Additional General Regulations Under the Revenue and Collection Laws of the United States

A. O. P. Nicholson, public printer, 1857
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Sivu 30 - Treasury, shall be complied with; guano; household effects, old and in use, of persons or families from foreign countries, if used abroad by them, and not intended for any other person or persons or for sale...
Sivu 11 - Act as chargeable with duty, shall pay the same rate of duty which is levied on the enumerated article which it most resembles in any of the particulars before mentioned ; and if any nonenumerated article equally resembles two or more enumerated articles on which different...
Sivu 29 - ... any society or institution incorporated or established solely for religious, philosophical, educational, scientific, or literary purposes, or for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the use and by order of any college, academy, school, or seminary of learning in the United States...
Sivu 29 - Books, maps, and charts, imported by authority of the joint library committee of Congress, for the use of the Library of Congress ; provided, that, if in any case a contract shall have been made with any bookseller, importer, or other person, for books, maps, or charts?
Sivu 50 - Mint; cotton; felt, adhesive, for sheathing; garden seeds, and other seeds not otherwise provided for; goods, wares, and merchandise, the growth, produce, or manufacture of the United States exported to a foreign country, and brought back to the United States...
Sivu 10 - ... models of inventions and other improvements in the arts : Provided, That no article or articles shall be deemed a model or improvement...
Sivu 10 - The duty upon wool of the sheep, or hair of the alpaca, goat, and other like animals, which shall be imported in any other than ordinary condition, as now and heretofore practiced, or which shall be changed in its character or condition for the purpose of evading the duty, or which shall be reduced in value by the admixture of dirt or any other foreign substance, shall be twice the duty to which it would be otherwise subject.
Sivu 12 - An act to provide revenue from imports, and to change and modify existing laws imposing duties on imports, and for other purposes...
Sivu 12 - ... in the entry to the cost or value given in the invoice or pro forma invoice or statement in form of an invoice, which he shall produce with his entry, as in his opinion may raise the same to the actual market value or wholesale price of such...
Sivu 74 - Wearing apparel in actual use and other personal effects (not merchandise), professional books, implements, instruments, and tools of trade, occupation, or employment, of persons arriving in the United States.

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