Leadership and Futuring: Making Visions Happen

Corwin Press, 2007 - 122 sivua
Become an extraordinary visionary leader with the knowledge and skills to make great things happen! Well-educated, charismatic leaders who can improve systems to enrich the lives of others are needed today more than ever. In this updated edition, John Hoyle identifies vision, motivation, flexibility, and openness to invention and opportunity as key characteristics of effective leaders, and challenges school administrators to think outside the box-to explore the vital links between effective leadership and visioning for the future. Illustrating new and vivid team-building exercises, this excellent resource guides educators striving to lead, inspire, and motivate students and team members toward positive personal visions and a successful life and career. The book also: Explains the relationship between leadership and futuring Describes seven visionary leaders Links motivation research to contemporary organizations Offers inspirational stories about successful visionaries Provides step-by-step futuring techniques for workshops Suggests how leaders create, communicate, and put forth a service vision Leadership and Futuring is about dynamic change based on visionary leadership not just for today but for the future-in education, business, government, and any field.

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Motivating Others to Engage in Futuring
Making Visions Happen
Staff Development Techniques to Envision
The Visionary Leader You Can Become
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John R. Hoyle has served as president of the National Council of Professors of Educational Administration, and was chair of the National Commission on Standards for the Superintendency in 1993.

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