Sivut kuvina


In woods and dry swamps : Canada to Carolina. 4.

Aug.--Oct. v.v. Resembles H. decapetalus. About

three feet high. 6. H. glaberrimus ; caule paniculato, ramis summitate longifolius.

paucifloris, foliis subsessilibus longissime-lanceolatis
triplinervibus integerrimis, inferioribus serratis, caly-
cinis squamis ovatis acutis, exterioribus linearibus di-

In the western parts of Georgia. Lyon. 4. Aug.-

Oct. From four to seven feet high ; stem dark
purple and very smooth ; fowers middle size.

** Foliis superiorilus allernis, 7. H. foliis alternis lanceolatis serratis scabris obsolete tri- giganteus,

plinervibus utrinque attenuatis subsessilibus basi cilia-
tis, calycinis squamis lanceolatis ciliatis.

Willd. sp.
pl. 3. p. 2242
In dry swamps and on mountain meadows: Canada to

Carolina. 4. Aug. -Oct. v. v. A tall, rough-
looking plant ; horses are fond of its young shoots.

Stems rough and green.
8. H. foliis alternis ovato-lanceolatis serratis scabris tripli.

altissimus nervibus, apice attenuatis petiolatis, petiolis ciliatis, calycinis squamis lanceolatis ciliatis. Willd. sp. pl. 3.

p. 2243.
Icon. Jacq. hort. vind. t. 160.

copses and mountain meadows : Pensylvania to Caro-
lina. 4. July-Sept. v. v. Resembles the pre-
ceding ; stems smooth and purple; the chaff of the
receptacle is green in this species, but black in the pre-

9. H. foliis ovatis acuminatis serratis triplinervibus subtus

strumosus. scabris, calycinis squamis lineari-lanceolatis basi cili

atis. Willd. sp. pl. 3. p. 2242. Icon. Bocc. sic, t. 27. f. 4.

In Canada and New England. 4. Aug.–Oct. v. v. 10. H. caule debili prostrato, foliis lanceolatis acuminatis prostratus.

scauris serratis triplinervibus, superioribus integerrimis,
calycinis squamis lanceolatis ciliatis.-Willd. sp. pl. 3.

p. 2242.

In North America. Willdenow. 4. t. 11. H. foliis ovatis acuminatis remote serratis triplinervibus decapetalus.

scabris, calycinis squamis lanceolatis subæqualibus

V. V.

subciliatis, radiis denis duodenisve.-Willd. sp. pl. 3.

p. 2241. Iconi Rol. ic. 235. In dry stony soil, in woods, and on road sides : Canada to Virginia. 4. Aug.-Oct.

About three or four feet high. Resembles the following. multiflorus. 12. H. foliis triplinervibus scabris, inferioribus cordatis, su

perioribus ovatis, radio multifloro, calycinis squamis

lanceolatis. Willd. sp. pl. 3. p. 2239.
Icon. Bot. mag. 227.

Pluk. phytogr. t. 159.f.2.
In dry mountain woods : Pensylvania to Carolina. 4.

July-Sept. v.v. mollis.

13. H. foliis ovatis acuminatis triplinervibus adpresso-serratis

supra scabris, subtus cano-pubescentibus mollissimis, calycinis squamis lanceolatis adpressis. Willd, enum.

920. Willd. sp. pl. 3. p. 2240. H. tomentosus. Mich. f. amer. 2. p. 141. In exsiccated swamps : Pensylvania and Virginia. 4.

July-Oct. v. v. Leaves very rough on the upper

surface, and soft underceath. macrophyllus.

14. H. foliis ovatis acuminatis triplinervibus serratis supra

scabris, subtus cano-pubescentibus, calycinis squamis linearibus squarrosis.

Willd. hort. berol. 70. cum icone. In Pensylvania and Virginia, on the borders of woods.

4. Aug.-Oct. v. v. angustifolius. 15. H. caulibus gracilibus subunifloris, foliis linearibus mar

gine revolutis asperis.—Willd. sp. pl. 3. p. 2244.
Rudbeckia angustifolia. Willd. sp. pl. 3. p. 2250.
Icon. Mill. ic. t. 224. f. 2.
In cedar-swamps : New Jersey to Florida. 4. Sept.-

Nov. v, v. Rays deep yellow, disk brown.


