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Abbot Professor of Christian Theology in the Theological Seminary, Andover. Second edition. Andover, 1829.

Lectures on the Inspiration of the Scriptures. By Leonard Woods, D.D. Abbot Professor of Christian Theology in the Theological Seminary, Andover. 12mo. Pp. 152. Andover.

Lowth's Lectures on Hebrew Poetry, a new edition, with notes. By Calvin E. Stowe.

Advice to a Young Christian, on the importance of aiming at an elevated standard of piety, by a Village Pastor. With an Introductory Essay, by the Rev. Dr Alexander, of Princeton, N. J. 2ino. Pp. 209.

Lectures on the Assembly's Shorter Catechism, addressed to Youth. By Ashbel Green, D.D. 8vo. Pp. 350. Philadelphia.

[A more particular notice of this excellent work may be expected.]

Essays and Dissertations in Biblical Literature. By a Society of Clergymen. Vol. I. Containing chiefly Translations of the works of German Critics. New York. 8vo. G. and C. and H. Carvill. 1829.

[This interesting volume contains, 1. History of Introductions to the Scriptures, from the German of Gesenius. 2. A Treatise on the Authenticity and Canonical Authority of the Scriptures of the Old Testament, from the German of Eichhorn. 3. Essay on the Life and Writings of Samuel Bochart, by William R. Whittingham, A.M. 4. Dissertation on the meaning of “ The Kingdom of Heaven,” in the New Testament; from the Latin of Storr. 5. Dissertation on the Parables; from the Latin of Storr. 6. Translation of Tiltmann's Dissertation on the Question, Whether there are any traces of the Gnostics to be found in the New Testament. 7. History of the Interpretation of the Prophet Isaiah; from the German of Gesenius. 8. Treatise on the Use of the Syriac Language; from the German of John D. Michaelis.

It is our intention to give a more extended notice of this volume in our next number; at this time, therefore, we merely state its contents, and recommend it to the attention and perusal of our readers.]

William Peon on the Present Crisis in the Condition of the American Indians; first published in the National Intelligencer, in twenty-four Essays. With an Appendix, con

taining a Letter of the Secretary of War to the Cherokee Delegation; Resolutions of the Old Congress from 1775 10 1785; Chancellor Kent's Opinion in the case of Goodell ve. Jackson, touching the rights of the Oneida Indians in the State of New York; Extracts from Judge Story's Centennial Discourse; Treaty with the Choctaws, &c. Pp. 112. New York.

A Key to the Shorter Catechism; containing catechetical exercises, a paraphrase, and a new and regular series of proofs on each answer. First American from the fifth Edinburgh edition.

Memoirs of the Life and Ministry of the Rev. John Summerfield, A.M. By John Holland. With an introductory Letter, by James Montgomery. New York. William A. Mercein. 8vo. pp. 360.

New Views of Penitentiary Discipline, and Moral Education and Reform. By Charles Caldwell, M.D.

A Catechism of Natural Theology. By the Rev. Dr Nichols. Portland. Shirley and Hyde. 12mo, pp. 184.


A Sermon occasioned by the death of the Rev. Matthias Bruen, preached in the Bleecker Street Church, New York, by Thomas H. Skinner, D.D. 8vo. pp. 48.

Consolation in Death. A Sermon preached at the funeral of the Rev. Matthias Bruen, A.M. late Pastor of the Bleecker Street Church, New York. By Samuel H. Cox, D.D. Pastor of the Laight Street Presbyterian Church.

Regeneration and the Manner of its Occurrence. A Sermon, from John v. 24, preached at the opening of the Synod of New York, in the Rutgers Street Church, on Tuesday evening, October 20, 1829. By Samuel H. Cox, D.D. Pastor of the Laight Street Presbyterian Church. New York. 8vo. pp. 42. 1829.

Baccalaureate. A discourse delivered to the Senior Class in the College of New Jersey, on the sabbath preceding the Annual Commencement, September 1829. By James Carnahan, D.D. President of the College.

Holding fast the Faithful Word. A Sermon delivered in the second Presbyterian Church in the city of Albany, at the installation of the Rev. William B. Sprague, D.D. as Pastor of said Church. By Samuel Miller, D.D. Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Church Government, in the Theological Seminary at Princeton, New Jersey.

The proper mode of conducting Missions to the Heathen. A Sermon delivered before the Society for propagating the Gospel among the Indians, and others in North America, November 5, 1829. By Benjamin B. Wisner, Pastor of the Old South Church, Boston.

The Victorious Christian awaiting his Crown. A discourse delivered on sabbath evening, January 3, 1830, occasioned by the death of the Rev. John M. Mason, D.D. S.T.P. By William D. Snodgrass, his successor as Pastor of Murray Street Church, New York.

A Sermon delivered January 10, 1830, in the Scotch Presbyterian Church, Cedar Street, New York, on the occasion of the death of the Rev. John M. Mason, D.D. S.T.P. By Rev. Joseph M'Elroy, D.D. Pastor of said Church.

A Sermon delivered in the Presbyterian Church, Lancaster, November 1, 1830, on assuming the pastoral charge of said Church. By Richard W. Dickinson.

