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ceeding great,"--great beyond expression. In them are all the blessings of grace, and the unsearchable riches of glory.

Observe likewise their preciousness. They are infinitely precious. They flow forth from the everlasting love of God. The blessings they contain are freely given through the precious blood of Christ. They are received into the heart of the believer by precious faith, and they are enjoyed in sweet and blessed communion with God our Father, who says, “I have loved thee with an everlasting love : therefore with loving-kindness have I drawn thee.” Blessed is he who knoweth these things, and who in his approaches unto God can say, “How sweet are Thy words unto my taste; yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth:"

These promises also are wisely and wonderfully adapted to all our wants. How gloomy it would be to be alone in going through this world to the great hereafter, and without a word from God! But you, beloved of the Lord, are not alone; the Mighty God of Israel is with you, and His word is your heritage. Have

you burdens ? the burden of an easy-besetting sin, the burden of bodily affliction, the burden of bereavement and of care ? Go to the Cross; the great burdenbearer is there. Roll thy burdens upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee.

" For burdened ones a resting-place

Beside the cross I see;
Here I cast off my weariness :

No rest like this for me!” Have you enemies,-in the heart, in the world, and in hell? They are all conquered by the ever-loving and mighty Saviour, who says, “ To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me on my throne,

I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in His throne.” Is the road rough and rugged through which you

have to pass to the crown? He whose word never fails, says, Thy shoes shall be iron and brass ; and as thy days, so shall thy strength be." There may be days of unexpected sorrow, and the days of darkness and perplexity ; but grace will be given equal to the day. Are you afraid of death Remember, it is only the shadow through which you will have to pass. The lion's roar may terrify, but his shadow cannot devour you. The wily serpent's sting may be possessed of deadly poison, but the mere shadow can inflict no real injury. Then, let your fears depart. Be not dismayed, but sing with confidence in the allsufficiency of your own covenant God," I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me.”

And now let us remember, for our consolation, further, that many are inheriting the promises in glory. In this world they were in great tribulations, but through mighty faith they endured even to the end, and then came out of them all with Divine honours to receive the heavenly inheritance. Be ye followers of them. But this cannot be done by human energy. It can be accomplished only by a Divine power--the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit : “ Not by might


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nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord of hosts." May that power be manifested on our behalf, that we might be partakers of the Divine nature, be filled with joy and peace in believing; and after patiently waiting for the will of our heavenly Father to be accomplished in us and by us, be received into the mansions of glory to be with our blessed Lord, and like Him for ever.

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FILL YOUR PLACE WELL; OR, PETER CRUMP'S DREAM. PETER CRUMP came home from front of him. At six o'clock they his day's work one September eve- carried their letters into Mr. War. ning, very tired and dispirited. He ner's establishment and were diswas an old man, fast becoming missed, each of the six old men feeble, and not fit for much work; thankful that his day's work was but he was glad to be able to do done. anything by which he could make On this particular September & scanty living for himself and

evening, after his supper, Peter sat his infirm wife. The wo which he down on the door-step of the house, did was not heavy labour, neither where he and his wife had one did it pay him very well; but it was

small room, to smoke his pipe. better than higher wages with work Peter was a religious old man, beyond his strength. It was simple, upon whose dark, ignorant heart too, easy to understand and to ac- the love of Jesus had come several complish, and was the same day by years before, through the teaching day, with little or no variation.

of a city missionary; and the light What was it ? He was one of a pro- of that love had never since ceased cession of six men, each one of to shine upon his lowly life. But he whom carried up and down the felt this evening as if he were very principal streets of the city, one useless, and would not be missed by huge letter, painted on a board, the any one except his wife if he went letters together forming the name to his heavenly rest that very night. “ WARNER.”

While he thus thought, his pipe This Mr. Warner was

à pro

went out, and he fell asleep. Then prietor of a panorama, and adopted he dreamed. this among other methods of ad- He thought he was on his usual vertising his exhibitions. Peter tramp, with the giant “R” above Crump carried the first “R.” He his head, Tom Riley before him, did not know his alphabet, for he John Connor behind. He was very, had lived in great poverty and ig- very tired, and yielded to the tempnorance.

