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basi hirsutis, pedunculis subbifloris, calycibus reflexis.

Lam. encycl. 6. p. 125.
In North America. Lamarck. 4. t. Flowers pale

21. R. hirsutissimus, erectus ; folijs ternatis, foliolis acute

lobatis, caulibus intra primum pedunculum nudis pau

cifloris, calyce appresso. Mich. f. amer. 1. p.321. In wet fields and on the banks of ditches : Virginia and

Carolina. 4. June-Aug. v. v. Flowers small,

pale yellow.
22. R. foliis submersis capillaceis, emersis peltatis. Willd.

sp. pl. 2. p. 1332.
R. heterophyllus. Roth fl.germ. 1. p. 240.
Icon. Engl. bot. 101. Fl. dan. 376.
In ponds and slow-flowing rivulets: Canada to New

York. 4. June, July. v.v. Flowers wbite.
23. R. foliis omnibus dichotomo-capillaceis, caule natante.

Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 1333.
Icon, Fl. dan. 376.
In tranquil rivers : Pensylvania to Carolina. 4. June
-Aug. v.v. Flowers white.

*** Şeminibus aculeatis.
24. R. glabellus, diffusus ; foliis simplicibus subrotundis tri-

lobatis, calycibus longitudine corollarum.-Willd. sp.

pl. 2. p. 1329. Icon. Lam. illustr. t. 498. f. 2. Alp. exot. 262. In old fields : Virginia and Carolina. 0. June, July.

V. V. Flowers yellow. 25. R. glabellas, simplex ; foliis simplicibus subrotundis tri

lobatis, petalis calyce duplo longioribus.--Vent, hort.




cels 73.

Near Charlestown, South Carolina. Bosc. +. Flow

ers yellow, more than twice the size of the preceding


466. SAGITTARIA. Gen. pl. 1441. 1. S. foliis lanceolatis acutis sagittatis, lobis lanceolatis acu- sagittifolia.

tis rectis, scapo simplici, floribus monoicis, bracteis B. minor. calycibusque lanceolatis acutis.-Willd. sp. pl. 4.

p. 408.

Icon. Fl. dan. 172.
In small ponds and ditches : Pensylvania to Carolina.

4. July, Aug. v. v. Leaves not above two inches

long; flowers, as in all the following species, white. latifolia. 2. S. foliis ovatis acutiusculis sagittatis, lobis ovatis tenuis.

sime acuminatis rectis, scapo simplici, floribus monoicis, bracteis subrotundis obtusis.--Willd. sp. pl. 4.

p. 409.

S. sagittifolia. Mich. fl. amer. 2. p. 189. major. B.S. foliis amplis abrupte acutis, scapo subramoso, floribus

dioicis. In ponds and ditches: Canada to Caro'ina. 4. June

Aug. v. v. Leaves large aod broad. obtusa. 3. S. foliis dilatato-ovatis rotundato-obtusis mucronatis sa

gittatis, lobis approximatis oblongis oblique-acumina. tis rectis, scapo simplici, Horibus dioicis, bracteis ova

tis acutis.-- Willd. sp. pl. 4. p.409. In ditches and shallow ponds : Pensylvania to Virginia.

4. June-Sept. v.v. Leaves the size of Calla pa

lustris. hastala, 4. S. foliis oblongo-lanceolatis sensim-acutis sagittatis, lobis

patentibus lancenatis longissime acuminatis, scapo simplici, floribus dioicis, bracteis calycibusque sub

rotundis obtusis. In old ditches: Pensylvania. 21. July, Aug. v. v.

Leaves the size of S. sagittifolia ; the lobes very

spreading gracilis. 5. S. foliis linearibus obtusiusculis 3-nervibus sagittatis,

lobis patentibus linearibus elongatis sensim tenuissime acuminatis, scapo simplici paucifloro, foribus dioicis,

bracteis brevibus suborbiculatis. In bogs and ditches : Pensylvania to Virginia, particu

larly on the mountains. 4. July, Aug. v.v. Leaves very slender, about three inches long, measured from

the beginning of the petiole. heterophylla. 6. S. foliis simplicibus linearibus lanceolatisque utrinque

acutis, seu ellipticis acutis basi obtusis sagittatis, lobis divaricatis linearibus, scapo simplici paucifloro, floribus monoicis, femineis subsessilibus, bracteis lato

ovatis acuminatis. In small ponds and ditches : Pensylvania and New Jer

sey. 4. June-Aug. v. v. Leaves about two inches and a half long: this species is easily distinguished by the female flowers being almost sessile.



This spe


V. V.

7. S. foliis lato-lanceolatis inferne angustatis, scapo subra

moso, seminibus planis falcatis rostratis. S. lancifolia. Dich. ft. amer. 2. p. 189. In ponds: Carolina. 4. July, Aug. v. s. in Herb.

lyon. 8. S. foliis angusto-lanceolatis inferne carinatis rigidis utrin

que acutissimis, scapo ramoso, Aoribus monoicis.
In still and deep waters of Oswego river near the great

falls, New York. 4. July, Aug. v.v.
cies grows in a depth of more than seven feet water;
the petioles are strong and stiff; the flowers very

9. S. foliis lineari-lanceolatis acutis inferne angustatis, scapo

simplici multiflorn, floribus dioicis, bracteis calycibus.

que rotundatis obtusis. In small ponds : New Jersey. 4. July, Aug.

