Flora Americae Septentrionalis, Or, A Systematic Arrangement and Description of the Plants of North America: Containing, Besides what Have Been Described by Preceeding Authors, Many New and Rare Species, Collected During Twelve Years Travels and Residence in that Country, Nide 2

White, Cochrane, and Company, 1814 - 751 sivua

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Sivu 539 - the flowers, gathered when fully expanded, and carefully dried, give a most agreeable substitute for tea, which for some time has been an article of exportation to China, where it fetches a high price.
Sivu 499 - Springs, was bit in the foot by a mocassin snake, a species considered the most dangerous. An inflammation and swelling of his whole leg took place immediately, but by taking the milky juice of this plant boiled in milk, inwardly, and applying to the wound the steeped leaves, which were very frequently changed, he was cured in a few days.
Sivu 667 - Nuttall states that he found it in the western part of the state, without giving the locality ; but according to Dr Pickering, the specimens of Mr Nuttall, in the herbarium of the Academy of Sciences in Philadelphia, are marked,
Sivu 672 - Pursh Fl, Am. Sept. ed. 2, ii. p. 672. Professor Asa Gray states, that it has not been found by any one except Pursh, and he therefore omits it from his Manual of Botany of the Northern States.] ISOETES.

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