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" ... is no more fit for the station he fills than I am to be an archbishop. In a great fleet the duty of a first captain is that of being an honest and candid counsellor and adviser to the commander-in-chief ; and there ought to be a most perfect, good... "
A Tour Through Part of Germany, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, &c: During ... - Sivu 68
tekijä(t) Johann Gottfried Seume - 1807 - 102 sivua
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Publications of the Navy Records Society, Nide 3

1895 - 232 sivua
...commander-in-chief ; and there ought to be a most perfect, good understanding with, and confidence in, each other, which I am sorry to say is by no means the case on board the Formidable ; and sure I am that if Sir George Rodney was to give orders in his cabin for...

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