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726. STRUTHIOPTERIS. Willd. in mag. ges. nat. fr. %.

berl. 1809. p. 160. pensylvanica. 1. S. frondibus sterilibus bipinnatifidis, laciniis integerri

mis obtusis, infima elongata acuta. Willd. sp. pl. 5.

p. 289. Onoclea nodulosa. Schkuhr filic. p. 96. t. 104. In Pensylvania. Muhlenberg. 4. t. Resembles

S. germanica.

727. ASPLENIUM. Swartz. synop. filic. p. 4. rhizophyllum. 1. A. frondibus lanceolatis stipitatis subcrenatis, basi auri

culato.cordatis, apice longissimo lineari-filiforme radi.

cante. Willd. sp. pl. 5. p. 305.
Ic»n. Pluk. alm. t. 105.f.3. Petiv. gazoph. t. 105.6.7.

Moris. hist. 3, s. 14. 1.5. f. 14.
On wet shady rocks : Canada to Carolina. 4. July.

This fern is highly ornamental to rock-works, and very singular in its striking root at the elongated

points of the leaves. angustifoli- 2. A. frondibus pinnatis, pinnis alternis, superioribus sub

oppositis, lineari-lanceolatis subrepandis, basi superiore truncatis, inferiore leviter rotundatis. Willd. sp. pl.5.



p. 313.


A. pycnocarpon. Sprengel. anleit. 3. p. 112.
Icon. Schkuhr filic. t. 07. & 69. Moris. hist. 3, s. 14.

t. 2. f. 25.
In shady woods, on the banks of rivers : western parts

of New York and Pensylvania. 2. July. N. v. A

very elegant fern about a foot high. 3. A. frondibus pinnatis, pinnis sessilibus lanceolatis serru

latis basi cordatis, sursum auriculatis. Willd. sp. pl. 5.

A. polypodioides. Swartz. synop. filic. 79. & 272.
A. trichomanoides. Mich. A. amer. 2. p. 265.
Acrostichum platyneuron. Sp. pl. 1527. excl. synon.
Icon. Schkuhr filic. t. 73. Pluk. alm. t. 287. f. 2. et

t. 89. f. 8. Moris. hist. 3. s. 14. t. 2. f. 12.
In clefis of rocks: New England to Carolina. 4. July.
v. v.

A small species. 4. A. frondibus pinnatis, pinnis subrotundis obtusis crepa.

tis basi cuneatis, stipite discolore. Willd. enum. 1072. Willd. sp. pl. 5. p. 332.



A. trichomanes. Mich. A. amer. 2. p. 264.
On rocks: Canada to Carolina. 4. July. 7. v. Very

small : stem polished, black. 5. A. frondibus pinnatis, pinnis sessilibus lanceolatis acu- thelypierioi

minatis profunde pinnatifilis, Jaciniis oblongis obtusis des.
obtuse-serratis, soris parallelis demum confuentibus.

-Willd. sp. pl. 5. p. 336.
A. acrostichoides. Swarlz. synop. filic. 82. & 275.
Icon. Schkuhr filic. t. 76. b.
In shady woods on the sides of rivulets : Pensylvania to

Carolina. 4. July. v. v. Resembles Aspidium
Thelypteris very much; it is from eighteen inches to

two feet high. 6. A. frondibus basi bipinnatis, apice simpliciter pinnatis, Rula mura.

pinnulis rhombeo-oblongis obtusis, apice obtuse denti. ria.

culatis. Willd. sp. pl. 5. p. 341. Icon. Schkuhr filic. t. 80. l. Fl. dan. 190. In clefts of rocks: New York to Carolina. 4. July.

The American plant is very small, scarcely ever exceeding an inch or two in height. 7. A. frondibus glabris bipinnatis, pinnulis lanceolatis pin- montanum.

natifidis, laciniis tri- vel bidentatis.-Willd. sp. pl. J.

p. 342.
A. Adiantum nigrum. Mich.fl. amer. 2. p. 265.
In clefts of rocks, on the mountains of Virginia and Ca-

rolina. 4. July. v. v. A much smaller plant than
A. nigrum, to which it has some resemblance.


