Keep Watching the Skies!: American Science Fiction Movies of the Fifties, The 21st Century Edition

McFarland, 12.1.2017 - 1040 sivua
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Bill Warren's Keep Watching the Skies! was originally published in two volumes, in 1982 and 1986. It was then greatly expanded in what we called the 21st Century Edition, with new entries on several films and revisions and expansions of the commentary on every film. In addition to a detailed plot synopsis, full cast and credit listings, and an overview of the critical reception of each film, Warren delivers richly informative assessments of the films and a wealth of insights and anecdotes about their making. The book contains 273 photographs (many rare, 35 in color), has seven useful appendices, and concludes with an enormous index. This book is also available in hardcover format (ISBN 978-0-7864-4230-0).

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Superlative listing of science fiction films of the 50's, good, bad, and worse. Each entry has plot description, cast list, crew list, background on stars, director and other leading contributors, and ... Lue koko arvostelu

Keep Watching the Skies! American Science Fiction Movies of the Fifties; the 21st Century Edition

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Film critic and historian Warren has assembled the seminal anthology of sf movies released in the United States from 1950 to 1962. This era is distinct in that terms such as nuclear and atomic became ... Lue koko arvostelu


The Angry Red Planet 1960
April 1 2000 1952
The Hideous Sun Demon 1958
Atlantis the Lost Continent 1961
Attack of the Crab Monsters 1957
Attack of the Giant Leeches 1959
Attack of the Puppet People 1958
The Beast from 20000 Fathoms 1953
The Beast of Yucca Flats 1961
The Black Scorpion 1957
The Blob 1958
Blood of the Vampire 1958
The Brain from Planet Arous 1957
Bride of the Monster 1955
Captive Women 1952
The Colossus of New York 1958
The Cosmic Man 1959
Invisible Invaders 1959
The Cosmic Monster 1958
Creature from the Black Lagoon 1954
The Creature Walks Among Us 1956
It Came from Beneath the Sea 1955
The Creeping Unknown 1956
The Curse of Frankenstein 1957
Beginning of the End 1957
The Day the Earth Stood Still 1951
The Day the Sky Exploded 1961
Destination Moon 1950
Donovans Brain 1953
Earth vs the Spider 1958
The Diamond Wizard 1954
Enemy from Space 1957
Fiend Without a Face 1958
The Final War 1962
First Spaceship on Venus 1962
Five 1951
Flight to Mars 1951
The Fly 1958
4D Man 1959
Dinosaurus 1960
How to Make a Monster 1958
Was a Teenage Werewolf 1957
The Incredible Petrified World 1959?
Indestructible Man 1956
Invasion of the Animal People 1962
It Came from Outer Space 1953
The Land Unknown 1957
Invasion of the Saucer Men 1957
Invasion USA 1952
The Invisible Boy 1957
It Conquered the World 1956
Its Hot in Paradise 1962
Journey to the Seventh Planet 1961
Killer Ape 1953
Killers from Space 1954
Last Woman on Earth 1960
The Little Shop of Horrors 1960
Lost Continent 1951
Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm 1951
Man Beast 1956
The Man in the White Suit 1952
Master of the World 1961
The Maze 1953
Mister Drakes Duck 1951
The Man Who Turned to Stone 1957
The Monster of Piedras Blancas 1959
Moon Pilot 1962
The Mouse That Roared 1959
The Mysterians 1959
Gorgo 1961
Krakatit 1951
Doctor Bloods Coffin 1961
Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla 1952
Beyond the Time Barrier 1960
The Man Without a Body 1957
The HMan 1959
The Story of the Abominable Snowman 1958
The Manchurian Candidate 1962
Hands of a Stranger 1962

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The late Bill Warren (“sci-fi completist extraordinaire”—Joe Dante) wrote and contributed to many books and articles and for ten years was the Hollywood correspondent for a French television series. He was long active in the Los Angeles Science Fiction/Fantasy Society. Film Quarterly (40:4) gave “thanks to Warren’s extraordinary ability to tap and release, in the reader’s memory, intense...memory-impressions. He knows exactly which scenes to describe, in order to yank us, Proust-like, into the past.” Research associate Bill Thomas is a lead reference librarian and lives in Lancaster, California.

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