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different one! Theirs is a design of ambition and revenge; but the design of the Lord is of mercy to his chosen, and of judgment to his and their foes. But let them take the prophet's advice, Zech. chap. ii. 13. "Be silent, oh all flesh, before the Lord; for he is raised up out of his holy habitation."

It may not be amiss if we insert here a passage from "Dr. Owen's Sermon," which he preached before the parliament of England, April 19th, 1649. See page 25 of the doctor's Sermon.

"The Lord Jesus Christ, by his mighty power in these latter days, as antichristian tyranny draws to its period, will so far shake and translate the political heights, governments, and strength of the nations, as shall serve for the full bringing in of his own peaceable kingdom: the nations so shaken becoming thereby a quiet habitation for the people of the Most High."

Page 47, he says,

"When Christ was to come in the flesh, John the Baptist comes a little before: a new light, a new preacher. And what does he discover and reveal? Why, he calls them off from resting on legal ceremonies, to the doctrine of faith, repentance, and Gospel ordinances; tells them the kingdom of God is at hand; instructs them in the knowledge of him who was coming. To what end was all this? only that the minds of

men, being enlightened by his preaching, who was a burning and shining lamp, they might see what the Lord was doing.

"Every age has its peculiar work and light. Now, what is the light which God manifestly gives in our days? No new doctrines, as some pretend; but plainly the peculiar light (of some) of this generation, is that discovery, which the Lord hath made to those of his people, of the mystery of civil and ecclesiastical tyranny; the opening, unravelling, and revealing the antichristian interest, interwoven and coupled together in civil and spiritual things, into a state opposite to the kingdom of the Lord Jesus. This is one of the greatest discoveries of our days. What judicious Christian is there among us that cannot discern, that for many generations the western nations have been juggled into spiritual and civil slavery by the legerdemain of the whore, and the potentates of the earth, made drunk with the cup of her abominations? how the whole earth has been rolled into confusion, and saints hurried out of the world, to give way to their combined interest? Hath not God unveiled that harlot (at least to the discerning of his own people,) and made her naked, and exposed her abominable filthiness? Is it not evident to those who have but half an eye, that the whole present constitution of the government of the nations is so cemented with antichristian

mortar from the very top to the bottom, that without a thorough shaking they cannot be cleansed? This then plainly discovers, that the work which the Lord is now doing relates to the untwining of their close combination against himself, and the kingdom of his dear Son. And as sure as he has begun, he will go on, and finish this great and glorious work."

Surely, if the doctor was now living, he could not describe the present times and the signs of them in more glowing colours, nor with more minute exactness !


Notwithstanding the foregoing predictions and prophecies bear the most unquestionable marks of divine authenticity, it is past doubt some of an infidel and atheistical description may disbelieve and scoff at the same. To such we observe, that the time is at no great distance when they will be constrained to believe, and to bewail their former unbelief, from a sight and a sense of the things predicted of!—To those who have learned to believe, by receiving the wisdom that cometh from above,' we suggest an imitation of the example of those 'noble Bereans' who daily searched the Scriptures, as the most effectual mode to obtain undeniable evidence of

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the truth and reality of what they heard. From such a conduct the clearest convictions of the truth will arise, and the mind be enlightened to discover the signs of the times in the most effectual manner. That all may be thus convinced and thus enlightened, is our most ardent prayer.

John Houblon and the Rev. John Wesley: 1789. A terrible Vision.

THIS person, a smith by trade, was a hearer of the late Mr. John Wesley, and a communicant at his chapel in the City-road. Being a very industrious man, and of a very fair character and severe morals, Mr. Wesley frequently called upon him. In the last year of Mr. Wesley's life, calling one forenoon on Houblon, he appeared dispirited and sad; and being asked the cause, he acknowledged it arose from a terrible dream which had been repeated to him three several nights, He dreamed he saw the angel of the Lord descend from heaven, bearing in his right hand a flaming sword, and in his left a balance; his head touched the heavens, and his countenance beamed such terror, as made the hearts of all the inhabitants tremble. A voice then thundered from heaven, saying, "Time is." He then

saw London filled with foreign soldiers, and the streets strewed with carcasses and human blood, and fancied he was fighting for the right of the Prince of Wales. Mr. Wesley, upon hearing this, prayed with him, and comforted him, enjoining him to search the Scriptures diligently, where he would find that God Almighty had often vouchsafed to warn his righteous servants in visions by night, and that if he continued to lead a holy life, he might expect such warnings; adding, that he had long foreseen troublesome times in this country, but hoped, so far advanced in years as he was, that the Almighty, in his mercy and goodness, would not suffer him to tarry till the judgment came.

Mr. Andrew Steward, Minister of Dunagor in Scotland: 1634.—Wars in Britain.—Deaths of remarkable Persons.

THE night when he died, several godly and grave Christians were with him, when he said, "The bloody wars of Germany shall never be balanced with the wars to come of these three kingdoms." After holding his peace a little, he said, "I tell you what must be the broken covenant of Scotland must be renewed, the forma

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