728. SCOLOPENDRIUM. Smith act. taur. 5. p. 410. 1. S. frondibus lato-lanceolatis basi cordatis, stipite paleaceo. officinarum.

Willd. sp. pl. 5. p. 348.
Asplenium Scolopendrium. Sp. pl. 1537.
Icon. Schkuhr filic. t. 83. Pluk. phytogr. 6. 248. f.1.
In shady woods, among loose rocks in the western parts

New York, near Onondago, on the plantations of
J. Geddis, Esq. 4. July. v.v. This species I have
seen in no other place but that here mentioned, nei-
ther have I had any information of its having been
found in any other part of North America.


V. V.

729. PTERIS. Gen. pl. 1626. pedata. 1. P. frondibus profundissime quinquelobo-palınatis, lobis

pinnatifidis, laciniis lineari-lanceolatis acutis, infima lobi intermedii utrinque pinnatifida, lobo intermedio basi longissime cuneato, sinubus acutis.-Willd. sp.

pl. 5. p. 358.
Icon. Schkuhr filic. 1. 100. Plum. amer. t. 34. fil. t. 152.

Petiv. filic. t. 8. f. 12. Pluk. alm. 1.286.f.5.
On rocks : Virginia. 4. July. v. s. About six inches

high. atropurpurea. 2. P. frondibus pinnatis, pinnis inferioribus ternatis pinna

tisve lanceolatis obtusis, basi obluse truncatis subcor

datisve. Willd. sp. pl. 5. p. 375.
Q. P. pinnulis subtus venosis, siipite angulato.

Icon. Schkuhr filic. l. 101. Pluk. mont. 1.349. f. 1. punctata. B. P. pinnulis subtus punctatis, stipite terete.

P. spiculata. Schhuhr filic. t. 100.
In cleft, of rocks : Pensylvania to Carolina. 4. July.

About a span high; grayish-green with dark

purple stems. gracilis. 3. P. frondibus pinnatis, pinnis lanceolatis obtusis alternis

sessilibus, inferioribus pinnatifidis, fertilibus integerrimis, sterilibus crenatis rotundato-obtusis. Willd. sp.

pl. 5. p. 376. On rocks in Canada. Michaur. 4. July. v. S. Not

above four inches high ; stems yellowish-green,

smooth and shining. caudata. 4. P. fronde pinnato tripartita, ramis sterilibus bipinnatis,

pinnulis linearibus elongatis obtusis integerrimis, inferioribus bipinnatifidis, fructificantibus pinnatis, pinnis remotiusculis inferioribus basi pinnatifido-den

tatis.- Willd. sp. pl. 5. p. 401. Icon. Jacq. ic. rar. 3. 6. 645. Plum. amer. t. 22. filic. In shady stony woods, on the side of rivulets : Pensyl

vania to Carolina. 4. Aug. aquilina. 5. P. fronde pinnato-tripartita, ramis sterilibus bipinnatis,

pinnis lineari-lanceolatis obtusis pinnatifido-dentatis, fructificantibus pinnatis, pinnulis pinnatifidis, laciniis acutiusculis, omnibus ciliatis.- Willd. sp. pl. 5.

p. 402. Icon. Schkuhr filic. l. 95. 96. b. Plum. filic. t. A. f. 1. In dry barren woods : Canada to Florida. 4. Aug.

t. 29.

V. V.

V. V.

It deviates in some respects from the European plant, but is not sufficiently distinct to form a separate species, as it is well known how niuch the European species itself assumes different appearances in different soils.

730. VITTARIA. Smith act, taur. 5. p. 413. t. 9. f. 5. 1. V. frondibus linearibus longissimis pendulis, soris soli.

lineata. tariis intra marginalibus. Willd. sp. pl. 5. p. 404. V. angustifrons. Mich. fl. amer.

2. p. 261. Iteris lineata. Sp. pl. 1530. Icon. Schkuhr filic. t. 101. b. Plum. amer. t. 41. filic.

t. 143. Petiv. filic. 1. 14. f. 3. On the banks of ihe rivulet disa-hatcha, Florida. Michaux. 4. t.

The leaves resemble those of a common grass.

