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5. Examined the credentials of delegates, ani!! read the letters from the societies in fellowship with this. Association. The information received through these mediums was truly refreshing to the friends of the Redeemer. It does not appear that there has been in any society, a diminution of numbers, hy a dereliction of sentiment; but in many instances, even: where the word of salvation has not been statedly administered in public, it has wrought gloriously by its inherent energies ; and where it has been disa pensed, in any considerable degree, wonders have been wrought in the name of the holy child Jesus, and numbers, who are respectable for talents and virtues, have been brought to believe and rejoice in. "common salvation."

6. Vated, that the Universalist Society, in Waterford, be received into the fellowship of thig Association.

7. Voted, that all the brethren, present, who are members of regular societies in fellowship with this Association, be permitted to sit in this council, and to act as members thereof.

8. Adjourned to Thursday, 8 o'clock, A. M. Prayer by Br. S. Streeter.

9. Met agreeable to adjournment, and commenced the labors of the day with penitent tbanksgiving apd prayer, hy Br. S. Streeter.

10. Chose Br. Joseph Butterfield a delegate to represent the Universalist Societies in the State of Maine, in the General Convention of Universalists for the New England States and others, to be holden io Claremont, N. H. on the third Wednesday and Thursday in September next.

11. Poted, to request each society in fellowsbip with this Association, to send, at least, one delegate,. furnished with suitable credentials, and bearing such information as may be deemed interesting to the

'brethren, as a body upited in joint exertions for the advancement of the cominon cause of universal peace on earth and good will toward mon; and also empowered by the respective societies, to advance a proportionate sum of money to defray the expense of prioting the minutes of the Association with an appropriate circular. The expediency of this measure is founded upon the principle, that the printer ought not to wait for his pay, till the minutes can be circulated and the money collected in little parcels from different parts of the State.

12. Order of public service, Thursday, A. M. Iutroductory prayer and sermon, by Br. J. Butterfield, from Acts xx. 32. And now, brcthren, I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified. Br. S. Streeter, concluding prayer.

P. M.-Introductory prayer, and sermon, Br. S. Streeter, from St John vi. 37. All that the Father givelh me shall come to me ; and hirr that comch to me I will in no wise cast out. Br. J. Butterfield, con. cluding prayer.

13. Poted, that the questions inserted in the minutes of the last year, are not suitable subjects for discussion in this Association ; because direct answers, either in the negative or positive form, would not be satisfactory, and a judicious investigation of them would be too lengthy for insertion in our rninutes.

11. Voted, that Br. S. Streeter superintend the printing of these minutes, and accompany the same with an appropriate epistle to the societies.

15. Adjourned this Association, to meet again by divine permission, in Winthrop, on the last Wednes day and Thursday in June, 1821.

JOSEPH BUTTERFIELD, Moderator. SEBASTIAN STREETER, Clerk. Ezra F. BEAL, Assistant Clerk.

GENERAL CONVENTION. The meeting of the General Convention of Uni. versalists, was, tbis year, held at Claremont, N. H. the 20th and 21st of September. Br. Dean preached in the forenoon of the first day, from Gal. vi. 14; Br. Smith, in the afternoon, from Col. i. 19; and Br. Bisbe, in the evening, from Matt. v. 48.

Br. KNEELAND preached in the forenoon of the second day, from Rev. iii. 21 ; and Br. BALLOU in the asternoon, from Isai. xxix. 24.

The following is a list of the preachers present at the Convention : Hosea Ballou and Paul Dean, Boston, Mass. Richard Carrique, Attleborough, Mass. Joshua Flagg. Scituate, Mass. Barzillai Streeter, Salem, Mass. John Bisbe, Brookfield, Mass. Rob. ert L. Killam, Marlborough, Mass. Hosea Ballou, 2d, Strafford, Con. Jacob Wood and Charles Hudson, Shirley, Mass. Robert Bartlett, Langdon, N. H. Rus. sell Streeter, Springfield, Vt. Samuel C. Loveland, Reading. Vt. Abner Kneeland, Philadelphia, Penn Stephen R. Smith, New-Hartford, Oneida Co. N. Y. Pitt Morse. Pittsford, N. Y. Jonathan Wallace, Jerico, Vt. Levi Briggs, e Orange, Mass. Joseph Butterfield, Fryburg, Maine.

