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pedunculis axillaribus folio longioribus, calycibus 5

partitis. In Georgia. Bartram. v. s. in Herb. Banks. 6. G. ramosissima; foliis lanceolatis serratis basi attenuatis

subpetiolatis, racemis terminalibus, floribus oppositis

bracteatis. In great abundance in the pine-forests of the Rocky

mountains. M. Lewis. Ķ. June. s. in Herb.

Fruter elegans 3-4-pedalis ramosissimus. Rami teretes,

dense foliosi, tenuissime pubescentes. Folia semun-
cialia, opposita, lanceolata, acuta, interdum obtusa
cum mucrone, superne acute serrata, inferne quasi in
petiolum attenuata, integerrima, utrinque glabra. Ra-
cemi terminales, simplices, erecti, bracteati. Flores
oppositi, pedicellati, magnitudine et colore Digitalis
purpurei. Bracteæ oppositæ, sessiles, oblongæ, acutæ,
integerrimæ, pedicellis vix breviores.

Calyr pro-
funde 5-partitus, basi unibracteolatus : laciniis lanceo.
latis, acutis. Bracteolæ lineares, calyce breviores.
Corollæ : Tubus calyce quadruplo longior, superne ven-
tricosus. Limbus patens, subæqualis, 5-fidus : La-
ciniis rotundatis. Filamenta tubo duplo breviora, imo
corollæ inserta. Antheræ oblongæ, hirsutissimæ. Sty-
lus longitudine tubi. Capsula......

** Fiores flavi.
7. G. pubescens; caulibus subsimplicibus, foliis subsessilibus

lanceolatis integerrimis vel dentatis, inferioribus sub-
pinnatifido-incisis, Aoribus axillaribus oppositis sub-

sessilibus.- Willd. sp. pl. 3.
Icon. Pluk. mant. t. 389. f. 3.
In dry shady and rocky woods : New England to Flori.

da. 4: July-Sept. v. v. Flowers large, and, as
all the following, yellow. It is seldom more than

two feet high.
8. G. glabra ; caule paniculato, foliis petiolatis pinnatifidis :

laciniis lanceolatis acutis integris vel postice inciso-
dentatis, summis lanceolatis integris, floribus axillari-

bus oppositis pedicellatis.
Rhinanthus virginicus. Willd. sp. pl. 3. p. 191.
Icon. Pluk. alm. t. 389.f. 1.
On the banks of rivers, in rich shady places : Pensylvania
to Carolina. 4. July, Aug. v. v.

From three to five feet high. This fine species bas been generally VOL. II.


P. 223.



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confounded with the foregoing one, but differs widely from it. The stem is smooth, purple, with a blue dew over it, and very much branched. The flowers are nearly the size, shape, and colour of the preceding species. The original specimen of Gronovius of Rhinurthus virginicus, in the Banksian Museum, is evi

dently our present plant. Pedicularia. 9. G. pubescens, brachiatim-paniculata ; foliis oblongis

duplicato-inciso-serratis pinnatifidisque, floribus axilJaribus oppositis pedicellatis, calycis laciniis foliaceis

inciso-dentatis.-Willd. sp. pl. 3. p. 223. Icon. Lam. illustr. t. 529. f.2. In dry shady woods : New York to Carolina. Ở June

--Aug. v. r. A very handsome species, of which

there are several very striking varieties. cassioides. 10. G. virgatim-paniculata; foliis setaceo-pinnatifidis : laci

niis linearibus.
G. Afzelia. Mich. fl. amer. 2. p. 20.
Afzelia cassioides. Gmel. syst. nat. 927.
Anonymos cassioides. Walt. fi. car. 171.
In dry sandy woods of Carolina and Georgia. 0. July,
Aug. v. s. Flowers small, yellow.

508. PEDICULARIS. Gen. pl. 1003. euphrasioides. 1. P. caule ramoso pubescente, foliis pinnatifidis dentatis,

calycibus tubulosis bipartitis truncatis, corollæ galea

bidentata. Willd. sp. pl. 3. p. 204. Icon. Houttuyn. linn. syst. 8. 1.57. In Labrador. Colmaster. 4. v. s. in Herb. Dickson,

Flowers yellow; from six to eight inches high. pallida. 2. P.caule ramoso elato glabro, foliis suboppositis lanceolatis

crenatis dentatis, spica aphylla glabra, corolla galea

obtusa, calyce bifido rotundato.- Herb. Banks. P. virginica. Lam. encycl. 5. p. 126. In swamps, on lime-stone soil : Virginia. Lamarck. In

a swamp near King's-bridge, New York. Ph. 4. July, Aug. v. v. ; v. s. in Herb. Banks. Flowers yellow; grows upwards of three feet high. I considered this species to be the Rhinanthus virginicus, which Linnæus had adopted from Gronovius's Flora Virginica ; but on examining the Gronovian Herbarium in the Banksian Museum, I found his Rhinanthus

to be the Gerardia quercifolia. lancecluta, 3. P. caule simplici, foliis lanceolatis inciso-dentatis, spica




aphylla, calycibus glabris, capsulis brevibus. Mich.
f. amer. 2. p. 18.
In the Illinois country. Michaux. 4.
4. P. caule simplici, foliis lanceolatis pinnatifidis dentatis,

spica foliosa alterniflora hirsuta, capsulis in mucro.
nem gladiatum exertum protractis.- Mich. 1. amer. 3.

p. 18.
In rich soil, in grassy moist places : Pensylvania to Vir-

ginia. 4. May, June. v. v. Flowers yellow, tinged

with purple ; sometim's a foot high.
5. P. caule simplici, foliis pinnatifidis inciso-dentatis, ca.

pitulo basi folioso birsuto, corollis galea se:aceo-bideri-
tata, calycibus deorsum truncatis.-Willd. sp. pl. 3.

p. 211.
In woods and meadows: Canada to Carolina. 4. May

- July. v.v. About a span high ; flowers yellowish

white, with a tinge of purple. 6. P. caule simplici glabro, foliis lanceolatis dentatis cre

natis, calycibus bifidis truncatis, corollæ galea acuta.

Willd. sp. pl. 3. p. 206.
Icon. Gmel. fi. sib. 3. t. 44.
In Canada. 4. July. V.S. About a foot high ; flow-

ers deep purple.
7. P. caule simplici, foliis profunde pinnatifidis, pinnis lan-

ceolatis pinnatifidis dentatis, spica compacta foliosa,
calycibus glabris quinquedentatis, corollæ galea obtu-

sissima. Willd. sp. pl. 3. p. 210.
Icon. Jacq. fl. austr. 259.
On the north-west coast. A. Menzies ; and probably

throughout Canada. 4. July. v.s. in Herb. Bunks.

Flowers purple.
8. P. caule simplici, foliis profunde pinnatifidis, pinnis li-

neari-lanceolatis crenatis, spica laxa subfoliosa, calyci.
bus glabris 5-dentatis, corolla galea obtusa truncata.

Willd. sp. pl. 3. p. 210.
In low plains, on the waters of Clarck's river. 11. Lewis.

4. July. v. s. in Herl. Lewis. Near two teet high ;

flowers purple. 9. P. caule simplici, foliis pinnatifidis, pinnis serratis, ca

lycibus bifidis oblongis, corollæ galea uncinata trunca.

ta. Willd. sp. pl. 3. p. 207.
Icon. Fl. dan. 2. Fl. lapp. t. 4. f.!.
In Labrador. Colmaster. 4. Jurly. v. s. in Herb.
Dickson. Flowers yellow.




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