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415. Increase of manufactures in, ii. Manufactures in India, state of, ii. 142.
416. Increase of transportation, ibid. and agriculture, Mr. Senior's view
Wages of, ij. 417. Savings' banks of, ii. of the differences between, i. 252.
421. Paupers in, ibid. Absentecism of, Marriages in France, iii. 13. Netherlands,
considered, ii. 428. Emigration from, iii. 14. England, iii. 17. The United
iii. 44.

States, iii. 41. Erroneous mode of es.
Iron manufacture in France, England, timating the ratio of, to population, iii.
and the United States, ii. 158.

Italy, Spanish administration of, iii. 137. Massachusetts, banks of, ii. 242.

Influence of wealth on the political cducation in, ii. 194.
condition of, iii. 126.

Mill, Mr., review of his doctrine of rent,
Jacquard, persecution of, ii. 79.

i. 213.
Jones, Rev. R., review of his doctrines, review of his doctrine of population,
i. 281.

iii. 68.

Mines in France, cannot be worked with.

out permission of the Crown, ii. 83.
Labour, the sole cause of value, i. 19. Monopolics, injustice of, ii. 319.

5, quantity and quality of, the mea. government, in France, ii. 80.
sure of value, i. 12. Not invariably a Mouzawar scttlement in India, ii. 93.
cause of value, i. 135. Production of, in
the ratio of security, ii. 285.

Laborde's account of French agriculture, Navigation of France, England, and
ii. 136.

United States, ii. 160.
Land, of value in, i. 27. Effect of im- Netherlands, movement of population

proved machinery in diminishing the in the, iii. 14. Marriages, births, and
labour value of, i. 28. Views of Mr. deaths in, ibid. Duration of life in,
M'Culloch, Mr. Senior, and others, in iii. 20. Ratio of marriages to popula-
regard to value in, i. 20. Mode in which tion in, iii. 36. Fecundity of marriages
the various qualities are successively in, iii. 40. Illegitimate births in, iii.

brought into cultivation, i. 29, 35. 41. Chastity in, ibid. Efficiency of
Law of population, iii. 3.

labour in, iii. 45. Early prosperity of,
Licinian laws, inefficacy of the, iii. 121. ii. 437. Heavy taxes of, ii. 438.
Life, duration of, France, Netherlands, New South Wales, early settlements in,

and England, iii. 20. In the United i. 49. Value of labour in, i. 53. Cost
States, iii. 22, 25.

of living in, i. 54.
Limitation of liability, commonly asso- New York, value of real estate in, i. 106.
ciated with monopoly, ji. 250.

Police of, ii. 109. Education in, ii. 195.
Liverpool, state of education in, ii. 192. Banks of, ii, 242.
Lombard history, prosperous period of, Norway, corn banks of, ii. 250. General
iii. 129.

security of person and property in, ii.
London, rental of, i. 119. Police of, ii. 443. Restrictions upon trade in, ii. 444.

Small amount of taxes in, ii. 445.
Losscs of France, from 1803 to 1815, ii. Growth of capital in, ibid. Wages

in, ii. 448. Bastardy in, ii. 449. Rapid
Lyons, divided into four collection dis. growth of population under the new
tricts, with different rates of duty, ii.85. constitution, iii.50. Influence of wealth

on the political condition of, iii. 163.
M'Culloch, Mr., his definition of political

science, i. viii. His theory of the cause Octroi, the, or tax on consumption, in
of value, i. 20. Review of his doctrine of France, ii. 84.
rent, i. 227—and of population, iii. 64. Ohio, value of real estate in, i. 105. Edu.
Malthus on the cause of value in land, i. cation in, ii. 196.

20. Review of his doctrine of rent, i. Opium, monopoly of, in India, ii. 104.

158—and of population, iii. 53.
Man desires to maintain and to improve

his condition, i. 1.

Pauperism of France, ii. 212. or Eng.
Manchester, state of cducation in, ii. 192.

ii. 219.

Penn, William, expenditures of, i. 107. Price, of, i. 16. Causes which tend to
Pennsylvania, wages of early settlers in, produce changes of, i. 17. Effect of
i. 52. Education in, ii. 196.

improved machinery upon, i. 29. Fluc.
Permanent settlement of Bengal, ii. 94. tuations of, i. 145. Of capital tends to
Personal services, claims of the commu fall, i. 151.

nity for, in England and the United Principle, great democratic, iii. 117.
States, ii. 29—in France, ii. 42. Printers and butchers of Paris limited in
taxes, injustice of, ii. 316.

number, ii. 83.
Philadelphia, value of property in, i. 120. Privileges, insecurity produced by grant
banks of, ii. 242.

of, ii. 32.
Pindarees of India, ii. 52.

