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him upon a point of such uncertainty ; his chief object and aim have been to find the Lord Jesus Christ in all these Epistles, as the great Head of the Church, manifesting Himself as the Creator, the Saviour, the Sanctifier

of His people,--at once the Beginner of their faith, and the consummation of their joy.

If he have succeeded in this, and in con

veying to the minds and hearts of the true

children of God, more elevated and more com

forting and more influential views of Him, whom having not seen, they love, he shall be thankful, although he may not carry them with him in the particular mode of interpretation which he has adopted. Should he have failed

in both these objects, he would still venture to

hope that the direct personal appeals, and the close and pointed applications to the conscience, abounding in these remarkable Epistles, may not be without a blessing either to himself, or to those into whose hands his work may fall; and he would in all humility rest this expectation upon the promise so clearly conveyed in Rev. i. 3, “Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy," earnestly desiring the prayers of his readers that this blessing may not be withheld.

Streatham Rectory,

Feb. 1st, 1838.

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