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profession (9), gifts (r), place (s), office (t), guides to others. (v), and whose example is likely to be followed by others (w).

2. From the parties offended (x): if immediately against God(y), his attributes(2), and worship(a); against Christ, and his grace (b); the Holy Spirit (c), his wit

heart was not perfect with the of God. Thou that makest thy Lord his God, as was the heart of boast of the law, through break. David his father.

ing the law dishonourest thou (9) 2 Sam. 12. 14. Howbeit, God? For the name of God is because by this deed thou hast blasphemed among the Gentiles, given great occasion to the ene through you. mies of the Lord to blaspheme, (w) Gal. 2. 11. But when the child also that is born unto Peter was come to Antioch, I thee shall surely die.

withstood him to the face, because re) James 4. 17. Therefore he was to be blamed. to him that knoweth to do good, (x) Mat. 21. 38. But when and doth it not, to him it is sinó the husbandmen saw the son. Luke 12. 47, 48. And that ser- they said among themselves, This vant which knew his Lord's will, is the heir, come let us kill him, and prepared not himself, neither and let us seize on his inheritance. did according to his will, shall be (y) 1 Sam. 2. 25. If one beaten with many stripes. But he man sin against another, the that knew not, and did commit judge shall judge him : but if a things worthy of stripes, shall be man sin against the Lord, who beaten with few stripes. For un- shall intreat for him ? --Acts 5. 4. to whomsoever much is given, of Thou hast not lied unto men, but him shall be much required : and unto God. to whom men have committed (2) Rom. 2. 4. Or despisest much, of him they will ask the thou the riches of his goodness, more.

and forbearance, and long-suffer(8) Jer. 5. 4. Therefore I ing; not knowing that the good. said, Surely these are poor, they ness of God leadeth thee to reare foolish : for they know not pentance ? the way of the Lord, nor the (a) Mal. 1. 8. And if ye offer judgment of their God. v. 5. I the blind for sacrifice, is it not will get me unto the great men, evil ? and if ye offer the lame and will speak unto them; for and sick, is it not evil? offer it they have known the way of the now unto thy governor, will he be Lord, and the judgment of their pleased with thee, or accept thy God but these have altogether person? saith the Lord of hosts. broken the yoke, and burst the (b) Heb. 2. 2, 3. For if the

word spoken hy angels was sted(t) 2 Sam. 12.7. And Nathan fast, and every transgression and said to David, Thou art the man. disobedience received a just re. Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, compence of reward : How shall I anointed thee king over Israel. we escape if we neglect so great

ro) Rom. 2. 17. 24. Behold, salvation ?--Heb. 12. _25. See thou art called a Jew, and restest that ye refuse not him that speak. in the law, and makest thy boast eth: for if they escaped not who

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ness (d), and workings (e); against superiors, men of eminency (f), and such as we stand especially related and engaged unto (g); against any of the saints (h), particularly weak brethren (i), the souls of them, or any other(K), and the common good of all, or many (1). :

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refused him that spake on earth, not an enemy that reproached much more shall not we escape, me, then I could have borne it; if we turn away from him that neither was it he that hated me, speaketh from heaven.

that did magnify himself against (c) Heb. 10. 29. Of how much me, then I would have hid myself sorer punishment, suppose ye, from him. shall he be thought worthy, who (h) Zeph. 2. 8. I have heard hath trodden under foot the Son the reproach of Moab, and the of God ?-Mat. 12. 31. Where- revilings of the children of Amfore I say unto you, All manner mon, whereby they have reproachof sin and blasphemy shall be for- ed my people. 1 Cor. 6. 8. Nay, given unto men ; but the blasphe- ye do wrong and defraud, and my against the Holy Ghost shall that your brethren. Rev. 17. 6. not be forgiven unto men. And I saw the woman drunken

(d) Eph. 4. 30. And grieve with the blood of the saints, and not the holy Spirit of God, where with the blood of the martyrs of - by ye are sealed unto the day of Jesus.

(i) 1 Cor. 8. 11, 12. And (e) Heb. 6. 4-6. For it is through thy knowledge shall the impossible for those who were weak brother perish, for whom once enlightened, and have tasted Christ died ? But wlien ye sin so of the heavenly gift, and were against the brethren, and wound made partakers of the Holy their weak conscience, ye sin Ghost; And have tasted the good against Christ., word of God, and the powers of (k) Ezek. 13. 19. And will the world to come; If they shall ye pollute me among my people, fall away to renew them again for handfuls of barley, and for unto repentance,

pieces of bread, to slay the souls CfJude, verse 8. Likewise that should not die, and to save also these filthy dreamers defile, the souls alive that should not the flesh, despise dominion, and live, by your lying to my people speak evil of dignities Numb. 12. that hear your lies ? 8.-Wherefore then were ye not (1) i Thess. 2. 15, 16. Who afraid to speak against my servant both killed the Lord Jesus, and Moses?

