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corruptible, and particularly calculated for posts of gates and fences. It is universally known by the name

of False Acacia, in America Locust-free. 2. R. foliis impari-pinnatis, racemis axillaribus erectis con

fertioris, calycibus acuminatis, ramis petiolis pedun-
culis leguminibusque glanduloso-viscosis.-Willd. sp.

pl. 3. p. 1131.
R. glutinosa. Bot. mag. 560.
Icon. Vent. desc. pl. nov. t. 4. Duham. arb. ed. nov. 17.
On the banks of rivers in South Carolina, particularly

on the Savannah. h. June, July. v. v. Flowers
pale red, with white. This tree is highly ornamental;
but its creeping roots are a great nuisance in small

plantations. 3. R. foliis impari-pinnatis : foliolis rotundato-ovalibus mu

cronatis, racemis axillaribus suberectis, calycibus acu-
minatis, caule subinermi, ramis pedunculis calycibus

leguminibusque hispidis.-Willd. sp. pl. 3. p. 1132.
R. montana. Bartr. catal.
R. rosea. Duham, arb. ed. nov. 18.
Icon. Bot. mag.311. Schmidt arb. 31. Catesb. car. 3. -

1. 20. Mill. ic. 244.
B. R. foliolis plerumque alternis, ramulis glabriusculis.
On the high mountains of Virginia and Carolina. n.

May-Sept. v. v. Flowers large, a beautiful rosecolour, inodorous. This elegant little shrub is one of the highest ornaments of our gardens and plantations. The var. B. is less hispid, and grows to a considerable large upright shrub, whereas the original hispida is a low straggling plant.



589. INDIGOFERA. Gen. pl. 1205. 1. I. hervacea, erecta ; foliis pinnatis : foliolis obovalibus,

spicis folio longioribus pedunculatis, floribus distantibus, leguminibus pendulis subdispermis reticulatovenosis.-Walt. A. car. 187. Mich. f. amer. 2.

P. 68.

In sandy fields : Carolina to Florida. 4. v. s. Flowers blue.


Pers. syn. 2.

p. 329. 1. T. erecta, candicanti-villosa ; foliolis (17—21) ovali. virginiana.

oblongis acuminatis, racemo terminali brevi subsessili,
leguminibus retrofalcatis villosis, calycibus lanatis.-

Pers. syn. 2. p. 329.
Galega virginiana. Pluk. alm. t. 23. f. 2.
In sandy and dry woods : Canada to Florida. 4. June,

July. v. v. About a foot high ; Rowers very hand

some, rose-coloured and yellowish white. 2. T. prostrata, pubescens; foliis pinnatis quinis subsessili- chrysophylla. ·

bus : foliolis cuneato-obovatis obtusissimis supra gla-
bris, subtus sericeis, pedunculis oppositifoliis elonga-

tis sub-3-floris, leguminibus rectiusculis.
Galega villosa. Mich. fl. amer. 2. p. 67?
In Georgia. Enslen. 4. July, Aug. v. $. in Herl.

Enslen. Flowers purple. The singular circumstance
of the nearly sessile leaves, gives it the appearance of
a trifoliate plant, the lower pair representing stipulæ.
Though Michaux's description answers very well in
any other respect, I was led to doubt by his not men-
tioning the number of leaves, which is one of the

most striking characters. 3. T. gracilis, humifusa, pubescens ; foliolis (13—15) ob- hispidula.

longo-ellipticis truncato-obtusis mucronatis, peduncu-
lis oppositifoliis elongatis 3-5-floris, leguminibus ob.

longis falcatis bispidis.
Galega hispidula. Mich. fl. amer. 2. p. 68.
Galega spicata. Walt. fl. car. 188.
In pine-woods and on slate-bills : Virginia to Georgia.

4. July-Sept. v.v. Flowers pale red.


591. LOTUS. Gen. pl. 1212.
1. L. foliis ternatis subsessilibus oblongis acutis sericeo-vii-

Josis, pedunculis axillaribus unifloris folio longioribus,
flore unibracteato, calycinis laciniis linearibus, legu-

mine glabro longissimo.
On the banks of the Missouri. O. v. s. Flowers




592. MEDICAGO. Gen. pl. 1214. 1. M. spicis ovalibus, leguminibus reniformibus monosper

mis stipulis integerrimis, foliolis obovatis, caulibus procumbentibus.-Willd. sp. pl. 3. p. 1406. Icon, Schkuhr handb. t. 212. In gravelly soil, on road sides : Canada to Carolina. O.

