Spiritual Harlotry

Holy Fire Publishing, 2008 - 156 sivua
"But king Solomon loved many foreign women." 1 King 11: 1 It is often said that our lives and everything we have are a gift from God and should be lived and used accordingly. Most of us believe this but often fail to live up to it because it has become a mere clich. We have become indifferent to the notion, and while we love to profess it, we are unaware that our daily activities refute what we claim to live. Everything we have been blessed with is a demonstration of God's love and favor towards us, but when God ceases to be the focus, and His blessings are misused, we lose our hearts to everything but Him. In this spell binding revelation of how the beloved and faithful are to use their God given resources, you will find a mirror of the true condition of your heart towards your savior and God. Could it be in the "but" in great king Solomon's life or in the "conspiracy of a king and the loyalty of a servant."?

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Chapter 3
The Consequence
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Jesus the Tempter
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