Producers of wealth, who are, i. 3.
Places of exchange, restrictions upon, in Production, of, i. 2, ii. 280. How affected

England and United States, ii. 68. by political condition, iii. 212.
Poland, influence of wealth upon the po- Productive power of India, ii. 280. France,
litical condition of, iii. 167.

ii. 282. Great Britain, ii. 283. United
Police of United States and England, ii. States, ii. 284.

Productiveness of English and French
Political condition of man, influence of agriculture, ii. 134, 139.

wealth upon, iii. 95-in Greece, iii. Products, divided into material and im.
111-in Rome, ii. 118—in Lombardy, material, by Adam Smith, i. 3. Re-
i. 126—in Spain, iii. 130—in France, marks upon this doctrine, by Mr. Se.
iii. 140—in Denmark, iii. 160—in Nor. nior, ibid.
way, iii. 163—in Germany, iii. 166— Profit, how influenced by extension of
in Poland, iii. 167—in Holland, iii. cultivation, i. 73. Causes of low rate
169—in England, iii. 172—in Scot. of, in England, ibid., note. Definition
land, iii. 181-in the United States, of, i. 321-by Mr. Malthus, i. 326_by
iii. 182—in Asia, iii. 209.

Mr. Mill, ibid.—Mr. M'Culloch, ibid.
influence of, upon the production -Mr. Senior, i. 328.
of wealth, iii. 212. In India, in. 215 Profits in England, i. 90—in the United
-in France, ibid.—in England, iii. 216 States, i. 93—in Australia, i. 96.

-in the United States, iii. 218. Provisions, comparative view of prices of,
Political economist, duty of a, i. xiv. at different periods in England, i. 64.

freedom, what constitutes, iii. 96— | Public libraries of Europe, ii. 198.
tends to increase with extension of cul- Prussia, population of, iii. 48.
tiyation, iii. 97.

science, definitions of, i. viii.
Poor-laws, in England, effect of, ii. 221. Quality of labour, India, France, Eng.

tax, England, ii. 219. Massachu land, and the United States, ii. 126.
setts, ii. 110. New York, ii. 112. Every improvement therein diminishes
Population, law of, iii. 3. Movement of, the severity of labour, ii. 273.

in France, iii. 13—in the Netherlands, Quantity of labour diminishes with im-
iii. 14—in England, ibid.-in the provement of its quality, ibid.
United States, iii. 16, 26—in Russia, Quetelet on Population, review of, jii. 86.
iü. 48—in Guanaxuato, iii. 49.
- tends to increase with improvement

of physical and moral condition, ii. 12. | Rail.roads in France, ii. 174. England,
Measure of increase a measure of the ii. 176. United States, ii. 177.
productive power, iii. 50. Malthus on, Ramsay on Distribution of Wealth, re-
reviewed, iii. 53. M'Culloch on, iii. 64. viewed, i. 295, note.
Mill on, iii. 68. Scrope on, iii. 82. Relics of serfdom in England, ii. 277.
Wakefield on, iii. 79. Chalmers on, iii. Religious instruction in France, ii. 199.
80. Senior on, iii. 71. Greg on, iii. 83. England, ii. 201. United States, ii.
Quetelet on, iii. 86.

Poverty of new settlements, Virginia, Rent, cause of, i. 27. Not due to mono-

North Carolina, Canada, New South poly, i. 273. Increase of, always ac-
Wales, &c., i. 49.

companies improved condition of the
Precious metals, amount of, in France, labourer, i. 251. Mr. Senior's views
ii. 236.

of the difference between profit and

rent, i. 333. Malthus on, reviewed, i. States, France, and India, compared,
158. Ricardo on, i. 187. Mill on, i. ii. 22.
213. Say on, i. 217. Torrens on, i. property, England, United States,
218. Wakefield

on, i. 223. Chalmers France, and India, ii. 57.
on, i. 224. M'Cullochon, i. 227. Senior, Mr., his definition of political
Scrope on, i. 236. Senior on, i. 238. science, i. viji. On the cause of value,
Jones on, i. 281.

i. 20. Review of the same, i. 238. On
Republicans of Florence, Genoa and Ve. population, reviewed, iii. 71.

nice, desired subjects, not fellow citi. Silk culture in France, product of, ii.
zens, iii. 130.