their own prophets, and have per(8) Prov. 30. 17. The eye secuted us; and they please not that mocketh at his father, and God, and are contrary to all men. despiseth to obey his mother, the Forbidding us to speak to the ravens of the valley shall pick it Gentiles, that they might be out, and the young eagles shall saved. Josh. 22. 20. Did not eat it. 2 Cor. 12. 15. And I will Achan, the son of Zerah, commit very gladly spend and be spent a trespass in the accursed thing, for you, though the more abun- and wrath fell on all the congredantly I love you, the less I begation of Israel ? and that man pe. loved. Psal. 55. 12. For it was rished not alone in his iniquity.

3. From the nature and quality of the offence (m): if it be against the express letter of the law (n), break many commandments, contain in it many sins (0); if not only conceived in the heart, but break forth in words and actions (p), scandalize others (9), and admit of no reparation (r); if against means (s), mercies (t), judgments (V), light of nature (w), conviction of conscience (x), public

(m) Prov. 6. 30. 33. Men do but wo to that man by whom the not despise a thief, if he steal to offence cometh. satisfy his soul when he is hungry. rr ) Deut. 22. 22. If a man be But if he be found, he shall found lying with a woman married restore seven-fold.But whoso to an husband, then they shall committeth adultery with a wo- both of them die, both the man man, lacketh understanding : he that lay with the woman, and the that doth it, destroyeth his own woman : 80 shalt thou put away soul. A wound and dishonour shall evil from Israel.

he get, and his reproach shall not (s) Mat. 11. 21. Wo unto - be wiped away. (And so on to thee, Chorazin, wo unto thee, the end of the chapter.)

Bethsaids : for if the mighty (n) Ezra 9. 10. And now, O works which were done in you, our God, what shall we say after had been done in Tyre and Sidon, this? for we have forsaken thy they would have repented long commandments.

• ago in sackcloth and ashes. (O) Col. 3, 5. Mortify, there. (t) Isa, 1. 3. The ox knoweth fore, your members which are his owner, and the ass his masupon the earth; fornication, un- ter's crib; but Israel doth not cleanness, inordinate affection, know, my people doth not consievil concupiscence, and covetous.. der. Deut. 32. 6. Do te thus re. ness, which is idolatry. 1 Tim. 6. quite the Lord, O foolish people 10. For the love of money is the and unwise? is not he thy fa root of all evil ; which while some that hath bought thee? hath he coveted after, they have erred not made thee, and established from the faith, and pierced them thee? selves through with many sorrows. (0) Amos 4. 8, 9. So two or Josh. 7. 21. When I saw among three cities wandered into one the spoils a goodly Babylonish city, to drink water: but they garment, and two hundred she- , were not satisfied: yet have ye kels of silver, and a wedge of not returned unto me, saith the gold of fifty shekels weight, then Lord. I have smitten you with I coveted them, and took them. blasting and mildew; when your

(p) James 1. 14, 15. But every gardens, and your vineyards, and man is tempted, when he is drawn your fig-trees, aud your olive. away of his own lust, and enticed, trees increased, the palmer-worm Then, when lust hath conceived, devoured them : yet have ye not it bringeth forth sin: and sin, returned unto me, saith the Lord. when it is finished, bringeth forth ( w) Rom. 1. 26, 27. For this death.

cause God gave them up unto c9) Mat. 18. 7. Wo unto the vile affections: for even their world because of offences : for it women did change the natural must needs be that offences come: use into that which is against na

or private admonition (y), censures of the church (2), civil punishments (a); and our prayers, purposes, promises (b), vows (C), covenants (d), and engagements to God or men (e): if done deliberately (f), wilfully (g), presumptuously (h), impudently (i), boastingly (k), maliture: And likewise also the men, ing the harlot. Jer. 42. 5. Then leaving the natural use of the wo- they said to Jeremiah, The Lord man, burned in their lust one to be a true and faithful witness be. ward another, men with men tween us, if we do not even accor. working that which is unseemly, ding to all things for the which the and receiving in themselves that Lord thy God shall send thee to recompence of their error which us. was meet.

(C) Eccl. 5. 4. When thon rir) Rom. 1. 32. Who know. vowest a vow unto God, defer ing the judgment of God, (that not to pay it ; for he hath no plea. they which commit such things sure in fools; pay that which thou are worthy of death) not only do hast vowed. the same, but have pleasure in (d Lev. 26. 25. And I will them that do them. Dan. 5. 22. bring a sword upon you, that shall And thou his son, O Belshazzar, avenge the quarrel of my cove. hast not humbled thine heart, nant. though thou knewest all this, fe) Prov. 2. 17. Which for.

