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God looked down from Heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, that did seek, God. Ps. liii. 2.




HE design of the following work is not to support the peculiar doctrines or tenets of any Sect or Party, but to assist mankind in general, in the right apprehension of the revealed Truths of the Bible; and thus to disseminate harmonious principles of Religion throughout the Christian World: A life conformable thereto is calculated to promote health of body and peace of mind, those sure foundations of the present and eternal happiness of man. The candid Reader may thereby be convinced that God, as our greatest friend, prescribes no duties in His Word but what are indispensably necessary for our well-being both in time and in eternity; that He requires no mortifications but for the suppression of those disorderly affections, which cause our own misery or have a tendency to disturb the happiness of others; and that He is ever ready to embrace the truly penitent with the arms of His mercy, to remove from their minds the unhappy states consequent on their former sins, to implant in them gocd and heavenly dispositions, and thus to renew them after his own image and likeness "in righteousness and true holiness."

The importance and necessity of such an accompaniment to the Holy Scriptures must be generally acknowledged, especially when the present demoralized state of Society, and the rapid strides which infidelity is daily making, are duly considered: for notwithstanding the1 apparent zeal of professing Christians, Facts clearly prove that' the doctrines, generally inculcated at this day as evangelical, have no power either to improve the understandings, or to amend the lives, even of those who profess them. —The Deist openly questions the divine authority of the Bible; because he cannot see


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