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danger of loss or interruption, he is taken on each sheet of a letter inobliged to send several convey tended for India, is fixed at one ances of every important commu• shilling and two pence. Now, fanication. A similar aggravation mily letters are seldom comprized also presents itself in regard to law within less than two sheets and an papers, and other important do- envelope, and are thus taxed at cuments, which are at once volu- nearly four shillings, previously to minous, and therefore expensive for receiving the post-mark. If to this a single postage, and of which, for is added the ship-postage levied by the reason already given, several the local governments in India, copies must be sent, and therefore every letter is charged with a postseveral heavy postages incurred. age of five shillings, over and above

But, beside these, there is ano. the inland postage, both in India ther description of correspondence and in England, before it reaches wbich yields in vothing in its claims the band of the person to whom it on every well-wisher of the best is addressed. This tax increases interests of society, and on which with the size of the packet; and the regulations make a serious at- it must not be omitted to remark, tack. This is the correspondence that even restraint upon the size is between friends and families. I a private and social evil, scarcely less need not suggest to your reflec- than the total suppression of cortions, Sir, what is the value, in a respondence. How often are not private or a social view, of pre- those interests, to which I have beserving, during absence, this species fore alluded, promoted by the very of intercourse. I need not point garrulity of familiar intercourse ; out to you, how often its inter- by the practice of saying every thing ruption leads to cessation, and its which can be said, rather than the cessation to the most serious effects attempt to say the least that may on the fortunes, the fates, and the answer the immediate


In bappiness of individuals. Still less, the resolution to save a sheet of need I call upon you to remember, paper, how many things may be how often natural indolence, in a omitted, dear to the heart, and of great many minds, renders such influence on our future lives ! an intercourse, under the best en- In looking, as in few words I couragement, that is, amid the shall now do, to the political congreatest facility, slow, unsteady, siderations which belong to the suband difficult of continuance; and ject, these private interests will be how little, in general, there is seen to constitute not the least im. need of any artificial let to assist portant among those of the public. this neglect, subsidence, and ob. The provocation to evade so severe literation of former attachments and a law, the facilities it in itself affords affections. And how much will to smuggling, and the loss to the it not be assisted, by a cause wbich revenue from the necessary aimimust so often be accepted as an apo- nution of the number of letters logy, and so often operate as a serious passing through the London Postmotive, for an omission to write! Office, are obvious mischiefs, at

It appears, that the third part tached to, and inseparable from the of the packet-rates authorized to be innovation: But even these are

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