A History of Waverley Abbey: In the County of Surrey ...

Andrews and Son, 1873 - 60 sivua

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Sivu 3 - Certainly many of their regulations seem severe, and more particularly these: they wear nothing made with furs or linen, nor even that finely spun linen garment, which we call Staminium; neither breeches, unless when sent on a journey, which at their return they wash and restore. They have two tunics with cowls, but no additional garment in winter, though, if they think fit, in summer they may lighten their garb. They sleep clad and girded, and never after matins return to their beds: but they so...
Sivu 3 - Stephen, persevering in their holy determination, together with their abbat, left the monastery, declaring that the purity of the institution could not be preserved in a place where riches and gluttony warred against even the heart that was well inclined. They came therefore to Citeaux; a situation formerly covered with woods, but now so conspicuous from the abundant piety of its monks, that it is not undeservedly esteemed conscious of the Divinity himself. Here, by the countenance of the archbishop...
Sivu 55 - A number of them, which purchased those superstitious mansions, reserved of those library-books, some to serve their Jakes, some to scour their candlesticks, and some to rub their boots ; some they sold to the grocers and soap-sellers, and some they sent over sea to the bookbinders, not in small number, "but at times whole ships full.
Sivu 55 - I know a merchant man, which shall at this time be nameless, that bought the contents of two noble libraries for forty shillings price, a shame it is to be spoken.
Sivu 55 - Libraries for forty shillings price ; a shame it is to be spoken. This stuff hath he occupied, instead of grey paper, by the space of more than these ten years, and yet he hath store enough for as many years to come.
Sivu 4 - Easter, through regard for whatever festival, they do not take more than one meal a day, except on Sunday. They never leave the cloister but for the purpose of labour, nor do they ever speak, either there or elsewhere, save only to the abbat or prior.
Sivu 2 - To speak of this does not seem irrelevant to the work I have undertaken, since it redounds to the glory of England to have produced the distinguished man who was the author and promoter of that rule. To us he belonged, and in our schools passed the earlier part of his life. Wherefore, if we are not envious, we shall embrace his good qualities the more kindly in proportion as we knew them more intimately. And, moreover, I am anxious to extol his praise, "because it is a mark of an ingenuous mind to...
Sivu 28 - S. Michael fighting with the devil; S. Dunstan holding the devil by the nose with his pincers, and having retorts, crucibles, and chemical instruments about him; with several others so exactly drawn as if done from a good modern print.
Sivu 4 - They never leave the cloister but for the purpose of labour, nor do they ever speak, either there or elsewhere, save only to the abbat or prior. They pay unwearied attention to the canonical services, making no addition to them except the vigil for the defunct. They use in their divine service the Ambrosian chants and hymns, as far as they were able to learn them at Milan.

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