Jailbreak!: A Christian’s Guide to Praying for the Muslim World

Author House, 23.8.2005 - 144 sivua

“Toward the end of the 20th century, the prevailing prayers of Christians around the world made a profound impact on bringing down the Berlin Wall...However, at the start of a new millennium, the world witnessed on television not the ugly face of communism, but that of Islam as two jets crashed into the World Trade Center. Suddenly Christians across America were asking, ‘What is Islam?’ ‘Who are Muslims?’ and ‘Why would they kill innocent people?’ but more importantly, ‘How do we pray for them?’   F. J. Farrokh addresses this challenging question through this book.”


--Dr. Tom White, Executive Director, The Voice of the Martyrs



Jailbreak! provides a “prayer mat” for Christian intercessors by weaving together unique historical, theological, and cultural threads of insight about Muslims and Islam.  Author F.J. Farrokh gives a spiritual perspective on the following:


  • Beyond the stereotypes, what are Muslims really like?
  • Why is it so difficult for Muslims to come to Christ?
  • How is the Spirit of Islam tied to the Spirit of Humanism?
  • What issues are Muslims wrestling with at the heart level—that are opening them to the Gospel?
  • How can your prayers help bring a great move of God to the Muslim world?  


Jailbreak! encourages intensified prayer for the Muslim world in the months and years leading up to a significant historical milestone.  The year 2010 will mark a 1400-year period since the inception of Islam in 610 A.D.  Could that be the year the reign of the Spirit of Islam is destined to come to an end?


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