But he knew that he was tation to fall out of the line and sit the third man of the six, that Tom down on some steps near at hand, Riley walked before him, and that thinking that nobody would miss his own big letter had a straight him. But to his astonishment, as column at the left, a loop at the top he looked at his companions, they on the right, with a sort of tail immediately fell into a state of below the loop. So he plodded on utter confusion. John Connor, seebehind Tom Riley, who followed ing Peter no longer in front of him, Sandy Trot, and he took good care thought that he himself had gone in their windings through the wrong, and stepped before Tom crowded streets, not to let old John Riley; and Tom, not having Sandy Connor, with his “N,” pass

in Trot in advance of him, turned and dying soul, that you may be led to If any of my


stepped aside behind Mike Trafts, " Who sweeps a room as in Thy sight who usually followed John Connor, Makes that and the action fine." carrying “E.” This discomposed old Jackson Jones, who brought up Not what what we do, so much as the rear with the last “ R.So the the spirit in which it is done, makes whole five were uncertain where our work pleasing in the sight of they belonged, or who was wrong,

God. Even a cup of cold water" and stopped in dismay. Then Peter may become a precious gift, when dreamed that this confusion happen. given rightly. ing in a crowd so separated the But there are some who use the men that they gradually drifted plea of their being "small and inaway

from each other and out of his significant,” as an excuse for with. sight, leaving him sitting alone, bear- holding from God the service He ing his great “R,” at which every has a right to claim.

“ How can passer by stared, laughed, and my acts,” say they,

“ influence any finally began to pelt it with stones. one ? I'm too poor or too mean in In the fear lest a stone should hit station to have any influence at all. him instead of the placard, he awoke What am I worth in God's sightfrom his sleep.

-I who am but one out of millions ? But his waking thoughts dwelt -my acts, my feelings, can be of no upon his dream, and they ran thus : importance to Him." My friend, If he had stayed in his place, doing this is false humility-idle excuses his duty, everything would have which will not help you in the Day gone right. It was his yielding to of Judgment. He who took thought temptation and shirking his duty to create you at all, surely concerns which threw the whole company Himself about the being He has into confusion and broke up the created. If a mechanic with great line. Did he not then daily perform skill makes a valuable machine, does his small part in keeping that line he fling it aside, careless whether it all right, so that every beholder be eaten up with rust or spoilt by could read “ WARNER” as they ill-treatment? Does a mother care walked? And, therefore, would he little for the new-born infant benot be missed until his place could cause her family is already large ? be filled by another man, if he failed And He who framed every living to appear and take up his “R” at thing with such exquisite care, and the right time? Ah, yes, thought notes when a little sparrow falls to he; God gives me this little work to the ground, watches your actions, do in my old age. I will do my and is anxious for your welfare. duty there, where He has placed me, May the Holy Spirit so open your and perhaps I can glorify Him in eyes to the importance of your never doing it.

readers are ready to all spiritual blessings through Jesus slight their work because it seems Christ the Son of God, who died for to them so mean and trifling, let your redemption, and ever liveth to me remind them of those well-known make intercession for all who will

come to God through Him.

lines :



BACKSLIDING BAPTISTS. Written from Enon near to Salim because there was much water there : and sent by Boanerges the sons of thunder, and Barnabas the son of consolation.

