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Tuesday the 14th of July 1795 stating the Progress that had been made
sembly The Moderates prevail Reflections on the Temper and Conduct
London Gazette April 6 1795 60
ſº A N T 1 Q U I T I E
Meeting of the New Legislature Strength of the predominant Party
On Didactic Poetry from a Critical Essay on Akensides Pleasures of
can States and the Indians on the Frontiers supported by a Body of
Message from the King to the House of Commons Feb 4
The like Dec 8 ibid
Different Sentiments entertained of the French Republic by different Pow
Protest against the Act for Transferring the Militia
Earl Fitzwilliams Speech to both Houses of the Irish Parliament on Open
Articles of agreement for raising French Corps for the Service of Great
State of the Coalition Motion in the House of Commons for augmenting
Orders by General the Duke of Richmond April 20
Proclamation issued by his Majesty relative to seditious Assemblies
Second Treaty between the same Powers e 180
The Sentiments of the French towards the EnglishMotion in the House
Declaration of the same Commissioners to the Commandersinchief of
Proclamation of the Royalists of Anjou and Upper Poitou in Answer
Motion in the House of Commons by Mr Wilberforce for a final Abel
Proclamation to the Dutch People from the Provisional Representatives
Ceremony of the Acquittal of Parren Hastings Esq late Governor Gene
Of the Infirmities and Defects of Men of Genius from DIsraelis Essay
Account of the Mode of making Parmesan Cheese by Mr Pryce from

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Sivu 291 - In order to terminate all differences on account of the losses sustained by the citizens of the United States, in consequence of their vessels and cargoes having been taken by the subjects of his Catholic Majesty, during the late war between Spain and France, it is agreed, that all such cases shall be referred to the final decision of commissioners, to be appointed in the following manner...
Sivu 289 - These merchandizes which follow shall not be reckoned among contraband or prohibited goods; that is to say, all sorts of cloths, and all other manufactures woven of any wool, flax, silk, cotton or any other materials whatever; all kinds of wearing apparel, together with the...
Sivu 287 - And in all cases of seizure, detention, or arrest, for debts contracted or offences committed by any citizen or subject of the one party, within the jurisdiction of the other, the same shall be made and prosecuted by order and authority of law only, and according to the regular course of proceedings usual in such cases.
Sivu 293 - Three of the said Commissioners shall constitute a board, and shall have power to do any act appertaining to the said Commission, provided that one of the Commissioners named on each side, and the fifth Commissioner shall be present, and all decisions shall be made by the majority of the voices of the Commissioners then present.
Sivu 122 - I received your letter with indignation, and with scorn return you this answer; that I cannot but wonder whence you should gather any hopes...
Sivu 171 - ... consisting of the most considerable persons, to which the parties who think themselves aggrieved may appeal ; and this superior court judges by the same rule which governs the court of Admiralty — viz. the law of nations, and the treaties subsisting with that neutral power, whose subject is a party before them. ' " If no appeal is offered, it is an acknowledgment of the justice of the sentence by the parties themselves, and conclusive.
Sivu 169 - When two powers are at war, they have a right to make prizes of the ships, goods, and effects of each other, upon the high seas. Whatever is the property of the enemy...
Sivu 35 - Nations, was the son of Adam Smith, comptroller of the customs at Kirkaldy, 1 and of Margaret Douglas, daughter of Mr. Douglas of Strathenry. He was the only child of the marriage, and was born at Kirkaldy on the 5th of June 1723, a few months after the death of his father. His constitution during infancy was infirm and sickly, and required all the tender solicitude of his surviving parent. She was blamed for treating him with an unlimited indulgence; but it produced no unfavourable effects on his...
Sivu 270 - Treaty signed this day. It shall be ratified, and the ratifications shall be exchanged at the same time. In witness whereof, the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the same, and have affixed thereto their seals.
Sivu 51 - Theory of Moral Sentiments, most of which were composed under severe disease, had fortunately been sent to the press in the beginning of the preceding winter?" and the author lived to see the publication of the work. The moral and serious strain that prevails through these additions, when connected with the circumstance of his declining health, adds a peculiar charm to his pathetic eloquence, and communicates a new interest, if possible, to those sublime truths, which, in the academical retirement...

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