Ministers received. Aaron Kinsman, Williamstown, Vt. Hollis Sampcon, Wilmington. Vt. Asa Priest, Ware, N. M. Joha Brooks, Dummerston, Vt. Asa Barton, Paris, Maine. Sylvanus Cobh and Michael Dwyer.

Many societies were represented; but the Editor is not able to give a list of them at this time.

The following new societies were received: The First and Serond (hurches and Societies in Philadel phia. the Second Society in Charlton and Brookfield, The Society in Hardwick, and the First Christian Tolgration Society io Alstead, N. H.

The Committee for compiling a history of the rise

and progress of Universalism, have nearly completed the work; and have issued subscription papers, proposing that the work shall contain about 250 pages, 12mo. neatly bound, at one dollar per volume. Subscriptions for this work are received by Henry Bowen, printer at Boston, and the ministers in general of the Universalist connexion.

The Convention was adjourned to meet at Hudson, N. Y. the third Wednesday and Thursday in September, A. D. 1821.

NORTHERN ASSOCIATION. The Northern Association of Universalists conven ed, this year, at Reading, the 27th and 28th of September. The ministers present, were Brs. Samuel Hilliard, Russell Streeter, Robert Bartlett, Aaron Kinsman, Levi Briggs, Jonathan Wallace, and Samuel C. Loveland. Br. HILLIARD preached in the forenoon of the first day, from 1 Cor. vii. 31; Br. BARTLETT, in the afternoon, from Prov. ix. l; and Br. KINSMAN, in the evening of the same day, from John i. 29. Br. BRIGGS preached in the forenoon of the second day, from Matt. iv. 23 ; and Br. STREETER, in the afternoon, from 1 Tim. ii. 4.

Two new ministers were received into the fellow. ship of the Association ; viz. Br. Mark Stiles of Grafton, Vt. and Br. Jervis Davis of Springfield, Vt.

The following is a list of the Societies, belonging to this Association : Barre, Barnard, Bethel, Bridgewater, Cavendish, Chester, Hancock, Hartland. Lon. donderry, Montpelier, Northfield, Plainfield, Queensbury, Reading, Richmond, Shoreham, Shrewsbury, Springfield and Rockingham, St. Johnsbury, Townshend, Wardsbury, Weston, West-Windsor : all of Vermont, except Queensbury, N. Y.

The Northern Association is adjourned to meet at Kingsbury, N. Y. the first Wednesday and Thursday in October, 1.821.

CHALLENGE! Extract from a piece in the N. Y. Gospel Herald," as found in the Universalist Magazine, Vol. II. No.


“I hold that the unchangeableness and eternal perfection of God's knowledge, will forever stand as an unanswerable demonstration that the Christian doctrine of damnation is an absolute lie, and entitled to no credit. I am not more firmly persuaded that there is a God, than I am, that the above proposition is true, and an undeniable reality. And what I shall advance in the following lines in support of it, I challenge all who credit so blasphemous and God-dishonoring a doctrine to disprove.

And if he," that is God, "did absolutely know, that man by his acting, in time, would involve himself in never-ending torment after death, being Almighty, and acting by his own free and uncontrolled will, I ask, why did he create him? In answering this question, God must be made an eternal tyrant, or the doctrine of damnation an absolute lie !- If, therefore, no christian believer in God will attempt to prove him an eternal tyrant, I challenge (as above observed) all who believe in the doctrine of damnation, to prove that one single individual of the human race will be punished after death, on account of his actions in tbis life.”

The Christian doctrine of damnation, we have expressly taught in the following passages of the Christian scriptures ; Matt. sxiii. 14 ; Mark xii. 40; Luke *. 47 ; Matt. xxiii. 33; Mark iii. 29; John v, 29;

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