Thrilling Stories of the Forest and Frontier

Theo. Bliss, 1869 - 295 sivua

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Sivu 223 - ... of crossing, were vigorously assailed by several Indians, who, throwing down their guns, rushed upon them with their tomahawks. The young man defended his sister gallantly, firing upon the enemy as they approached, and then wielding the butt of his rifle with a fury that drew their whole attention upon himself, and gave his sister an opportunity of effecting her escape. He quickly fell, however, under the tomahawk of his enemies, and was found, at daylight, scalped and mangled in a shocking manner.
Sivu 89 - ... rendered him quite powerless, had presence of mind enough to cut with a large knife, which he carried about with him, deep gashes in the neck and throat of his antagonist, thereby killing him, and disengaging himself from his frightful situation. He never afterwards, however, recovered the use of that limb, which had sustained considerable injury from his fangs and the mere force of his jaws.
Sivu 232 - Suddenly the appalling and murderous voice of an angry, blood-thirsty lion burst upon my ear within a few yards of us, followed by the shrieking of the Hottentots. Again and again the murderous roar of attack was repeated. We heard John and Ruyter shriek
Sivu 185 - Some had fallen overboard — others were struggling violently, and causing their frail bark to dip water so as to excite the most serious apprehensions. But the crew presented the most singular spectacle. A captain, who had served with reputation in the continental army, seemed now totally bereft of his faculties. He lay upon his back in the bottom of the boat, with hands uplifted, and a countenance in which terror was personified, exclaiming in a tone of despair, "Oh, Lord! Oh, Lord!
Sivu 134 - ... that he is one of the most strikingly beautiful animals in the creation ; and when a herd of them is seen scattered through a grove of the picturesque parasoltopped acacias which adorn their native plains, and on whose uppermost shoots they are enabled to browse by the colossal height with which nature has so admirably endowed them, he must indeed be slow of conception who fails to discover both grace and dignity in all their movements.
Sivu 42 - She next made a short run forwards, making a loud, rumbling noise like thunder. This she did to intimidate me ; but, finding that I did not flinch an inch nor seem to heed her hostile demonstrations, she quietly stretched out her massive arms, and lay down on the grass. My Hottentots now coming up, we all three dismounted, and, drawing our rifles from their holsters, we looked to see if tlie powder was up in the nipples, and put on our caps.
Sivu 33 - ... monster instantly charged me in the most resolute manner, blowing loudly through his nostrils ; and although I quickly wheeled about to my left, he followed me at such a furious pace for several hundred yards, with his horrid horny snout within a few yards of my horse's tail, that my little Bushman, who was looking on in great alarm, thought his master's destruction inevitable. It was certainly a very near thing ; my horse was extremely afraid, and exerted his utmost energies on the occasion....
Sivu 40 - This was true ; but while this short conversation was passing the lioness had observed us. Raising her full, round face, she overhauled us for a few seconds and then set off at a smart canter towards a range of mountains some miles to the northward ; the whole troop of jackals also started off in another direction ; there was, therefore, no time to think of caps. The first move was to bring her to bay, and not a second was to be lost.
Sivu 185 - ... oar fell into the river, and the captain, having no one to pull against him, rather urged the boat nearer to the hostile shore than otherwise. He quickly seized a plank, however, and giving his own oar to another of the crew, he took the station which his nephew had held, and unhurt by the shower of bullets which flew around him, continued to exert himself, until the boat had reached a more respectable distance. He then, for the first time, looked around him in order to observe the condition...
Sivu 90 - A few years before our visit to Calcutta, the captain of a country ship, while passing the Sunderbunds, sent a boat into one of the creeks to obtain some fresh fruits which are cultivated by the few miserable inhabitants of this inhospitable region. Having reached the shore, the crew moored the boat under a bank, and left one of their party to take care of her. During their absence, > the lascar, who remained in charge of the boat, overcome by heat, lay down under the seats and fell asleep. Whilst...

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