Bulletin of the Pan American Union, Nide 20

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1905
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Sivu 689 - Now, therefore, be it known that I, THEODORE ROOSEVELT, President of the United States of America, have caused the said treaty to be made public, to the end that the same and every article and clause thereof may be observed and fulfilled with good faith by the United States and the citizens thereof.
Sivu 170 - That no mark which consists merely in the name of an individual, firm, corporation, or association, not written, printed, impressed, or woven in some particular or distinctive manner...
Sivu 170 - Consists of or comprises the flag or coat of arms or other insignia of the United States, or of any State or municipality, or of any foreign nation, or any simulation thereof.
Sivu 170 - That trade-marks which are identical with a registered or known trade-mark owned and in uso by another, and appropriated to merchandise of the same descriptive properties, or which so nearly resemble a registered or known trade-mark owned and in use by another, and appropriated to merchandise of the same descriptive properties, as to be likely to cause confusion or mistake in the mind of the public, or to deceive purchasers, shall not be registered...
Sivu 174 - ... upon a decree being rendered in any such case for an infringement the complainant shall be entitled to recover, in addition to the profits to be accounted for by the defendant, the damages the complainant has sustained thereby ; and the court shall assess the same or cause the same to be assessed under its direction.
Sivu 173 - Whenever any person shall deem himself injured by the inclusion of a trade-mark on this register, he may at any time apply to the Commissioner of Patents to cancel the registration thereof. The Commissioner shall refer such application to the examiner in charge of interferences, who is empowered to hear and determine this question, and who shall give notice thereof to the registrant. If it appear after a hearing before the examiner that the registrant was not entitled to the...
Sivu 685 - States and the Government of the Republic of Panamá mutually agree to deliver up persons who, having been charged with or convicted of any of the crimes and offenses specified in the following article, committed within the jurisdiction of one of the contracting parties, shall seek an asylum or be found within the territories of the other...
Sivu 685 - ... provided that this shall only be done upon such evidence of criminality as, according to the laws of the place where the fugitive or person so charged shall be found, would justify his apprehension and commitment for trial, if the crime or offence had there been committed...
Sivu 320 - El Presidente de la República se ha servido dirigirme el decreto que sigue: "PORFIRIO DÍAZ, Presidente Constitucional de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos á sus habitantes, sabed: «Que el Congreso de la Unión ha tenido á bien decretar lo siguiente: «El Congreso de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos decreta: Art.
Sivu 176 - States in respect to trademarks and commercial names, may require his name and residence, and the name of the locality in which his goods are manufactured, and a copy of the certificate of registration of his trademark, issued in accordance with the provisions of this Act, to be recorded in books which shall be kept for this purpose in the Department of the Treasury, under...

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