(y) Prov. 29. 1. He that being saketh the guide of her youh, often reproved hardeneth his and forgetteth the covenant of neck, shall suddenly be destroyó her God. Ezek. 17, 18, 19, Şeeed, and that without remedy i ng he despised the oath by break

rz) Tit. 3. 10. A man that ing the covenant, (when lo, he is an heretic, after the first and had given his hand) and hath done second admonition, reject. Mat. all these things, he shall not es. 18. 17. And if he shall neglect cape. Therefore thus saith the to hear them, tell it unto the Lord God, As I live, surely mine church: but if he neglect to oath that he hath despised, and hear the church, let him be unto my covenant that he hath broken, thee as an heathen man, and a even it will I recompence upon publican.

his own head. (a) Prov. 27. 22. Though thou (f) Psal. 36. 4. He deviseth shouldest bray a fool in a mortar mischief upon his bed; he setteth among wheat with a pestle, yet himself in a way that is not good : will not his foolishness depart he abhorreth not evil. from him. Prov. 23. 35. They (g) Jer. 6. 16. Thus saith the have stricken me, shalt thou say, Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and and I was not sick'; they have bea- see, 'and ask for the old paths, ten me, and I felt it not : when where is the good way, and walk shall I awake? I will seek it yet therein, and ye shall find rest for again.

your souls : but they said, We (6) Jer. 2. 20. For of old will not walk therein. time I have broken thy yoke, and rh) Numb. 15. 30. But the burst thy bands, and thou saidst, soul that doeth ought presumptuI will not transgress : when upon ously (whether he be born in the every high hill, and under every land, or a stranger) the same regreen tree, thou wanderest, play- proacheth the Lord, and that soul

'ciously (1), frequently (m), obstinately (n), with delight(o), continuance (p), or relapsing after repentance (9).

4. From circumstances of time(r), and place (s): if on the Lord's day (t), or other times of divine worship (v);

shall be cut off from among his frowardly in the way of his heart. people. Exod. 21. 14. But if a (9) Jer. 34. 8. 11. This is the man come presumptuously upon word that came unto Jeremiah his neighbour to slay

· to slay him with from the Lord, after that the guile; thou shalt take him from king Zedekiah had made a core. mine altar, that he may die. nant with all the people which

ri) Jer. 3. 3. Therefore the were at Jerusalem, to proclaim showers have been withholden, liberty unto them. But afterwards and there hath been no latter they turned and caused the ser. rain, and thou hadst a whore's vants and the handmaids, whom forehead, thou refusedst to be they had let go free, to return, ashamed. Prov. 7. 13. So she and brought them into subjection caught him and kissed him, and for servants, and for handmaids. with an impudent face said unto 2 Pet. 2. 20. For if after they him.

have escaped the pollutions of the (k) Psal. 52. 1. Why boastest world, through the knowledge of thou thyself in mischief, O mighty the Lord and Saviour, Jesus man?

Christ, they are again entangled 3 John 10. Wherefore if therein, and overcome; the latI come, I will remember his deeds ter end is worse with them than which he doeth, prating against the beginning. us with malicious words.

(r) 2 Kings 5. 26. And he said (m) Numb. 14. 22. Because unto him, (Gehazi,) Went not all those men which have seen my mine heart with thee, when the glory and my miracles which I did man turned again from his chariot in Egypt, and in the wilderness, to meet thee? is it a time to reand have tempted ine now these ceive money, and to receive gar. ten times, and have not hearken- ments, and olive-yards, and vineed to my voice,

yards, and sheep, and oxen, and (n) Žech. 7, 11, 12. But they men-servants, and maid-servants ? refused to hearken, and pulled (8) Jer. 7. 10. Anu come and away the shoulder, and stopped stand before me in this house, their ears, that they should not which is called by my name, and hear. Yea, iney made their hearts say, We are delivered to do all as an adamant stone, lest they these abominations. should hear the law, and the It) Ezek. 23. 38. Moreover, words which the Lord of hosts this they have done unto me: hath sent in his Spirit by the for- they have elefiled my sanctuary in mer prophets : therefore came a the same day, and have profaned great wrath from the Lord of hosts. my sabbaths.

(0) Prov. 2. 14. Who rejoice (0) Isa. 58. 3. Wherefore to do evil, and delight in the fro- have we fasted, say they, and wardness of the wicked.

thou seest not? wherefore have c ) Isa. 57. 17. For the ini- we afflicted our soul, and thou quity of his covetousness was I takest no knowledge ? Behold, in wroth, and smote him : I hid me, the day of your fast you find pleaand was wroth, and he went on sure, and exact all your labours.

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