Handbook for Travellers in Russia, Poland, and Finland: Including the Crimea, Caucasus, Siberia, and Central Asia

J. Murray, 1888 - 571 sivua

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Sivu 7 - why I have but two in all my dominions, and I believe I shall hang one of them the moment I get home...
Sivu 223 - ... up to the cupola, that its smallness of space is forgotten in the fulness of its contents. On the platform of its nave, from Ivan the Terrible downwards to this day, the Czars have been crowned. Along its...
Sivu 26 - The high contracting parties reserve to themselves each to maintain in that sea six steam-vessels of fifty metres in length at the line of floatation, of a tonnage of 800 tons at the maximum, and four light steam or sailing vessels, of a tonnage which shall not exceed 200 tons each.
Sivu 226 - Manuel ; that, brought by Vladimir from Kherson. High in the cupola is the chapel, where, as at the summit of the Russian Church, the Russian Primates were elected. In the depth of the throne, behind the altar, is the sacred picture which commemorates the original rock of Kieff, whence the see of Moscow was hewn.
Sivu 26 - Hotel, containing 45 Saloons and 235 Bed-rooms, with a separate Breakfast and new Reading and Conversation Rooms, as well as a Smoking Saloon, and a very extensive and elegant Dining Room ; an artificial Garden over the river ; is situated opposite the Bath and Conversation House, and in the immediate vicinity of the Promenade.
Sivu 14 - ... nieces contrived to possess herself, and, after allowing the French minister to make his notes in refutation of it in the margin, replaced it in Potemkin's pocket, who, ignorant of the circumstance, laid it before Catherine ; when the empres.s, conceiving the notes to have been made by her favorite, formed a league with Sweden and Denmark, and announced her intention of supporting it with her navy. In 1787 she made, in company with Potemkin and an immense suite, her famous progress to the Crimea,...
Sivu 19 - Some covered themselves with stuffs, richly worked with gold; some were enveloped in beautiful and costly furs; while others dressed themselves in women's and children's pelisses, and even the galley-slaves concealed their rags under the most splendid...
Sivu 19 - Palaces and temples," says a Russian author, " monuments of art, and miracles of luxury, the remains of ages which had past away, and those which had been the creation of yesterday ; the tombs of ancestors, and the nursery-cradles of the present generation, were indiscriminately destroyed. Nothing was left of Moscow save the remembrance of the city, and the deep resolution to avenge its fall.''* The fire raged till the 19th with unabated violence, and then began to slacken for want of fuel.
Sivu 3 - Narva by an inferior force under Charles XII., then only a boy of seventeen ; and on many other occasions the Russians suffered severe checks and reverses. But at length the indomitable perseverance of Peter prevailed. In 1705 he carried Narva, the scene of...

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