On the nature of thunderstorms; and on the means of protecting buildings and shipping against ... lightning


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Sivu 231 - AN INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF CHEMICAL PHILOSOPHY : being a preparatory View of the Forces which concur to the Production of Chemical Phenomena. By J. FREDERIC DANIELL, FRS Professor of Chemistry in King's College, London ; and Lecturer on Chemistry and Geology in the Hon. East India Company's Military Seminary at Addiscombe ; and Author of Meteorological Essays.
Sivu 230 - A MANUAL of CHRISTIAN ANTIQUITIES; an Account of the Constitution, Ministers, Worship, Discipline, and Customs of the Early Church : with a complete Analysis of the Works of the Antenicene Fathers. By the Rev. JE RIDDLE, MA New Edition.
Sivu 235 - LECTURES ON THE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF PHYSIC. Delivered at King's College, London. A new American, from the last revised and enlarged English edition, with Additions, by D. FRANCIS CONDIE, MD, author of ".A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Children,
Sivu 159 - Method," insists upon the duty of carefully ascertaining facts in the iirst place, nud then reasoning upon them towards conclusions. "Man," he says, "who is the servant and interpreter of nature, can act and understand no further than he has, either in operation or in contempla,tion, observed of the method and order of nature.
Sivu 230 - CV. *HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH ; from the Ascension of Jesus Christ to the Conversion of Constantine. By the late EDWARD BURTON, DD, Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford.
Sivu 233 - THE NEW CRATYLUS ; or Contributions towards a more accurate knowledge of the Greek Language.
Sivu 231 - With Plates. Two Volumes. Octavo. 32s. On Thunder Storms, and on the Means of Protecting Buildings and Shipping against the Effects of Lightning. By Sir W.
Sivu 235 - POPULAR PHYSIOLOGY ; being a familiar Explanation of the most Interesting Facts connected with the Structure and Functions of Animals, and particularly of Man ; adapted for general Readers.
Sivu 234 - THE CHURCHMAN'S GUIDE; A Copious Index of Sermons and other Works, by eminent Church of England Divines ; digested and arranged according to their subjects, and brought down to the present day. By JOHN FORSTER, MA, Incumbent of the Royal Chapel in the Savoy, London.
Sivu 242 - Guineas. a Comprehensive Digest of the Civil and Natural History, Geography, Statistics, and General Literary Information, connected with the Sacred Writings; illustrated by Several Hundred "Wood Cuts.

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