Hearings on the Tariff Before the Committee on Finance of the United States Senate on House Bill 4413, Sixty-second Congress ...

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1911 - 229 sivua
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Sivu 141 - ... required for the strict enforcement of this provision. Cattle, horses, sheep, or other domestic animals straying across the boundary line into any foreign country, or driven across such boundary line by the owner for temporary pasturage purposes only, together with their offspring, may be brought back to the United States within six months free of duty, under regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury...
Sivu 155 - The farm: best home of the family; main source of national wealth; foundation of civilized society; the natural Providence.
Sivu 160 - The CHAIRMAN. The committee will now stand adjourned until to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock. (Thereupon at 1 o'clock pm the committee adjourned until tomorrow.
Sivu 168 - ... and be it further Resolved, That these resolutions be spread on the minutes of this meeting...
Sivu 159 - I venture to say that there are thousands and thousands of people in this country who are annually losing $U.55 on the cattle that they have fed; on the cattle they lose from $10 to $20 "Senator STONE. Do you attribute that to reciprocity in any way? "Mr. BURKE. No, sir; I attribute it to simply conditions altogether in this country, but I do say — and I base this point showing the very narrow margins...
Sivu 68 - Newfoundland into this country during the year 1907; whilst, according to the statistics published by the Bureau of Statistics of the Department of Commerce...
Sivu 7 - ... if weighing over 10 pounds and not over 25 pounds per dozen, 30 cents per pound and 10 per cent ad valorem; if weighing over 25 pounds per dozen, 20 cents per pound and 10 per cent ad valorem. The...
Sivu 119 - April, 1910) will greatly increase the beef stocks of the United States is a question yet to be decided. Those in a position to judge of the future look for the home demand to quite overtake the supply within a few years.
Sivu 210 - I hereby certify that the above statement is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Sivu 109 - That the Chief of the Consular Bureau, the Chief of the Bureau of Manufactures of the Department of Commerce and Labor, and the Chief Examiner of the Civil Service Commission shall constitute a board of examiners for admission to the Consular Service.

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