(N.B.There is internal evidence that this Epistle, now published for the first time, is not quite so ancient as the Vatican Codex, the Sinaitic Codex, or even the Alexandrine Codex. Though its teachings are identical with those of the Primitive Church, it probably belongs itself to the latter half of the nineteenth century. It is affectionately commended to the attention of all in the present day “whom it may concern”—by no means an inconsiderable number.) CHAPTER I.

that ye

should thus contemn the PHILOLOGUS, a servant of Jesus authority of our Lord, and turn Christ, to the Baptists scattered the precepts of His holy apostles abroad amongst Episcopalians, upside down? Presbyterians, Independents, 7. Verily I stand in doubt Wesleyans, Primitives, Unitari- of you, lest labour hath been be- . ans, Swedenborgians, and the stowed upon you in vain, and ye Nondescriptarians ;

should make shipwreck of faith 2. Grace be unto you, and and a good conscience, as did mercy, and a sound mind; that ye Hymenæus and Alexander. may repent, and hasten your re- 8. Tell me, ye that desire to go turn to the good old paths, whence back to the weak and beggarly ye have unhappily wandered away; elements of an antiquated super

3. And that ye may no longer stition from which ye had clean continue in fellowship with the escaped, wherefore are ye so fickle unfruitful works of darkness, but and unwise, changing your prorather come out from amongst fession, as a flirt changeth her

, them, and reprove them.

attire ? 4. I marvel that ye are so soon

9. Is the New Testament of removed from your former stead. Jesus Christ disannulled by some fastness, wherein ye were Pædo-Rantist Bible-God's latest samples to others, and were wont revelation to mankind since Mato boast that, though all men homet's Koran and Joseph Smith's should forsake the font for the Book of Mormon ? basin, yet would not you.

10. Hath the truth of Christ 5. Ye did run well : what hath

become so cheap, that it seemeth hindered, that ye now obey not to you a small matter to sell it to the truth, but sanction by your the first bidder, like profane Esau, purse and presence

old wives' who sold his birthright for a mess fables, and delusive and pernicious of pottage ? errors ?

11. Say, is godliness a personal 6. Who hath bewitched you, responsible service rendered by






man to his Maker, or is it only a Gothic steeple house, and degrade question of proxy, parentage, religion into a makeshift of resacramental efficacy, and vain spectability, so that your sons and babblings?

daughters may form wealthy 12. Do you indeed walk worthy matches, and lift their heads aloft of your high vocation, when ye amid the social stars ? part with the ordinances and 19. Be it known unto you, O commandments of God for hu- unstable souls, that after this traditions and fictitious

acted Demas, Simon puerilities ?

Magus, Judas Iscariot, and the 13. Seemeth it a righteous rich fool, whose self-seeking thing in your eyes, to betray the brought forth in the end the Son of man with a kiss, to wound bitter fruits of death. the Master's honour in His own 20. Timeservers are themselves house, and to grieve and discourage ill served when time is gone; the forsaken brotherhood, insti. trimmers do forget to trim their gated thereto by carnal grudges, own lamps, and are shut out from fancied affronts, and disappointed the Bridegroom's joy ; ambition ?

21. And they who play fast and 14. May those who name the loose with conscience, truth, and name of Christ put a muzzle on God, ere long have no their consciences, and dig a grave science to play with, no truth to for their convictions, to win lose, and no God to hold fast favour with their employers, bring unto. custom to their shops, or to gain 22. Consider what I say, and some worldly preferment ?

the Lord give you the spirit 15. From the time that your of wisdom and amendment, that oil and wine increased, and you ye may recover yourselves quickly have handled more of gold and of from the snare of the fowlers, and silver than once ye handled even regain the holiness of your youth,

and the love of

your 16. Are ye grown ashamed of sals. the sect which, as its Founder was, is everywhere spoken against?

CHAPTER II. and are ye become weary of bear- Now I beseech you, brethren, ing His reproach who bore the suffer the word of exhortation, cross for you a ?

nor count me your enemy because 17. Because ye now dwell in I tell you the truth : ceiled houses, and are possessed 2. Forasmuch as your hurt is of paintings, libraries, elegant too grievous to be healed with furniture, fine clothing, musical soft sayings, but needeth rather instruments, yea, peradventure of sharp probings. Rebellious chilhorses and chariots also, together dren must have the rod before with much cash laid up in store the sweetmeats. for many years :

3. It hath been reported unto 18. Ought ye, therefore, to ab- me, by them who are of the housejure the faith of your fathers, hold of Aletheia, that since ye abandon the conventicle for the departed from your own company,

of copper,

first espou

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