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occurred, it found him still more sensible than ever of the extent, as well as of the importance of the subject, in consequence of another perusal of the four Gospels with a special view to the consideration of it. He has done what he could to elucidate it, as far as they are concerned; and all censure which this work may deserve must be directed against himself. He will contentedly submit, even to incur the charge of presumption for having ventured to undertake the following work, rather than that the subject should suffer in consequence of his unskilful management of it. If he has treated it with any tolerable degree of success, he thinks that it will appear that the subject of evidence is a topic of scriptural instruction, and that it may be treated, if occasion require, in our parochial ministrations, in a way which is at once explanatory of Scripture, satisfactory to the believer, and applicable to practice.

The Author has only further to request that the reader, whether, or not, he is satisfied with the statements and representations contained in this Volume, will at least borrow the hint which

is given in it, and study for himself the discourses of our Lord, and the narrative which accompanies and illustrates those discourses. Those divine records will thereby receive a fresh light and importance, and he, who so reads them, cannot fail to receive both delight and satisfaction from the heavenly and comprehensive instructions and reasonings of our Lord himself.


Dec. 21, 1821.

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