Bulletin, Niteet 8–17

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1895

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Sivu 43 - Animals so unloaded shall be properly fed and watered during such rest by the owner or person having the custody thereof...
Sivu 43 - In estimating such confinement, the time during which the animals have been confined without such rest on connecting roads from which they are received shall be included ; it being the intent of this Chapter to prohibit their continuous confinement beyond the period of twenty-eight hours, except upon contingencies hereinbefore stated.
Sivu 1 - August thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety, and of an Act to provide for the inspection of live, cattle, hogs, and the carcasses and products thereof which are the subjects of interstate commerce...
Sivu 43 - ... officer, duly authenticated by the proper custodian of such book of record, together with the affidavit of the owner, agent, or importer that such animal is the identical animal described in said certificate of record and pedigree: And provided further, That the Secretary of Agriculture shall determine and certify to the Secretary of the Treasury what are recognized breeds and purebred animals under the provisions of this paragraph.
Sivu 35 - An act for the establishment of a bureau of animal industry, to prevent the exportation of diseased cattle, and to provide means for the suppression and extirpation of pleuro-pneumonia and other contagious diseases among domestic animals," and to co-operate with the authorities of the United States in the enforcement of the provisions of such act.
Sivu 42 - And for this purpose he may appoint inspectors who shall be authorized to give an official certificate clearly stating the condition in which such cattle, sheep, swine, and goats are found.
Sivu 41 - ... and one copy of every certificate granted under the provisions of this Act shall be filed in the Department of Agriculture, another copy shall be delivered to the owner or shipper, and when the catt.le, sheep...
Sivu 37 - That it shall be the duty of the several United States district attorneys to prosecute all violations of this act which shall be brought to their notice or knowledge by any person making the complaint under oath; and the same shall be heard before any district or circuit court of the United States or Territorial court holden within the district in which the violation of this act has been committed.
Sivu 39 - ... adjudged to be infected with any contagious disease, or to have been exposed to infection so as to be dangerous to other animals...
Sivu 37 - ... by fine not exceeding one thousand dollars, or imprisonment not exceeding one year, or both, in the discretion of the court.

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