Leaves about six inches long and half an inch wide;

flowers from twelve to eighteen in a scape. 10. S. foliis linearibus longissimis 3-nervibus, scapo sim.

plici paucifloro, floribus monoicis, bracteis oblongis

obtusis. S. graminea : foliis lanceolato-linearibus, capitulis pis

tillorum pusillis. Mich. f. amer 2. p. 190? In Carolina. Lyon. Canada. Michaux. 4. July,

Aug. v. s. in Herb. Lyon. 11. S. foliis subulatis basi vaginantibus dorso convexis, scapo

simplici paucifloro, floribus monoicis, bracteis dilata.

tis acuminatis. In small rivulets and ditches, near Philadelphia. 4.

July, Aug. v.v. A small species ; leaves sometimes

with a dilated point, representing a leaf. 12. S. foliis natantibus elliptico-lanceolatis obtusis 3-nervibus

basi attenuatis, intimis subcordatis, scapo simplici
paucifloro, pedunculis inferioribus elongatis.- Mich.
ft. amer. 2. p. 190.
In rivulets of Lower Carolina. 4. July, Aug. v. s.

in Herb. Lyon. Flowers small; leaves about an inch
and a half long.




467. CYAMUS. Salisb. in annals of bot. 2. p. 75.

Nelumbium. Willd. sp. pl. 2. p...... Mavicomus. 1. C. foliis peltatis orbiculatis integerrimis, corolla polype

tala, antberis superne linearibus.- Solisb. I. c.
Nelumbium luteum. Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 1259.
Nymphæa Nelumbo ß. Sp. pl. 730.
Icon. Bartr. ic. ined. in mus. Banks.
In ponds and lakes of Carolina and Virginia ; also near

Philadelphia, in ditches and ponds of Brobston's mea-
dows. 4. July. v.v. Flowers large, yellow, re.
sembling a double tulip. The seeds are very agreea-
ble to eat, and eagerly sought for by children and In-
dians. By the latter it is supposed they were intro.
duced to those ponds near Philadelphia, as there is no
other instance known to have been found so far north.
Walter mentions his Nelumbo to have white flowers;

this variety I have never seen. pentapetalus. 2. C. foliis peltatis orbiculatis integerrimis, calyce penta

phyllo, corolla pentapetala. Nelumbium pentapetalum. Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 1259. Nymphæa pentapetala. Walt. f. car. 155. In North and South Carolina. 4. July. v.s. Flowers large, white.

A specimen seen in the collection of a gentleman in Carolina ascertains the existence of this formerly doubtful plant ; but unfortunately I took no notes at that time, being in expectation of seeing the

living plant.
reniformis. 3. C. foliis reniformibus, corolla polypetala.

Nelumbium reniforme. Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 1260.
Nymphæa reniformis. Walt. fl. car. 155.
In Carolina. Walter. 4. t. This is a doubtful species,

and probably a plant belonging to a different genus.


468. POTHOS. Gen. pl. 210.
1. P. acaulis ; foliis ovatis cordatis, spadice subgloboso.-

Mich. A. amer. 2. p. 186.
Dracontium fætidum. Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 288.
Icon. Bot. mag. 836. Catesb. car. 2. t. 71.
In low grounds, on the side of shady rivulets and springs :

Canada to Virginia. 4. Feb.-April. v.v. Leaves
large; flowers several, almost sessile on the ground,


of a singular shape, spotted yellow and brown; the
whole plant very fætid, from which it has the name
of Skunk-weed or Skunk-cabbage. It has four distinct,
truncated, fleshy petals, and four stamina to each germ,


469. CALLA. Gen. pl. 1388. 1. C. foliis subrotundo-cordatis acutis, spatha ovata cuspi

data.-- Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 290.
Icon. Fl. dan. 422.
In sphagnous swamps, on the mountains and near rivu-

lets : Canada to Pensylvania. 4. July, Aug. v.v.
Flowers white.

470. ARUM. Gen. pl. 1387. 1. A. acaule ; foliis hastato-cordatis acutis, lobis obtusis, virginicum.

spatha elongata incurva, spadice superne longius mas

culifloro.-- Willd. sp. pl. 4. p. 484. Calla virginica. Mich. f. amer. 2. p. 187. In overflowed places on the banks of rivers, among

Scirpi and Junci. 4. June, July. v. v. Spatha

long, involute, green, 2. A. acaule ; foliis subhastato-sagittatis, lobis oblongis, sagittifolium.

spatha cucullata superne ovali, spadice longo a medio

ad apicem masculifloro.
Calla sagittifolia. Mich. fi. amer. 2. p. 187.
Caladium sagittifolium. Willd. sp. pl. 4. p. 499?
On the banks of rivers and old swamps : Pensylvania to

Carolina. 2. July, Aug. v.v.
3. A. acaule ; foliis ternatis, foliolis ovatis acuminatis, spa- atrorubens.

dice cylindrico spatha sessili ovata acuminata horizon.

taliter patenti altiore.- Willd. sp. pl. 4. p. 48). Icon. Pluk. alm. t. 148. f. 6. bona. In swamps of Virginia and Maryland. 24. May, June.

v. v. Spatha dark brown, of a disagreeable smell.
4. A. subcaulescens ; foliis ternatis, foliolis ovatis acumina- triphyllum.

tis, spadice clavato spatha ovata acuminata plana pe-
dunculata dimidio breviore, floribus monoicis.-Willd.

sp. pl. 4. p. 480.
a. A, spatha virescente.

virens. Icon. Pluk. amalth. t. 376. f. 3. B.A. spatha atropurpurea.

atropurpu. Icon. Pluk. alm. 1.77. f. 5.

reum. In shady wet woods : Canada to Carolina. 4. June,

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