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No. v.

the vouchee. Count.




Default of the common vouchee,


ments aforesaid, with the appurtenances, to him freely war

ranteth, &c. And hereupon the said Francis demandeth against Demand against the said Jacob, tenant by his own warranty, the tenements

aforesaid, with the appurtenances, in form aforesaid, &c. And

he saith, that he himself was seised of the tenements aforesaid, with the appurtenances, in his demesne as of fee and right, in time of peace, in the time of the lord the king that now

is, by taking the profits thereof to the value, &c. And into which, Defence of the &c. And thereupon he bringeth suit, &c. And the aforesaid Jacob,

tenant by his own warranty, defends his right, when, &c. And Plea, nul dissei- saith that the aforesaid Hugh did not disseise the aforesaid Francis

of the tenements aforesaid as the aforesaid Francis by his writ and

count aforesaid above doth suppose : and of this he puts himself Imparlance. upon the country. And the aforesaid Francis thereupon cravetli

leave to imparl; and he hath it. And afterwards the aforesaid
Francis cometh again here into court, in this same term in his
proper person, and the aforesaid Jacob, though solemnly called,

cometh not again, but hath departed in contempt of the court, and Judgment for maketh default. THEREFORE IT IS CONSIDERED, that the aforethe demandant. said Francis do recover his seisin against the aforesaid David of

the tenements aforesaid, with the appurtenances : and that the
said David have of the land aforesaid “John, to the value (of the

tenements aforesaid]; and further, that the said John have of
“ the land of the said” Jacob to the value [of the tenements afore-
said]. And the said Jacob in mercy. And hereupon the said
Francis prays a writ of the lord the king, to be directed to the
sheriff of the county aforesaid, to cause him to have full seisin of
the tenements aforesaid, with the appurtenances: and it is

granted unto him, returnable here without delay. Afterwards, writ of seisin,

that is to say, the twenty-eighth day of November in this same
term, here cometh the said Francis in his proper person ; and the
sheriff, namely, Sir Charles Thompson, knight, now sendeth, that
he by virtue of the writ aforesaid to him directed, on the twenty-
fourth day of the same month, did cause the said Francis to have

full seisin of the tenements aforesaid with the appurtenances, as Exemplification he was commanded. ALL AND SINGULAR which premises, at the

request of the said Francis, by the tenor of these presents, we
have held good to be exemplified. In testimony whereof we
have caused our seal, appointed for sealing writs in the Bench
aforesaid, to be affixed to these presents. WITNESS Sir John
Willes, knight, at Westminster, the twenty-eighth day of No-
vember, in the twenty-first year of our reign, .



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