Japan's Accession to the Community of Nations

K. Paul, Trench, Trubner & Company, Limited, 1901 - 119 sivua

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Sivu 108 - The subjects of each of the High Contracting Parties shall enjoy in the dominions and possessions of the other exemption from all transit duties, and a perfect equality of treatment with native subjects in all that relates to warehousing, bounties, facilities, and drawbacks.
Sivu 100 - ... any prohibition be maintained or imposed on the importation of any article, the produce or manufacture of the...
Sivu 111 - Any Member nation may give notice of withdrawal from the Organization at any time after the expiration of four years from the date of its acceptance of this Constitution.
Sivu 99 - THE dwellings, manufactories, warehouses, and shops of the subjects of each of the High Contracting Parties in the dominions and possessions of the other, and all premises appertaining thereto destined for purposes of residence or commerce, shall be respected. It shall not be allowable to proceed to make a search of, or a domiciliary visit to, such dwellings and premises, or to examine or inspect books, papers, or accounts, except under the conditions and with the forms prescribed by the Laws, Ordinances,...
Sivu 103 - The coasting trade of both the High Contracting Parties is excepted from the provisions of the present Treaty, and shall be regulated according to the laws, ordinances and regulations of the United States and Japan, respectively.
Sivu 101 - Japanese vessels may likewise be imported into those ports in British vessels, without being liable to any other or higher duties or charges of whatever denomination than if such articles were imported in Japanese vessels; and reciprocally, all...
Sivu 98 - They shall have liberty freely to come with their ships and cargoes to all places, ports and rivers in the territories of the other, which are or may be opened to foreign commerce, and shall enjoy respectively, the same treatment in matters of commerce and navigation as native subjects, or subjects or citizens of the most favored nation...
Sivu 107 - Government, ships, subjects or citizens of the other Contracting Party; it being their intention that the trade and navigation of each country shall be placed in all respects by the other on the footing of the most favoured nation.
Sivu 106 - All vessels which, according to Japanese law, are to be deemed Japanese vessels, and all vessels which, according to British law, are to be deemed British vessels, shall, for the purposes of this Treaty, be deemed Japanese and British vessels respectively.
Sivu 95 - Japan, being equally desirous of maintaining the relations of good understanding which happily exist between them, by extending and increasing the intercourse between their respective States, and being convinced that this object...

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