor or donor, or intended to take effect in possession or enjoyment at or after such death.
Sivu 471 - The absolute ownership of personal property shall not be suspended by any limitation or condition, for a longer period than during the continuance and until the termination of not more than two lives in being at the date of the instrument containing such limitation or condition ; or, if such instrument be a last will and testament, for not more than two lives in being at the death of the testator.
Sivu 322 - Whenever any person or corporation shall exercise a power of appointment derived from any disposition of property made either before or after the passage of this act, such appointment when made shall be deemed a transfer taxable under the provisions of this act in the same manner as though the property to which such appointment relates belonged absolutely to the donee of such power and had been bequeathed or devised by such donee by will...
Sivu 553 - In this country the full and free right to entertain any religious belief, to practice any religious principle, and to teach any religious doctrine which does not violate the laws of morality and property, and which does not infringe personal rights, is conceded to all. The law knows no heresy, and is committed to the support of 110 dogma, the establishment of no sect.
Sivu 4 - The right of a beneficiary of an express trust to receive rents and profits of real property and apply them to the use of any person, can not be transferred by assignment or otherwise, but the right and interest of the beneficiary of any other trust in real property, . . . may be transferred.
Sivu 138 - It has been written that the sins of the father shall be visited upon the children, and the unthinking and worldly have sought refuge from this law by declaring it harsh and cruel.
Sivu 209 - Consul, in his absence, shall have the right to intervene in the possession, administration and judicial liquidation of the estate of the deceased, conformably with the laws of the country, for the benefit of the creditors and legal heirs.
Sivu 220 - If none of the subscribing witnesses reside in the county at the time appointed for proving the will, the court may admit the testimony of other witnesses to prove the sanity of the testator and the execution of the will; and, as evidence of the execution, it may admit proof of the handwriting of the testator and of the subscribing witnesses, or any of them.

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