Sivut kuvina

** Flores spathacei. Spadix simpler. 468. POTHOS. Spatha cucullata. Spadir foribus tectus.

Cal. o. Pet. 4. Baccæ 2-spermæ. 469. CALLA. Spatha planiuscula. Spadix floribus tectus.

Cal. et Cor. O. Baccæ polysperma. 470. ARUM. Spatha cucullata. Spadir supra nudus,

inferne femineus, medio stamineus. Cal. et Cor. O. Bacce utplurimum 1-spermæ.



423. BEJARIA. Gen. pl. 811. Vent. hort. cels p. 51.
1. B. foliis ovato-lanceolatis glabris, floribus racemoso-pa-

niculatis terminalibus.- Vent. l. c.
Befaria paniculata. Mich. fl. amer. 1. p. 280.

Icon. Mich. I. c. t. 26. Vent. I. c. 1.51.
a. B. foliis utrinque acutis, caule hispido.
B. B. foliis obovatis obtusiusculis, caule glabro.
In sandy woods, on the banks of swamps and ponds :

Georgia and Florida : particularly plentiful on the
Island of St. Mary's.

A beautiful shrub, from three to four feet high ; flowers white, tinged with red, of an agreeable scent.

h. June.

V. V.


424. TILIA. Gen. pl. 894. 1. T. foliis suborbiculato-cordatis abrupte acuminatis argute

serratis subcoriaceis glabris, petalis apice truncatis cre-
natis, stylo petalis subæquali, nuce ovata subcostata.-

Vent. in mem. de l'instit. sc. phys. 4. p. 9. t. 2.
T.americana. Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 1162.
T. caroliniana. Wangh. amer. 56.
T. canadensis. Mich. fl. amer. 1. p. 306.
Icon. Vent. I. c. 1.2. Mich, arl, t.....
In the woods of Canada and the northern United States,

and on the mountains, as far south as Carolina. 1.
May, June. V. v. This tree is known by the name
of Lime- or Line-tree; Basswood; Spoonwood; and is
both useful and ornamental.

2. T. foliis cordatis sensim acumijšatis rariter dentatis mem- larifora.

branaceis glabris, paniculis laxifloris, petalis emargi.
natis, stylo petalis longiore, nuce globosa.- Mich. f.

amer. 1. p. 306.
Icon. Mich. arb. t. ....
Near the sea-coast : Maryland to Georgia. Ñ. May,

June. V. v. s. A. A very distinct species, though

generally confounded with the foregoing one. 3. T. foliis basi truncatis obliquis acuminatis denticulato- pubescens.

serratis subtus pubescentibus, paniculis confertifloris,
petalis emarginatis, stylo petalis subæquali, nuce glo-
bosa lævi. Vent. in mem. de l'instit. sc. phys. 4. p. 10.

t. 3. Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 1162. T. caroliniana. Mill. dict. no. 4.

T. americana. Walt. A. car. 153. Wangh.amer. 55. B. T. foliis laxe serratis tenuissimis subpapyraceis. Vent. leptophylla.

l.c. p. 11.
In close copses and on the banks of rivers : Virginia to

Georgia. h. May-July. v. v. The variety ß.
can scarcely be considered a distinct species, unless the
flowers and fruit should prove it so, both of which I

have not seen. 4. T. foliis ovatis basi oblique aut æqualiter truncatis cor- helerophylla.

datisque argute serratis subtus nivec, tomentosis, puce

globosa subcostata. Vent. I. c. p. 16. t. 5. On the banks of the Ohio and Mississippi. h. June.

V. S. A very handsome and desirable ornamental tree. 425. HELIANTHEMUM. Juss. gen. pl. 326.

Cisti spec. Gen. pl. 913. 1. H. exstipulatum, erectum ; foliis alıernis erectis lineari. canadense.

Janceolatis planis subtus tomentosis, racemis termina-
libus paucifloris, calycis laciniis lato-ovatis acuminatis,
casusulis calyce brevioribus.-Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 1199.

sub Cisto.
In dry fields and pine woods : Canada to Carolina. 4.

June. v.v. Flowers, as in all the following species,

yellow. 2. H. exstipulatum, erectum, pulverulento-tomentosum ; ramuliflorum.

foliis alternis oblongis acutis margine revolutis subtus
tomentosis, racemis brevissiinis, summitate subtriflo.
ris, calycis laciniis orbiculatis pulverulentis, capsulis
globosis longitudine calycis.- Mich. A. amer. 1.
P. 307.

V. V.

V. V.

Menandra ramis alternis. Clayt. fl. virg. 20.
In sandy fields : New Jersey to Carolina. 4. July.

Flowers small. corymbosum. 3. H. exstipulatum, erectum, ramosum, minutim pubes

cens ; foliis alternis lanceolatis subtus cano-tomentosis, corymbis fastigiatis confertim multifloris, calycis laciniis ovatis acutis, capsulis calyce vix longioribus.

Nich. f. amer. 1. p. 307. In dry barren sand-fields, particularly along the seacoast : New Jersey to Georgia. 4. June-Aug.

