Encyclopedia of Invasive Species: Animals


This two-volume set provides a one-stop resource on invasive plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms that are threatening native ecosystems, agriculture, economies, and human health in the United States.

* 79 entries on animal species and 89 entries on plants, including some fungi and microorganisms

* State-by-state lists of invasive animals and plants designated as noxious or invasive

* Maps accompany each entry, depicting the organism's original habitat and the regions to which it has now spread

* Tables on pathways of introduction and impacts of invasive plants

* Hundreds of photographs of featured plants, animals, and fungi

* A glossary of terms related to the biology and ecology of invasive species

* Appendixes containing information on organizations and legislation related to the prevention or control of invasive species


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Susan L. Woodward is professor emerita of geography in the School of Environmental and Physical Sciences, Radford University, VA, where she previously taught courses in biogeography and human ecology.

Joyce A. Quinn is professor emerita of geography, retired from California State University, Fresno, CA, where she taught a number of courses in physical geography and cartography.

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