June-Sept. v.v. Flowers small, yellow. 2. M. pedunculis subbifloris, leguminibus cochleatis ovali.

bus, aculeis pubescentibus setaceis distichis adpressis,
stipulis ciliato-dentatis, foliolis obovatis dentatis.-

Willd. sp. pl. 3. p. 1411.
M. polymorpha intertexta. Sp. pl. 1098.
Icon. Schkuhr handb. 212. b.
In sandy fields : Carolina. July, Aug. v.v. Flowers


Nole.-In addition to the observations under Psoralea

esculenta, p. 475. it may be interesting to state, that A. B. Lambert, Esq. raised in the summer of 1812 a number of plants, the seeds of which were taken out of a specimen collected in the year 1805 by M. Lewis, Esq. Also, that this highly interesting plant is now growing at Messrs. Frasers, Sloane Square.



* Ligulate. 593. CICHORIUM. Recept. subpaleaceum. Pappus po

lyphyllus, paleaceus. Cal. calyculatus. 594. APARGIA. Recept. nudum. Pappus plumosus, ses

silis. Cal. imbricatus. 595. SCORZONERA, Recept, nudum. Pappus plumo

sus, substipitatus. Cal. imbricatus, squamis mar

gine scariosis. 596. LĒONTODON. Recept, nudum. Pappus plumo

sus, stipitatus. Cal. imbricatus, squamis laxiusculis. 597. CHONDRILLA. Recept. nudum. Pappus pilosus,

stipitatus. Cal. calyculatus. Flosculi multiplici se.

rie. Semn, rugosa. 598. PRENANTHES. Recept, nudum. Pappus simplex,

subsessilis. Cal. calyculatus. Flosculi simplici serie. 599. LACTUCA. Recept. nudum. Puppus simplex, sti.

pitatus. Cal. imbricatus, cylindricus, margine mem

branaceo. Sem. lævia. 600. SONCHUS. Recept. nudum. Pappus pilosus, ses.

silis. Cal. imbricatus, ventricosus. 601. HIERACIUM. Recept. nudiusculum. Pappus sim

plex, sessilis. Cal. imbricatus, ovatus. 602. KRIGIA. Recept. nudum. Pappus membranaceus,

5-phyllus, setis 5. iterstinctis. Cal. polyphyllus, sim

plex. 603. HYOSERIS. Recept. nudum. Pappus duplex : ex

terior capillaceus; interior paleaceo-aristatus. Cal.

calyculatus. 604. TROXIMON. Recept. nudum, puncticulatum. Pap

pus pilosus, sessilis. Cal. oblongus, conicus, sim. plex, aut squamis inæqualibus imbricatus.

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** Flosculosa. 605. STOKESIA. Recept. nudum. Pappus 4-setosus. Cal.

foliaceus, subimbricatus. Cor. radiata : corollulis

radii infundibuliformibus, irregularibus. 600. ARCTIUM. Recept. paleaceum. Pappus setoso

paleaceus. Cal. globosus : squamis apice hamis in

Alexis. 607. CNICUS. Recept. villosum. Pappus plumosus. Cal.

imbricatus, ventricosus. 608. CARDUUS Recept. villosum. Pappus capillaris.

Cal. imbricatus, ventricosus. 609. LIATRIS. Recept. nudum. Puppus plumosus, colo.

ratus. Cal. oblongus, imbricatus. 610. VERNONIA. Recept. nudum. Pappus duplex : ex

terior paleaceus, brevis; interior capillaris. Cal.

ovatus, imbricatus. 611. KUHNIA. Recept. nudum. Pappus plumosus. Cal.

imbricatus, cylindraceus. 612. EUPATORIUM. Recept. nudum. Pappus pilosus.

Cul. imbricatus, cylindricus. Stylus semibifidus,

longus. 613. MKANIA. Recept. n'dum. Pappus pilosus s. plu

Cal. 4-6-phyllus, 4-6-furus. Stylus se. mibifidus, longus. 614. CHRYSOCOMA. Recept. nudum. Pappus pilosus.

Cal. imbricatus. Stylus vix flosculis longior, 615. CACALIA. Recepl. nudum. Pappus pilosus. Cal,

cylindricus, basi calyculatus.
616. SPARGANOPHORUS. Recept. nudum. Sem. co-

ronatum cupula subcartilaginea, integerrima, nitida.
Cal. subglobusus, imbricatus : squamis apice recur-

617. HYMENOPAPPUS. Recept. nudum. Pappus po.

lyphyllus, paleaceus. Cal. polyphyllus, patens.
618. MÉLANANTHERA. Recept. paleaceum: paleis

fosculos inferne amplexantibus. Pappus aristis ina-
qualibus, 4-5-inermibus. Cal. imbricatus : squamis

ovatis, appressis, subæqualibus.
619. MARSHALLIA. Recept. paleaceum. Puppus paleis

5. membranaceis, acuminatis. Cal. imbricatus : squa

mis sublanceolatis incumbentibus.
620. SANTOLINA. Recept. paleaceum. Pappus nullus,

Cal. imbricatus, hemisphæricus : squamis carinatis
apice scariosis.


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