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Sivu 493 - ... by himself, his clerk, servant, or agent, expose or keep for sale, or directly or indirectly, on any pretence or upon any device, sell or barter, or in consideration of the purchase of any other property give, to any other person, any spirituous or other intoxicating liquor, or any mixed liquor, capable of being used as a beverage, and part of which is spirituous or otherwise intoxicating.
Sivu 627 - ... composed wholly or in part of wool, worsted, the hair of the alpaca, goat, or other...
Sivu 609 - Ribs of brass, iron or steel, runners, rings, caps, notches, ferrules, mounts and sticks or canes in the rough, or not further manufactured than cut into lengths suitable for umbrella, parasol or sunshade or walking sticks, when imported by manufacturers of umbrellas, parasols and sunshades for use in their factories in the manufacture of umbrellas, parasols, sunshades or walking sticks.
Sivu 584 - All metal produced from iron or its ores, which is cast and malleable, of whatever description or form, without regard to the percentage of carbon contained therein, whether produced by cementation, or converted, cast, or made from iron or its ores, by the crucible, Bessemer...
Sivu 581 - Hemp paper, made on four cylinder machines and calendered to between .006 and .008 inch thickness for the manufacture of shot shells ; primers for...
Sivu 607 - Books, printed paper, drawings, paintings, prints, photographs or representations of any kind of a treasonable or seditious, or of an immoral or indecent character...
Sivu 6 - ... for potatoes, 407,000 square miles for barley and 316,000 square miles for wheat. There is a river navigation of about 2,750 miles, 1,390 miles being suitable for stern-wheel steamers and 1,360 miles for light draught sea-going steamers.
Sivu 593 - In the gum or purified, forty per centum ad valorem; on lastings, mohair cloth, silk twist, or other manufactures of cloth, woven or made In patterns of such size, shape, or form, or cut in such manner, as to be fit for buttons exclusively...
Sivu 583 - Iron or steel masts, or parts thereof, and iron or steel beams, angles, sheets, plates, knees and cable chain for wooden, iron, steel or composite ships and vessels ; and iron, steel or brass manufactures which at the time of their importation are of a class or kind not manufactured in Canada, when imported for use in the construction or equipment of ships or vessels.

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