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a manner as complete as that of Jerusalem. Then shall the world enjoy uninterrupted and tranquillity for 500 years. Happy are those who may live to see these days! But still more happy those nations and those individuals, who have softened rather than increased the infliction of the divine wrath upon his elect people, the Jews!

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The Cry of a Stone; or a relation of something
spoken at Whitehall, by Anna Trapnel, (being
in the Visions of God,) relating to Governors,
Armies, Churches, &c. Printed 1653
The Knowledge of the Times; or how long it shall be
until the end of Wonders. By John Tillinghast, a
servant of Jesus Christ. Printed 1654
Extracts from Lord Chesterfield's Letters, 8vo. edition
Remarkable Prophecies of Michael Nostradamus.
Published in France in 1555, and republished with
Annotations in London in 1672
Extract from William Lilly's Works, 1645
Prediction of Baron de Swedenbourg.

Arcana Coleste

Mr. Turien on Revelations, chap. xi. ver. 13.
Count Guibert,.. Extract from his writings

Extract from John Wilson's Sermon
Predictions of Mr. Christopher Love, 1651
The Prophecy of John Lacy, 1707

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Extracted from

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Nixon's Cheshire Prophecy, at large; published from
Lady Cowper's correct copy, in the reign of Queen

Prophecy of the French Revolution, from a publication
by the late Mr. Peter Jurieu, in 1687
Extract from Bishop Newton's Dissertations on the
Prophecies, 1760

Anne; with historical and political remarks; and several instances wherein it has been fulfilled.

his life. By John Oldmixon, Esq.





Extract from Tillotson's Sermons; edited by Doctor

Note of the Original Editor, to Part the Second

A remarkable Prophecy found in the Library of

Salizarius of Heidelburgh. Extracted from Moore's
Almanack of 1755

Prophecy of Paul Grebnar, delivered by him to Queen
Elizabeth in 1582

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Extracts from Doctor Hartley's Observations on Man.
Printed 1749
Extract from a Sermon preached in the Chapel of
Trinity College, Cambridge, October 13th, 1793.
On the danger of Persecution

Prediction of the learned and pious Archbishop Usher.
Printed by Licence, 1652
Prophecy of Sybella Tiburtina, found in Mount Taurus
in Switzerland, 1520. Extracted from Catastrophe

Mundi, page 86

Prophecy of Malachy, a popish saint, declaring the
number, and some marks of all the Popes that shall
be hereafter, together with the final destruction of
Popery and the city of Rome. Delivered about the
year 1140
Predictions of Peter du Molin: extracted from his book
entitled The Accomplishment of the Prophecies.
Translated 1613

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Extracts from a Work entitled A Cry from the Desert.
Printed in 1707











Visions of Christopher Kotterus, compiled by Johannes
Commenius. Printed 1664
Remarkable Prophecy of St. Thomas of Becket, 1170.
Printed at Oxford, 1666

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Daniel's description of the four monarchies, in four
Extracted from John Tillinghast's

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A Warning to the World; or prophetical numbers, cal

culated by the Rev. Mr. Clarke, 1769 Fatality of Rome, by Dr. John Pell

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Introductory address to the prediction of Mr. W. B.
by J. Lawrence of Bristol, 1794
Predictions of Mr. W. B.

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Amongst numerous other curious articles included in
the above two chopters will be found the

Prophecy of Hildegardis, in 1146, as approved and
published by M. Luther

Protestants massacred in France, in 1570-72 and



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Signs of the present and future times, by Dr. Porteus,

Bishop of London

Universal extent of the Grand Apostacy. By Sir Isaac

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Universal War; Discharges to Priests; and Lessons to

Fatal difference between the French and English mode of carrying on Commerce, &c. By Dr. Samuel Johnson

M. d'Archenholtz: 1789---On armed Commerce, and
the Fate of Carthage

Extract from a Sermon preached at Oxford, Nov.
5th, 1781, by W. Crowe, L.L. B.
Extract from a Declamation, delivered in the chapel
of Trinity College, Cambridge, 1794


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