A Selection of the most celebrated Sermons of M. Luther and John Calvin. "To which is prefixed, a Biographical History of their Lives. New York. R. Bentley. 12mo. pp. 200.

PUBLISH The Beauties of History; or Pictures of Virtue and Vice, drawn from Real Life. Designed for the Instruction and Entertainment of, and dedicated to the Youth of the United States. By L. M. Stretch. First American from the Eighteenth English Edition. In 2 vols 18mo, very closely printed.

This work, which has met with such extensive sale in Great Britain, is now offered to the American Public. It consists of Historical and Biographical Anecdotes, with interesting and improving remarks, under the heads of the different virtues and vices; which are arranged alphabetically. A few of the subjects are subjoined. Affection : Conjugal, Parental, Filial, and Fraternal. Ambition. Beneficence. Clemency. Compassion. Conscience. Constancy. Courage. Cruelty. Disinterestedness. Drunkenness, . Education.

Equity. Faith, Public. Fidelity in Servants. Flattery. Friendship Gaming. Generosity. Happiness. Honour. Humanity. &c. &c.

Mackenzie's Five Thousand Receipts in all the Useful and Domestic Arts : constituting a Complete Practical Library, relative to Agriculture, Bees, Bleaching, Brewing, Calico Printing, Carving at Table, Cements, Confectionary, Cookery, Crayons, Dairy, Diseases, Distillation, Dyeing, Enamelling, Engraving, Farriery, Food, Gardening, Gilding, Glass, Health, Inks, &c. Jewellers' Pastes, Lithography, Medicines, Metallurgy, Oil Colours, Oils, Painting, Pastry, Perfumery, Pickling, Pottery, Preserving, Scouring, Silk, Silk Worms, Silvering, Tanning, Trees of all kinds, Varnishing, Water Colours, Wines, &c. &c. &c. Fourth American, from the latest London edition. With numerous and important Additions generally; and the medical part carefully revised and adapted to the Climate of the United States; and also a new and most copious Index. By an American Physician. 1 vol. 8vo.

This stereotype edition contains above 1000 receipts more than the third, or any preceding editions.

Persons disposed to purchase this work, are particularly requested to order “ James Kay, Jun. Co.'s Edition.

The Improved Common Place Book, or Literary Diary ; to which are prefised, an Explanatory Treatise ; an Abridgement of the Aurifodina of Drexelius, by Bishop Horne; and an Index, formed, with some variations, on the celebrated plan of Mr Locke. In 1 vol. 4to.

“ There is no need I should tell you how useful it has been to me after five and twenty years experience.”—Locke.

Poetical Quotations : being a complete Dictionary of the most elegant Moral, Sublime, and Humorous Passages in the British Poets. By John F. Addington. In Four Volumes, 12mo.


PHARMACY. This Journal is devoted to the objects of Pharmaceutic Research, viz. Chemistry, (General and Pharmaceutic), Materia Medica, Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, &c. &c. Intended for the benefit of the Apothecary, it merits his patronage and support.

It is published Quarterly, in an octavo form ; each number consisting of 80 pages. The paper is of good quality, the type large and clear, and attention paid to neatness in the general execution.

Subscriptions received by John Grigg, Bookseller, James Kay, Jun. & Co. and any of the Publishing Committee, consisting of Daniel B. Smith, Charles Ellis, S. P. Griffitts, Jun. Benjamin Ellis, M.D. and George B. Wood, M.D. Price $2 50 per annum.

James Kay, Jun. 8. Co. Philadelphia,

PUBLISH The North American Medical and Surgical Journal, in Quarterly Nos. of 200—250 pages each. Price $5 per annum.

The No. for April 1830 contains full Analytical and Critical Reviews of Testa on the Diseases of the Heart, (Italian ;) Journal of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy; DESRUELLES on the Hooping Cough, (French;) DENMAN's Practice of Midwifery, (English;) CLARK on the Influence of Climate, (English ;) Stoker's Pathological Observations, (Irish ;) EDWARDS and VAVASSEUR's Materia Medica, (French.) Also Original Articles, by Doctors GIBBONS, Hewson, MEIGS, WARING, and GERHARD; and the usual copious Quarterly Summary, prepared expressly by the Editors, from the American, English, French, German and Italian Journals.

Subscriptions received by James Kay, Jun. f: Co. Philadelphia ; and also by Carter and Hendee, Boston ; E. Bliss, New York; W. C. Little, Albany; W. and J. Neal, Baltimore; 0. A. Roorbach, Charleston, &c. &c.

The Analytical Instructor, for the Piano Forte. By Benjamin Carr, Professor of Music, and a Conductor of the Concerts of the Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia. Price three dollars. In three parts. Embellished with a Copperplate Engraving.

" To Teachers, particularly those who are resident in country towns where music is difficult to be procured, it is believed that this book, containing ample matter for instruction, will prove a valuable assistant in the performance of their professional duties.

" And where tuition is not to be obtained, Ladies who have learnt the Piano Forte in their youth, may easily recover their own knowledge, or communicate the elementary part to their children, by the use of it."

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