134. Improvements in, ii. 135. Infe-
Restrictions upon exchanges, England riority of, ibid. Heavy burthens borne
and United States, ii. 69. Upon trade

by, ii. 87.
and agriculture, France, ii. 80. China, United States, ii. 141.
ii. 450.

Slavery, disappears with the growth of
Revenue, definition of, i. 292.

wcalth, iii. 101. In the United States,
- public, restraints produced by the iii. 196. Scotland and England, iii.
necessity for raising, ii. 65.

197. France and India, ibid. Jamaica,
of the United States, losses in col. iii. 200.
lection of, ii. 247.

Slavos, condition of, in the United States,
system of India, ii. 348. France, ii. iii. 201. Gradual improvement of, ibid.
355. England, ii. 364. United States, Smuggling in France, ii. 84.
ii. 378.

Spain, insecurity of person and property
Revolutions in India, iii. 215. France, in, ii. 438. Absence of capital in, ii.

iii. 216. England, iii. 217. United 439. Influence of wealth upon the
States, iii. 218.

political condition of, iji. 130.
Ricardo, Mr., review of his doctrine of State of manufactures in France, ii. 143.
rent, i. 187.

States general of France, last appearance
Roads in India, ii. 171.

of, iii. 151.
and canals of France, ii. 173. Eng. Steain vessels of France, England, and
land, ii. 176. United States, ibid. United States, ii. 163.
Rome, influence of wealth on the politi. Suicides in France, ii. 217.
cal condition of, iii. 118.

Swan river, early settlement upon, i. 49.
poverty and idleness in, increase Value of land at, i. 50.
with extension of dominion, iii. 123. Sweden, restrictions upon trade of, ii.
Russia, population of, iii. 48.

440. Slow growth of population in,
Ryotwar settlement in India, ii. 93. ibid. Absence of capital in, ii. 441.

Imports and exports of, ibid. Wages

of, ii. 442.
Salt monopoly of India, ii. 103.
Savings' banks of France, ii. 237. Of

England, ii. 239.

Taxes on consumption, injustice of, ii.
Say, Mr., review of his doctrines, i. 217. 319.
School fund of Massachusetts, ii. 110. capital, disadvantage of, ibid.
Scotland, condition of, in the 17th and income, advantages of, ii. 321.

18th centuries, i. 65. Effect of in- Taxation, Massachusetts, ii. 110. New
creased security in, ii. 412. Wages York, ii. 112. Ohio, ii. 113. Virginia,
in, ii. 413. Influence of wealth on the ii. 114. South Carolina, ibid. United
political condition of, iji. 181.

States, ibid. Great Britain, ii. 117.
Scottish banks, system of, ii. 260.

France, ii. 121. India, ii. 124. Malabar,
Scrope, Mr. P., on rent, reviewed, i. 236. ii. 97. Various modes of, ii. 316. Mr.
On population, reviewed, iii. 82.

M'Culloch's views of the advantages
Security of person and property, the ob- of, ii. 340.

ject of government, ii. 11. Increases Tithes, effect of, i. 264, ii. 370.
with extension of cultivation upon in- Tocqueville, M. de, review of, iii. 231.
ferior soils, ii. 15. And with increase Torrens on Value, i. 20. Reviewed, i.
of population, ii. 55. Is also obtained 218.
at constantly diminishing cost, ii. 124.

Security of person, England, the United United States, value of real estate in, i.
106. Freedom of action in, ii. 33. 22. Premium of insurance upon lives,
Freedom of thought, ii. 36. In the iii. 37. Ratio of marriages to popula.
expression of opinion, ji. 38. Combi. tion, iii. 36. Fecundity of marriages,
nations in, ii. 31. Security of person, iii. 40. Illegitimate births, iii. 41.
ii. 26. Crimes against the person, ibid. Chastity, ibid. Emigration, ini. 43.
Security of property, ii. 58. Absti. Efficiency of labour, iii. 45. Influence
nence from war, by the, ii. 28. Ab. of wealth upon the political condition
sence of privileges in, ii. 63. Inspec. of, iii. 182.
tions in, ii. 67. Restrictions upon ex- Universal poverty of India, ii. 128.
changes with foreign nations, ii. 69. Unproductive expenditure, United States,
Police of New York, ii. 109. Ex- England, France, and India, ü. 107.
penditure of Massachusetts, ii. 110.
School fund of Massachusetts, ibid.

