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Regulations for the fitting up and securing of Warehouses, Vaults, Yards, and Ponds, intended for the reception (and bonding free of Duty) of Foreign Goods under the Warehousing Acts: with the privileges appertaining to WAREHOUSES of SPECIAL Security, of EXTRA Security, and of ŎRDINARY Security (THE ADVANTAGES OF WHICH ARE SOUGHT TO BE CONFERRED ON INLAND TOWNS). The Laws relating to the protection of the Property of Merchants and others entrusted to Factors and Agents; to the Trade with the EAST INDIES and CHINA, the ISLE OF MAN, the Islands of GUERNSEY, JERSEY, ALDERNEY, and SARK; and the British Possessions abroad, including those on the WEST COAST OF AFRICA, the CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, NEW SOUTH WALES, and VAN DIEMEN'S LAND, and the British Islands in the WEST INDIES: Rules to be observed in the Entry and Shipment of Goods, and in Reporting and Clearing of Vessels; with an abstract of the Laws relating to Smuggling, &c. &c.

This Volume is strongly recommended to the notice of the Public for its intrinsic value.








Regulations for the Appointment, Instruction, and Conduct of the Officers of the Customs; a Statement of various attempts to Smuggle Goods; Rules to be observed in Charging Officers; Useful Tables and Information; Laws and Orders relative to Seizures; Numerous examples of the ENTRY, EXAMINATION, and DELIVERY OF Foreign GOODS; Instructions for GAUGING and the MENSURATION OF TIMBER. Tables of TARES AND OTHER ALLOWANCES to which the Merchant is entitled according to Present Practice; and a Descriptive Account of the General Appearance, Distinctive Marks, the Country of Production, and the uses to which commonly applied, of the principle articles of Commerce, &c. &c. &c.

This Volume is also recommended with confidence to the Public and the Officers of the Customs for the valuable Information it contains, and which is not otherwise to be obtained.

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Showing the DUTIES payable on Foreign Goods imported into GREAT BRITAIN, IRELAND, the ISLE OF MAN, the CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, the Island of Mauritius, NEW SOUTH WALES, VAN DIEMEN'S LAND, and the BRITISH POSSESSIONS IN AMERICA. With a List of the ARTICLES PROHIBITED to be imported into or exported from those places respectively; a List of the WAREHOUSING PORTS in the United Kingdom; Tables of the BOUNTIES and DRAWBACKS of the Customs and Excise; the TONNAGE DUTIES, Foreign and Coastwise; Countervailing Duties between England and Ireland; the INLAND DUTIES OF EXCISE; the whole forming a ready reference for Members of Parliament, Officers of the Revenue, Merchants, Shipowners, Brokers, and Agents, Captains of Ships, Warehouse-keepers, Wharfingers, Gentlemen travelling abroad, and all Persons Trading in Articles of Foreign Production.

The plan of dividing the Work into Volumes has been adopted in order that the purchaser may not be compelled to take more than is suited to his actual wants. Although the Work, as a whole, will of necessity be intimately connected, yet each Volume has been kept sufficiently distinct, so as to form an independent branch of the Law. Hence, the FIRST VOLUME, which relates exclusively to Shipping, will be required by the Builder of the Ship, by the Owner, the Captain and Crew, the Solicitor, the Ship-broker, the Merchant, the Agent, and others. The SECOND VOLUME will be necessary to the Owner as well as the Master of every British Ship; to Consuls and Commercial Agents, at Home and Abroad; to all who are engaged in the importation, exportation, or sending Coastwise, of Articles of Foreign or Home production; to Merchants, Ship-brokers, and Custom-house Agents; to Warehouse-keepers and Wharfingers; to Passengers going

abroad; and to the Officers of the Customs and Excise. The THIRD VOLUME is almost exclusively devoted to the Practice of the Officesr of the Customs, both at London and the Outports; notwithstanding, it will contain a great deal necessary to be known to Merchants, Captains of Ships, Agents, and all others whose business may lead them to have intercourse with the Officers of the Revenue. The FOURTH (under the Title of "The British Tariff,") will be found a great acquisition to Members of Parliament, and to Gentlemen and others travelling abroad; and an actual and necessary appendage to the Library, the Counting-house, or the Official Desk, of the whole of the parties named.

Subscribers' Names will be received by the Author; by the Publishers, Baily Brothers, Royal Exchange Buildings, Cornhill, London; by the chief Clerks to the Collectors of Customs, at the various Outports in the United Kingdom and abroad; and by all Booksellers.

NOTE. THE BRITISH TARIFF is published ANNUALLY at the close of every Session of Parliament.


THE eminent success which followed his former production has stimulated the compiler to renewed exertions for the improvement of the present edition. The whole of the contents have been carefully revised, all the acts of the present session relating to Customs' proceedings have been embodied, and much original matter has been introduced.

In this edition appears also a new and distinctive feature; namely, a clear and compendious abstract of the Waterside Practice of the Customs, wherein will be found full directions as to the mode of assessment and taring of goods, together with serviceable memoranda of various kinds, carefully collected from authentic public documents, or from reliable private sources. This section of the work has been prepared by Mr. Frederic Francis, Searcher at this port, whose competency to the task will best appear by an examination of his labours.

Having devoted much time, and exercised great care, in the preparation of the materials of his work, the compiler trusts he has succeeded in perfecting a manual that combines perspicuity of arrangement with accuracy of detail, together with such other necessary information as may be expected to be found in books of this description.

It is the compiler's confident hope that the edition now sent forth may be found worthy of the distinguished patronage and extensive support with which "The British Tariff" continues to be honoured, and for which he begs to tender his grateful acknowledgments.


London, August 20th, 1847.


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