Flowers very small, sometimes without petals ; from which circumstance this and the foregoing spe

cies have been mistaken for Lechea major. rosmarinifo. 4, H. exstipulatum, stricte-erectum, simplex, canescens ; lium.

foliis linearibus margine revolutis subtus cano-tomentosis, racemulis axillaribus interrupte confertifloris, calycis laciniis ovatis acutis, petalis calyce triplo

longioribus. In pine-barrens : Georgia. Enslen. 4. July. v. s.

in Hery. Enslen. Flowers bright yellow. carolinianum. 5. H. exstipulatum, hirsutum, erectum; foliis alternis ob.

longo-ovalibus subdenticulatis, imis obovalibus utrin-
que hirsutis, pedunculis terminalibus paucis calyci-
busque villosissimis, calycis laciniis oblongis acutis pe.

talis brevioribus.---Mich. A. amer. 1. p. 307..
Cistus carolinianus. Wall.fl. car. 152.
Icon. Vent. cels 74.
In pine-barrens of Carolina and Georgia. 4. June-

Aug. v. v. Flowers and leaves larger than in any
other species.


420. HUDSONIA. Gen. pl. 822. Willd. hort. berol. 15.
1. Hudsonia. IVilld. sp. pl. 2. p. 858.

Icon). Willd. hort. berol. 15. Berg. act. holm. 1778. 1.2.
In pine-barrens of New Jersey and Virginia. h. May,

Flowers yellow. This delicate little shrub, not above six inches bigh, covers large tracts of sandy pine-woods in a similar manner as common heath.

υ. υ.

V. V.

427. TALINUM. Juss. gen. pl. 346. 1. T. foliis cylindricis carnosis, corymbis terminalibus pe- teretifolium.

dunculatis. On sunny rocks : Delaware and Virginia. 4. July.

Flowers purple.

428. PORTULACCA. Gen. pl. 824. 1. P. foliis cuneiformibus, floribus sessilibus. Willd. sp. oleracea.

pl. 2. p. 859. Icon. Schkuhr handb. 130. Purslane is a common weed in gardens.


V. V.

429. CHELIDONIUM. Gen. pl. 880. 1. C. foliis alternis pinnatis lobatis, umbellis axillaribus pe

dunculatis.- Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 1141.
Icon. Fl. dan. 542. Engl. bot. 1581.
Near old buildings and among rocks : New England

and Pensylvania; probably introduced. 4. May,
June. The yellow Auid which it affords by
breaking the stems, is considered an infallible remedy

in curing warts and corns.
2.C. caulibus in summitate geminatim diphyllis, foliis ses-

silibus lobato-pinnatifidis, pedunculo solitario unifloro,

capsula oblongo-ovata.- Mich. fl. amer. 1. p. 309.
In shady woods, near rivulets: Kentucky and Tennassee.

Michaux. 4. May. v. s. Resembles Sanguinaria
very much, and seems to be the connecting ink to


both genera,


430. GLAUCIUM. Juss. gen. pl. 261. 1. G. caule glabro, foliis caulinis amplexicaulibus repandis,

pedunculis unifloris, siliqua tuberculato-scabriuscula.

Smith f. brit. 2. p. 563.
Chelidonium Glaucium. Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 1142.
Icon. Fl. dan. 585. Engl. lot. 8.
On the sea-coast of Virginia and Carolina. 0. June,
July. v.v. Flowers large, yellow.

431. PAPAVER. Gen. pl. 891,
1. P. capsulis hispidis, scapo unifloro nudo bispido, foliis

subpinnatis, foliolis lanceolatis ; inferioribus subincisis.
--Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 1145.


Icon. Fl. dan, 41. Dill, elth. t. 224. f. 291,
In Labrador. Colmaster. . v. s. in Herb. Dickson.

Flowers yellow.



432. SANGUINARIA. Gen. pl. 878.
1. S. folio subreniformi sinuato-lobato, scapo unifloro.--

Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 1140.
Icon. Bot. mig. 162. Dill. elth. t. 252.
B. S. petalis linearibus.
In dry woods, generally in fertile soil : Canada to Flo.

rida. 4. March, April. v. v. Flowers white; the
number of petals is variable ; and with little care and
aitention a fine double variety might be produced. It
is known by the name of Blood-wort.


433. ARGEMONE. Gen. pl. 882. 1. A. capsulis 5-valvibus, foliis pinnatifidis incisis spinosis,

floribus axillaribus.-Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 1148. Icon. Bot. mag. 243. On banks of rivers : Carolina to Florida. O. July, Aug.

v. v. Flowers yellow, large. In Georgia is a variety with white flowers, which has a beautiful appearance.


434. PODOPHYLLUM. Gen. pl. 879. 1. P. caule unifolio uniforo, folio peltato palmato : lobis

cuneatis incisis --Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 1141. Icon. Trew ehret. 1. 29. Catesb car. I. t 24. In shady woods, in large patches, generally on moist

ground: New England to Carolina. 4. Marchi, April. v. v. Flower white ; the fruit is the size of a common plum, green, eatable, and known by the name of May-apple: the root is sometimes used as Ipecacuanha.

435. ACTÆA. Gen. pl. 877. 1. A. foliis decompositis : foliolis oblongis sensim acutis

inciso seriatis, racemo ovaio, petalis staminibus bree

A. spicala Mich. fl. amer. 1. p.308.

A. rura, Willd, enum. 500.
a. A, baccis niveis.

Icon. Corn, canad. t. 77. Moris, hist. 2. s. 1. 6. 2. f. 7.



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