Expenditure of New York, ii. 112. Value, cause of, i. 18. Nature and mou-
Value of property in Massachusetts, sure of, ibid.
ii. 110. New York, ii. 112. Ohio, ii. -, Malthus, M'Culloch, Senior, and
113. Expenditure of United States, others, on, i. 20.
ii. 114. Relative increase of popula- in land, of, i. 27. Cause of, i. 48.
tion and expenditure, ii. 115. State Not the result of monopoly, i. 271.
of agriculture in, ii. 140. Invention in Swan river settlement, i. 50.
of cotton-gin in, ibid. Quantity of wool Van Dieman's land settlement, i. 54.
raised, ibid. Silk culture in, ii. 141. Value of land in; i. 55. Slow sale of
Improvement in breed of cattle, ibid. land in, i. 119.
Extensive flour mills in, ii. 142. Agri- Vineyards of France, increase of, ii.
cultural wages in, ibid. Cotton manu. 134.
facture, number of persons employed
in, ii. 148. Iron manufacture, ii. 158.

Application of machinery to the pro-Wages, how influenced by extension of
duction of houses, ibid. Navigation cultivation, i. 49. Definition of the
of, ii. 160. Fisheries of, ii. 163. Wha- term, i. 321. Of Europeans, Hindoos,
ling trade of, ii. 164. Exports of, ii. and Chinese, compared, ii. 129. of
168. Imports, ii. 169. Roads and agricultural labour in France, .ii. 137.
canals of, ii. 176. Bridges in, ii. 177. In England, ii. 139. Of manufacturing
Facilities of correspondence, ii. 180. labour in India, ii. 143. In France,
State of education in, ii. 194. Col. ii. 144. Of Greenwich hospital, ii.
leges in, ii. 197. Medical and theo. 158. In Indin, never paid in money,
logical institutions in, ii. 198. Ap- except when grain is dear, ii. 129.
prentices' libraries in, ibid. School In Sweden, ii. 442. In Norway, ii.
district libraries in, ibid. Religious 448. The rise of, when preceded by
instruction in, ii. 203. Rapid increase a rise in the price of commodities, is
of church accommodation in, ii. 204.

temporary, i. 157. When preceded or
Theological schools in, ibid. Habit of

accompanied by a fall in the price of
industry in, ii. 226. Bastardy in, ii. 229. commodities, is permanent, ibid.
Credit in, ii. 241. State banks in, ii. Wakefield on Rent, reviewed, i. 223.
242. Bank of United States, ii. 243. Population, reviewed, iii. 79.
Growth of banking system, ii. 245. Want of facilities for transportation in
Failures of banks, ii. 246. Revenue France, ii. 175.
of, ii. 247. Universal confidence in Waste lands of France, great extent of,
bank notes as a medium of circulation, ii. 136.
ü. 247. Bankruptcies in, ibid. Cur- Wealth, of the production of, i: 2. Who
rency of, ii. 259. Superior quality of are the producers of, i. 3. Distribu-
labour of the people of the, ii. 265. tion of, i. 19. Increase of, tends to tho
Production of, ii. 284. Revenue sys. promotion of physical, moral, and po-
tem of, ii. 378. Distribution of public litical condition, iii. 100. Decrease, to
revenue of, ii. 393. Distribution of

physical, moral, and political deterio
private revenue of, ii. 403. Movement ration, ibid. Influence of, upon the pa
of population in, iii. 17, 26. Immi. litical condition of Greece, üi. 109.
gration, iii. 18. Duration of life, iii. Rome, iii. 118. Italy, üi. 126. Spain,
lii. 130. France, iii. 140. Denmark, United States, ii. 164.
ii. 160. Norway, iii. 163. Germany, Whately, Archbishop, his definition of
iii. 166. Holland, iii. 169. England, political science, i. yiii.
ii. 172. Scotland, iii. 181. United Whitney's cotton-gin, effect of, i. 205

States, iii. 182. Hindostan, iii. 209.
Western Australia, condition of settlers

in i. 68. Value of property in, i. 112. Zemindary settlement in India, ii. 95.
Whaling trade of France, England and

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