Doubtful Questions in the Law of Elections Stated and Canvassed, Osa 639

Joseph Butterworth and Son, 1826 - 132 sivua

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Sivu 66 - ... directly or indirectly give, present, or allow to any person or persons having voice or vote in such election, any money, meat, drink...
Sivu 98 - Then how shall an action be maintained on that which is a direct violation of a public law ? The contract is bottomed in malum prohibitum, of a very serious nature in the opinion of the Legislature, as appears by the preamble of 7 & 8 W, 3.
Sivu 44 - This is the only word which the said statute of W. 2, that created estates taile, useth ; and it includeth, not only all corporate inheritances, which are or may be holden, but also all inheritances issuing out of any of those inheritances, or concerning, or annexed to, or exercisable within the same, though they lie not in tenure, therefore all these without question may bo entailed.
Sivu 66 - ... to or for any such person or persons in particular, or to any such county, city, town...
Sivu 99 - ... voting. The Legislature has drawn a strict line which is not to be departed from : it says, that after the teste of the writ no meat or drink shall be given to the voters by the candidate ; and that being the case, this Court cannot give any assistance to the Plaintiff consistently with the principles which have governed the courts of justice at all times, and with the cases which have been cited this day. Persons who engage in this kind of transactions must not bring their case before a Court...
Sivu 54 - That no Person shall be made liable to any Incapacity, Disability, Forfeiture, or Penalty by this Act imposed in any of the Cases aforesaid, unless Prosecution be commenced within Two Years after such Incapacity, Disability, Forfeiture, or Penalty shall be incurred, any thing herein contained to the contrary notwithstanding.
Sivu 37 - ... exactus, and does not appear at the fifth exaction or requisition, then he is adjudged to be outlawed, or put out of the protection of the law ; so that he is incapable of taking the benefit of it in any respect, either by bringing actions or otherwise.
Sivu 59 - ... order to induce such person to procure, or endeavour to procure, the return of any person to serve in Parliament, or the vote of any voter at any election ! 4.
Sivu 64 - ... or by any other in his behalf, or at his charge, at any time before the day of his election give any person, or persons, having...
Sivu 98 - Wm. 3, c. 4 ; how then can we enforce a contract to do that very thing which is so much reprobated by the act ? I am perfectly aware that great difficulties may arise from construing this act rigidly, but perhaps still greater will arise if it be not so construed. It is true that a voter who comes from a distance may have reason to complain, if he is not provided with necessaries ; but it is also obvious that if the candidate can supply him, he may supply himself. If any exception is to be allowed...

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