The Works of the Most Reverend Father in God, William Laud, D.D., Sometime Lord Archbishop of Canterbury: Conference with Fisher

John Henry Parker, 1849

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Sivu 340 - His holy gospel command us to continue a perpetual memory of that His precious death, until His coming again...
Sivu 93 - I would not believe the gospel unless the authority of the catholic church moved me...
Sivu 330 - My Lord/ . . . both you and I agree herein, that in the Sacrament is the very true and natural body and blood of Christ, even that which was born of the Virgin Mary, which ascended into heaven, which sitteth on the right hand of God the Father, which shall come from thence to judge the quick and the dead ; only we differ in modo, in the way and manner of being ; we confess all one thing to be in the sacrament, and dissent in the manner of being there.
Sivu 103 - For when we know the whole Church of God hath that opinion of the Scripture, we judge it even at the first an impudent thing for any man, bred and brought up in the Church, to be of a contrary mind without cause.
Sivu 420 - He who descended is none other than he who ascended far above all heavens, so that he might fill the universe. And it is he who has given some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers...
Sivu 422 - It is a great happiness where it may be had " visible " and " continued," and a great conquest over the mutability of this present world. But I do not find any one of the ancient Fathers, that makes "local, personal, visible," and "continued succession," a "necessary sign," or " mark " of the " true Church
Sivu 130 - The third is, The light of the Text itself: in conversing wherewith, we meet with the Spirit of God ' inwardly inclining our hearts, and sealing the full assurance of the sufficiency of all three unto us. And then, and not before, we are certain that the Scripture is the word of God, both by divine and by infallible proof. But our certainty is by faith, and so voluntary ; not by knowledge of such principles as in the light of nature can enforce assent, whether we will or no.
Sivu 402 - Nor will I ever take upon me to express that tenet or opinion, the denial of the foundation only excepted, which may shut any Christian, the meanest, out of heaven.
Sivu 328 - England, nothing is more plain than that it believes and teaches the tme and real presence of Christ in the ' eucharist, unless AC can make a body no body, and blood no blood, (as perhaps he can by transubstantiation,) as well as bread no bread, and wine no wine : and the church of England is protestant too.
Sivu 102 - But it is not the word of God which doth or possibly can assure us, that we do well to think it his word.

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