Ellis's British Tariff for ...

A.H. Baily, 1839
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Sivu 162 - Hydrometer, and so in proportion for any greater or less Strength than the Strength of Proof, and for any greater or less Quantity than a Gallon, viz.
Sivu 217 - Majesty shall judge capable of being converted into or made useful in increasing the quantity of military or naval stores, provisions, or any sort of victual which may be used as food by man ; and if any goods so prohibited shall be exported from the United Kingdom or carried coastwise, or be water-borne to be so exported or carried, they shall be forfeited.
Sivu 391 - that the Privileges thereby granted to foreign ships shall be limited to the ships of those countries which, having colonial possessions, shall grant the like Privileges of trading with those possessions to British ships, or which, not having colonial possessions, shall place the commerce and navigation of this country and of its possessions abroad upon the footing of the most favoured nation...
Sivu 162 - WATERS of all sorts, viz. for every gallon of such spirits or strong waters of any strength not exceeding the strength of proof by Sykes's hydrometer, and so in proportion for any greater strength than the strength of proof, and for any greater or less quantity than a gallon, viz.
Sivu 200 - That if the proprietor of any such still, finding himself or herself aggrieved by the said rates, shall enter or cause to be entered in a book to be kept for that purpose, from day to day when such still shall be employed, the quantity of spirits distilled therefrom, and the quantity from time to time sold or otherwise disposed of, and to whom and when, and shall produce the said book to the...
Sivu 1 - Books wherein the copyright shall be first subsisting, first composed or written or printed, in the United Kingdom, and printed or reprinted in any other country...
Sivu 122 - Manufactures of Hair or Goats' Wool, or of Hair or Goats' Wool and any other material, and articles of such manufacture wholly or in part made up, not particularly enumerated, or otherwise charged with duty, for every 100/.
Sivu 375 - Manufacture, prohibited to be imported into any of the British Possessions on the Continent of South America or in the West Indies (the Bahama and Bermuda Islands not included...
Sivu 2 - Clocks and watches, or any other article of metal impressed with any mark or stamp representing or in imitation of any legal British assay, mark, or stamp, or purporting by any mark or appearance to be of the manufacture of the United Kingdom.
Sivu 5 - Seignior in Asia or Africa, which may be imported from his dominions in Europe in ships of his dominions ; raw silk and mohair yarn, the produce of Asia, which may be imported from the dominions of the Grand Seignior in the Levant Seas, in ships of his dominions ; bullion.

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