Our Ocean Highways: a Condensed Universal Hand Gazetteer and International Route Book, by Ocean, Road, Or Rail: Being a Complete Book of Reference and Guide for the Traveller to Every Known Port and Chief City in the Whole World, and Containing Every Information Respecting Communication by Sea Or Land, Telegraph Rates, Postal Arrangements, Situation, Climate, Population, Government ...

E. Stanford, 1871 - 482 sivua
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Sivu x - Sykes's hydrometer, and so in proportion for any greater or less strength than the strength of proof, and for any greater or less quantity than a gallon, viz. : — Not being Spirits or strong Waters...
Sivu x - Company's charter, not being sweetened or mixed with any article, so that the degree of strength thereof cannot be exactly ascertained by such hydrometer, 9s.
Sivu xxvi - Passports are granted to all persons either known to the Secretary of State or recommended to him by some person who is known to him ; or upon the application of any banking firm established in London or...
Sivu xxviii - The bearer of every Passport granted by the Foreign Office should sign his Passport as soon as he receives it; without such signature either the visa may be refused, or the validity of the Passport questioned abroad.
Sivu x - Spirits" .... gallon 014 0 unenuinenited » 0 14 0 (Spirits or Strong Waters, imported into the United Kingdom, mixed with any ingredient, and although thereby coming under some other...
Sivu xxvii - Foreign Office with the certificate of identity granted on his behalf ; and his certificate of naturalization will be returned with the passport to the person who may have granted the certificate of identity, in order that he may cause such naturalized British subject to sign ' the passport in his presence.
Sivu xi - No more than 10 per cent, of proof spirit shall be used in the fortifying of any wine in bond; nor shall any wine be fortified in bond to a greater degree of strength than 40 per cent, of such proof spirit.
Sivu xxviii - Office ; but the passports will be issued at the outports immediately on application, accompanied by the production of a certificate of identity, within such hours as may be fixed with regard to the convenience of persons desirous of embarking for the Continent. 7. A passport cannot be sent by the Foreign Office, or by an agent at an outport, to a person already abroad ; such person, being a British-born subject, should apply for one to the nearest British mission or consulate. A passport cannot...
Sivu xxviii - England without having had their passports mil at the Russian Consulate in London. MODEL FORM OF CERTIFICATE OF IDENTITY, to be written out in full, signed and sealed by the person giving it ; and also by the person in whose behalf it it granted.
Sivu xxvii - ... his passport will be marked as good for one year only ; or should the certificate be dated subsequently to the 1st of August...

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