656. GALARDIA. Gen. pl. 1323. 1. G. caule ramoso, foliis amplexicaulibus lanceolatis inci.

so-dentatis obtusis, paleis pappi integerrimis aristatis,

- Willd. sp. pl. 3. p. 2245.
G. lanceolata. Mich. fl. amer. 2. p. 142.
Gaillarda pulchella. Fougerour act. par. 1785.
Colonnea pulcherrima. Buchoz. ic. i. 126.
Virgilia helioides. L'Herit. monog. Smith exot, bot,

P: 71.1.37.

V. V.



Leysera caroliniana. Walt. A. car. 211. secundum Herb.
Icon. Lam. illustr. t. 708.
In dry sandy soil : Carolina to Florida. 0. July, Aug.

About two feet high ; flowers large and very
showy; rays orange with red towards the base, disk

dark purple with orange. 2. G. caule simplicissimo unifloro, foliis radicalibus obova.

tis, caulinis linearibus, paleis pappi laceris. Willd.

sp. pl. 3. p. 2246. In open swamps of Carolina and Florida. Michaux.

t. 3. G. hirsutissima, scabra ; caule ramoso, foliis lineari.

lanceolatis sessilibus, paleis pappi (5-7) ovato-lan

ceolatis longissime aristatis. On dry hills on the Rocky-mountains. M. Lewis. .

v. s. in Herb. Lewis. Flowers orange-coloured. Planın hirsutissima. Caulis erectus, teres, ramosus.

Rami uniflori. Folia caulina alterna, longe-lineari-
lanceolata, sessilia, scabra, hirsutissima. Calyr sub-
imbricatus, polyphyllus : foliolis lineari-oblongis, acu-
tissimis, disco duplo longioribus, margine coloratis.
Corollulæ: Radii circiter 12. obcuneatæ, 3-fidæ :
Jaciniis oblongis, subæqualibus, obtusiusculis; Disci
tubulosæ, 5-fidæ : laciniis extus purpurascentibus hir-
sutissimis. Receptaculum in ambitu subpaleaceun,
centro setosum. Pappus : paleis 5—7. scariosis, ova-
tis, longissime-setaceo-aristatis.

657. RUDBECKIA. Gen. pl. 1324. 1. R. aspera; foliis inferioribus lato-ovatis basi attenuatis

purpurea. remote dentatis, caulinis lanceolato-ovatis utrinque acuminatis subintegerrimis, radiis longissimis depen

dentibus bifidis.-Willd. sp. pl. 3. p 2249. Icon. Bot. mag. 2.

Catesb. car.

t. 59. Pluk. alm. t. 21. f.1. In the mountains : Virginia to Florida. 4. Aug.-

Oct. A highly ornamental perennial ; Aowers

large, rays purple, disk brown. 2. R. glabra ; foliis oblongo-lanceolatis cordatis amplexi. amplexifolia,

caulibus, inferioribus serratis, disco cylindraceo coni

co.-Willd. sp. pl. 3. p. 2249. R. amplexicaulis. Vahl in act. soc. nat. scrut. haf. 2.

p. 29. t. 4.

V. V.





R. perfoliata. Cav. ic. 3. p. 27. t. 252.
Icon. Jacq. ic. rar. 3. t. 592.
In Lower Louisiana, on the banks of the Mississippi.

O. July, Aug. v. v. Flowers deep yellow.
3. R. undique glaberrima ; caule lævigato paniculato, ra-

mis corymbosis, pedunculis elongatis unifloris, foliis ovato-lanceolatis utrinque acuminatis triplinervibus integerrimis aut dente uno alterove instructis lævigatis,

calycinis foliolis lanceolatis longitudine radii. In Georgia. Lyon. 4. v. s. in Herb. Lambert. Rays

pale yellow, short. 4. R. ramis corymbosis unifloris, pedunculis nudis elonga

tis, foliis lanceolatis strigoso-pilosis subintegerrimis, calycinis foliolis ovatis acutis, petalis lanceolatis inte.

gerrimis discoloribus longitudine calycis. In Florida. Bartram. 4. v.s. in Herb. Banks. Flow

ers small, rays yellow, and deep orange or purple un

derneath. 4. R. gracilis, pubescens ; caulibus unifloris, foliis obovato

spathulatis integerrimis, calyce patulo imbricato, ra

diis tridentatis.- Willd. sp. pl. 3. p. 2249. R. gracilis. Herb. Banks. mss. In the mountains of Carolina. Michaur. In Florida.

