Grose's Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue

Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, 1823 - 246 sivua

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Sivu xxv - of the building as the larger timbers, and " more so than the mere showy, unsubstantial " ornaments, I hate any thing that occupies " more space than it is worth. I hate to see a " load of band-boxes go along the street, and I " hate to see a parcel of big words without any
Sivu xxiv - The proper force of words lies not in the words themselves, but in their application. A word may be a fine-sounding word, of an unusual length, and very imposing from its learning and novelty, and yet in the " connection in which it is introduced, may be " quite pointless and irrelevant. It is not pomp " or pretension, but the adaptation of the
Sivu xxv - to the idea that clenches a writer's " meaning:—as it is not the size or glossiness " of the materials, but their being fitted each to " its place, that gives strength to the arch; or as " the pegs and nails are as necessary to the

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