731. BLECHNUM. Gen. pl. 1627. 1. B. frondibus sterilibus pinnatifidis, laciniis lanceolatis

boreale. obtusiusculis parallelis, fructiferis pinnatis, pinnis li

nearibus acuminatis. Willd. sp. pl. 5. p. 408.
B. Spicant. Roth.fl. germ. 3. p. 44.
Onuclea Spicant. Hoffm.fl. germ. 2. p.11.
Osmunda Spicant. Sp. pl. 1522.
Icon. Schkuhr filic. t. 110. Fl.dan. 99. Bolt. filic. t. 6.

Moris. hist. 3. s. 14. t. 2. f. 23.
On the north-west coast. M. Lewis. 4. Aug.

in Herb. Lewis. 2. B. frondibus pinnatis, pinnis lanceolatis utrinque atte- serrulatum.

nuatis basi decurrentibus argute serratis.

pl.5. p.411. On the banks of the rivulet Aisa-hatcha, Florida. Mi

chaux. 4. t. 732. WOODWARDIA. Smith act. taur. 5. p.411.

1.9. f. 5. 1. W. frondibus sterilibus pinnatifidis, laciniis lanceolatis onocleoides

repandis tenuissime serrulatis, fructiferis pinnatis, pin.
nis linearibus integerrimis acutis. Willd. sp. pl. 5.

p. 416.
W. angustifolia. Smith act. taur. 5. p. 411.
W. floridana, Schkuhr filic. p. 103. 1. 111,
Onoclea nodulosa. Mich. f. amer. 2. p. 272. Swartx.

synop. filic. 111.

V. S.

Willd. sp,

Acrostichum areolatum. Sp. pl. 1526.
Osmunda caroliniaga. Walt. fl. car, 257.
Icon. Schkuhr l.c. Pluk. phytogr. t. 399. f. 1. Moris.

hist. 3. s. 14. t. 2. f. 24.
In cedar and cypress-swamps : New Jersey to Florida.

4. Aug. v.v. About a foot high. virginica. 2. W. frondibus glaberrimis pinnatis, pinnis sessilibus lan

ceolatis pinnatifidis, laciniis oblongis obtusis crenulatis,
fructiferis elongatis, stipite glabro tereti.-Willd. sp.

pl. 5. p. 418.
W. Banisteriana. Mich. ft. amer. 2. p. 263.
Blechnum virginicum. Mant. 307.
Blechnum carolinianum. Walt. fl. car. 257.
Icon. Pluk. alm. t. 179. f. 2.
In swamps and shady woods : Virginia and Carolina. 4.

July. v.v. Above a foot high. thelypterioi. 3. W. frondibus pinnatis, pinnis sessilibus basi villosis lides.

neari-lanceolatis pinnatifidis, laciniis sterilium oblongis obtusiusculis, fertilium abbreviato-triangularibus acu

tis, omnibus integerrimis, stipite pubescente angulato. In sandy swamps : South Carolina, near Charlestown.

4. July. v. v. Resembles the preceding, but is not half the size.

733. ADIANTUM. Gen. pl. 1633.


1. A. fronde pedata, ramis pinnatis, pinnis dimidiatis ob

longis lunatis margine superiore incisis, laciniis sterilibus dentatis, fertilibus integerrimis, soris linearibus,

stipite glabro. Willd. sp. pl. 5. p. 438.
Icon. Schkuhr filic. t. 115. Pluk. alm. t. 124. f. 2.

Corn. canad. t. 6.
In shady woods : Canada to Virginia. 4. July. v. v.

A very elegant fern.


734. CHEILANTHES. Swartz. synop. filic. p. 5. 1. C. frondibus bipinnatis utrinque hirtis, pinnulis pinnati

fidis, laciniis oblongis obtusis integerrimis, stipite ra.

chibusque birtis. Willd. sp. pl. 5. p. 458.
Adiantum vestitum. Sprengel. anleit. 3. p. 122.
Aspidium lanosum. Swartz. synop. filic. p. 58.
Nephrodium lanosum. Mich. f. amer. 2. p. 270.
Icon. Schkuhr filic. t. 124,

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