Bartram. ģ. July, Aug. v. s. in Herb. Banks. 5. R. caule hispido, ramis elongatis corynibosis unifloris,

foliis lanceolato-oblongis serratis hispidis, disco sub-
henvisphærico, paleis pappi subulatis aristatis.--Herb.

Banks. mss.
In South Carolina. v. s. in Herl. Banks. Flowers

small, deep yellow.
6. R. caule hispido, ramis virgatim elongatis unifloris, fo.

liis oblongo-lanceolatis denticulatis hispidis basi angustatis subcordatis, calyce foliaceo raclium subæquante, disco hemisphærico, paleis lanceolatis.-Willd. sp. pl.

3. p. 2248. In mountain meadows and woods : Pensylvania to Caro

lina. 4. July--Oct. v. v. Rays dark orange-co

loured, disk deep purple. 7. R. hirsatissima ; caulibus virgatis subramosis unifloris,

pedunculo nudo, foliis ovato-spathulatis triplinervibus serratis hirtis, calyce foliaceo radium subæquante, disco

conico, paleis lanceolatis.--Willd. sp. pl. 3. p. 2248. Icon. Dill. elth. t. 218. f. 285. Pluk. alm. t. 242. f. 2.





In the mountains : Virginia to Florida. 8. July

Sept. v.v. Resembles the preceding; rays yellow,

disk dark brown. 8. R. caule inferne hispido, superne glabro nudiusculo, pe. Radula.

dunculis longissimis unifloris, foliis ovatis attenuatis
tuberculatis hispidis, calycibus imbricatis, squamis

ovatis acuminatis ciliatis. In Georgia. Bartram. ., v. s. in Herb. Banks. 9. R. hispido-pilosa; caule paniculato, ramis divaricatis triloba.

multiforis foliosis, foliis lanceolatis utrinque acumina-
tis serratis, interioribus trilobis, calycinis foliolis line-
aribus deflexis longitudine radii.- Willd. sp. pl. 3.

p. 2247.
Icon. Pluk, alm. 22. f. 2.
In the Virginia and Carolina mountains. 4. Aug.

Sept. v.v. About four or five feet bigh ; flowers

small, pale yellow. 10. R. brevi pubescentia subtomentosa; caule ramoso, ra- subtomentosa.

niis erectis multifloris, foliis oblongo-lanceolatis acu.
tis subserratis, inferioribus trilobis, calycinis foliolis

incumbentibus radio brevioribus.
R. triloba B. Mich. fl. amer. 2. p. 144.
In mountain meadows : Virginia and Illinois. 4. Aug.

Sept. v.v. Not near so high as the preceding, from
which it is very distinct, though Michaux considers it

only a variety. 11. R. caule stricto simplici summitate paucifloro, peduncu- columnaris.

lis elongatis, foliis pinnatifidis incisis, laciniis lineari..
bus, calyce simplici 5-phyllo, radiis 5-8., disco cy-

lindraceo elong ito,
R. columnifera. Fraser caíal. 1813.
On the Missouri. The singular appearance of the

receptacle of this plant distinguishes it from all the

other known species. 12. R. foliis inferioribus pinnatis, pinnis 3-lobis, summis laciniata.

ovatis, pappo crenato, caule glabro. Schrad. new.

journ. 2. p. 61. Willd. enum. 921.
Icon. Moris. hist. 3. s. 6. t. 6 f. 53. Corn. canad. t. 179.
On the edges of swamps and ditches : Cavada to Vir-

ginia. 4. Aug.-Cct. v. v. From tive to ten

feet high. 13. R. foliis inferioribus pinnatis, pinnis pinnatifidis, supe- digitata.

rioribus simplicibus pinnatis, summis 3-fidis, pappo

V S.

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